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Jet Lag Blues (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 37,601
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[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M]

Who better to get snowed in with than your friends? That's what Val Swarter thinks until she finds herself sharing a king-size bed with her boyfriend, Darryl Swanson, and his best friend, Mason Cox. Val has desired both Mason and Darryl for some time, and she knows the two men have shared threesomes before.

None of them want to jeopardize their friendship, but when desire turns into a frank discussion of their true feelings, can these three figure out how to make the leap from a burning hot threesome to a lifelong triad of love?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


User Reviews
I so enjoyed reading this book.. would love to have a sequel

- Barefoot Okie




“Care for a taste before the main course?” He pressed against her lips.

Val’s tongue slipped up and down his palm and laved his fingers before she suckled two into her mouth, nipping at his fingertips as he worked them in and out. “Eager and ready, I see.”

Val slurped his fingers in one last time and released them. “I like the taste, but the appetizer wasn’t enough. More please.” Her grin and dip of her head toward his cock urged him forward.

Mason stuffed two more pillows behind him and slid lower on the bed. “Hope this makes things easier for you.” He spread his legs apart and tucked his hands behind his head. “Go for it. I’m all yours.”


* * * *


Darryl’s panting and grunts caught Mason’s attention. He watched as Darryl kneeled on the bed, using Val’s hips to steady him. Moving slowly across the mattress, he stopped close to her. His quirky grin said his ironic sense of humor had taken flight. “Thank God we aren’t on a blasted water bed, or we’d all be green from the motion.”

Mason snorted. “That’s for sure.”

Val chuckled. Her warm breath oozed over Mason’s cock. Much more and he’d come as soon as she took him in. Her words indicated he didn’t have long to wait. “Since we don’t have to worry, I’m enjoying my main course.”

“Oh, sweet heaven. Yes!” Mason jerked his hips partly off the mattress. The heat of Val’s mouth engulfed him. She lapped the tip of her tongue around in circles before easing more of him deeper into her mouth. “Ah-aah. So good...I’m going to come from my balls on this one.” Mason arched his back and squinted.


* * * *


Darryl eased two fingers into Val’s hot sheath and thrust. Her wetness flowed over his fingers and lubed part of his palm. Turning his hand sideways, he found her clit and began rubbing in short and tight circles across her swollen crest. Her throaty uhhmmm and backward thrust said more than if she’d spoken.

“Yes, love. Enjoy.” Darryl worked his fingers in and out, stroking Val’s clit in between. Mason’s eyes narrowed as her head began bobbing in earnest.

Darryl snuggled up tight to her and pressed home, guiding his cock deep into her. “Wet, hot, and—aah.” He gasped and grabbed her hips, holding her tight to him.

Spasm after spasm squeezed him, bringing him closer to the edge. Val could come several times before she hit her hard, bliss-causing one. Darryl slowly eased back, taking his time to rub against her G-spot before sliding almost all the way out. He waited as her wetness washed over him, lubricating the condom and him.

 “Slow down, love,” Darryl whispered, leaning forward and nipping her shoulder. “I want us to come together. Let’s try and keep up with each other.”


* * * *


Mason twisted the bedspread. “I don’t know how much longer...I–I–I can last.” He panted and shook his head. “This is so damn good. Better than my fantasies ever were or could be. Milk me dry, love.”


* * * *


Val arched her back as Darryl nipped closer to her neck and pushed back into her pussy. Heat and need coiled tighter and deeper in her belly. Mason’s hands dropped the bedspread and clutched her head, holding her steady as he began thrusting with faster and shorter strokes in and out of her mouth. As if Darryl could read and feel the rhythm, he quickened his pace, working his thrusts counter to Mason’s.

Val could feel Mason getting harder and warmer with each thrust. His hips jerked upward and remained off the bed. His balls tapped her chin with each shudder. Keeping suction as steady as she could, she pulled back, slackening off on how much of Mason she took. She bobbed down and released him. “Signal when you are ready to blow. I will swallow but need to know so I don’t choke.” She reached for him, ready to tuck him back into her mouth.

“Not yet.” Mason covered his cock. “I want to watch Darryl work you into a frenzy. See you come once before I cream for you.” He slipped his hand up and down his shaft before returning to the head and squeezing. “Oh, yes. I can last a bit longer. Make her come, Darryl. Get her so wet she can’t hold back.”


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