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John's Vision (MF)

Cowboy Mates, Psychic Connections 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 108,889
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Romance, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

John Blackstone knew the moment he saw Jamie that she was his mate. His vision has given him a glimpse of the woman who will fill his life with the love and acceptance that he craves. She appeared to him completely naked, beautiful, and pregnant, but the sadness in her eyes has always haunted him.

Jamie Montgomery’s life has been one of isolation. She has always taken care of everyone else and has learned the hard way that love will not be a part of her life. That horrible night so many years ago shattered her hopes for the future. A future with her would hold only emptiness.

John knows better. Jamie is perfect for him. She will bring fun and caring into his life. She will accept him, his mixed heritage, and his need to dominate without reservation. She will be the mother of his children and the keeper of his heart.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see what the next book is all about...Love the Native American references in this book as it gives it a little bit of folk style to it....Must read as usual for a...

- Fluffy

Ok, I love this series.

- dolphindancer

Professional Reviews

4.5 KISSES: "John has always known he has a soul mate out there. He saw her round with his child and surrounded by children when he did his vision quest at fourteen. However seeing his "brother" happy with his wife makes him wish that he knew how to find her. When he meets Jamie for the first time, he knows that she is his. Jamie was severely injured by her stalker and knows that she can't be the woman to offer John his future. She also running away from that recently released stalker and is determined that he bring no harm to John, or to her cousins. Can John convince Jamie that he, along with her cousin, can protect her? This on top of convincing her that his vision is real? John's Vision by Lynnette Bernard is first book in the Cowboy Mates, Psychic Connections series. John's conviction is a strong element throughout this story. He is sure that Jamie is his One and he becomes aware that convincing her will be an uphill battle. She has secrets and he must convince her to trust him with them. Jamie's is equally determined that John should have the future from his vision and she knows she is unable to give it to him. She finds herself falling in love with and trusting John's stability and strength of character, but that does nothing more than strengthen her resolve to give him everything even if that is not her. Ms. Bernard did a wonderful job of laying out the strengths as well as weakness of both John and Jamie. This was a heartwarming story that followed both their individual journeys and the issues they needed to resolve in order to become a couple. The character development and emotional resolve was well laid out with a light hand and humor. This was a wonderful beginning of a series and I look forward to seeing how each of the cousins reaches their happily ever after." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

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“Are you all right, Jamie?”

She shook her head, regretting the movement immediately. “John, would you mind if I used your bathroom?” she asked him softly, afraid to raise her voice and possibly push herself over the edge of the control that she was barely holding on to.

John took her left hand in his right one and placed his left arm around her back to cradle her body against his. He gripped her waist with a steady hand and led her slowly toward his home, realizing that she was leaning onto him for support. Although he wanted nothing more than to support her in every way, this was not good at all. His protective instincts kicked in immediately.

What the hell is wrong with her?

Entering his home, he took the bag from her shoulder and tossed it onto the couch in the spacious, open living room. He gently led her through his home, walking her into the master bathroom that was connected to his bedroom. They barely made it through the doorway when Jamie rushed forward, dropped to her knees in front of the toilet, and was sick to her stomach. John knelt down behind her, drew her hair away from her face, and held the softness of her dark tresses in a tight grip as he supported her head with his other hand at her forehead. She heaved two more times before leaning back weakly. She found his arms gently surrounding her waist as he slowly pulled her body to rest against him, and settled her back against his chest. Her body was covered in sweat, and her face was wet with tears.

Still cradling her against his chest, John reached over, flushed the toilet, and grabbed the hand towel from the double sink to wipe her face gently. She had her eyes closed and allowed his ministrations, obviously weak from the exertion.

She sat between his thighs, leaning into his body. Despite her nausea, she couldn’t help but appreciate the strength of his body. She looked down at her hands as they were splayed across his spectacularly muscled thighs as he sat back on the heels of his boots. She closed her eyes and swallowed with difficulty.

“Do you think you can get me up to Deuce’s house?” she finally whispered, looking up slowly as she leaned back against his chest.

John’s arms tightened around her briefly before loosening his hold and stroking the side of her face gently with the back of his fingers. “If you want me to, I will,” he answered honestly.

Jamie nodded and leaned forward as if to get up, but gave up almost at once. She leaned back into his chest, grabbing at her temples immediately, a moan of pain escaping her.

“Never mind,” she whispered, groaning. “Just leave me here to die.”

John chuckled and reached under the soft curtain of her hair to massage the back of her neck gently. He closed his eyes and gave in to a full-fledged smile when she groaned against his chest and held onto his free arm.

“Are you pregnant?” he asked her quietly, holding his breath as he waited for her answer. Maybe that was what his vision had meant. Maybe she was pregnant by another man and needed his help. Maybe she wasn’t his mate after all.

Jamie’s snort and subsequent groan at the pain it caused her made him look down at her face to see her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth set in a grim line. She took a few deep breaths to ease the nausea that was building once again.

“Yeah, right,” she barely whispered, reaching up to cover her eyes with shaking hands.

John’s eyebrows went up in surprise. Did she not know how desirable she was? He fought his own desires as she lay against him, her womanly curves fitting within his embrace so perfectly. Leaning back, he allowed her head to roll back against him so that her face was tipped up toward his, and saw that her eyes were still closed. He carefully reached up, turned on the cold water in the sink beside them, and wet the towel he had used on her face. He slowly passed it across her forehead, down across her eyes, and then across her lips. Each touch of the cool towel soothed her more and more, but the tight lines of pain still remained across her brow.

“Then what’s wrong?” he asked her finally.

“Migraine,” she whispered, unable to say more.

John was silent for a moment, digesting the information. He had to be honest with himself. He was happy that it was a migraine and not a pregnancy—selfish shit that he was.

“I’ll get you up to Deuce’s,” he told her, steadying himself with his left hand on the bathtub. He pushed himself up, bringing her body up with him and turned her gently so that she could rest her face against his chest.

She groaned as her body swayed against his. Unable to do anything but hold on, she clutched the material of his red T-shirt at his chest with one hand and steadied herself with her other hand pressed against his lower back.

John closed his eyes to center himself. Her touch was pulling emotions from him he had long since hidden away. He wanted to carry her to his bed, not take her back to Deuce’s house. He wanted to take care of her, cherish her, and make love to her.

“Let’s go,” he said finally, his voice gruff.




Sucking her clit into his mouth, he pushed against it with his tongue as he curled his two fingers deep inside of her and pumped them quickly. Her scream of release pleased him, as did the rush of cream that escaped her sweet pussy. He lapped at it greedily, tenderly laving her folds and her clit as he coaxed her down from her orgasm.

When her body stopped shuddering, he pulled his fingers from her body and climbed up to settle himself over her, inordinately pleased that her hands still remained on either side of her head. They were clutched tightly into fists as she fought her need to touch him. He stroked her face and her body to calm her. He smiled as she relaxed beneath him and her hands opened to rest against the pillow. At that moment, something clicked into place and connected the two of them.

As he gazed down at her serene expression, he smiled and ran his hand lightly across her brow. “Good job, Jamie,” he whispered, leaning forward to kiss her forehead tenderly. “I’m proud of you.”

Jamie looked up at him with such softness and love in her eyes, she knew he had to know exactly what she was feeling. For the first time in her life, she didn’t have to keep it together. She didn’t have to be in control. She didn’t have to take care of anyone else. She didn’t have to think about anything except the wonderful feeling of peace and acceptance that John gave her.

“Thank you,” she whispered, trying to convey how important that moment was to her.

John nodded and leaned in to settle his cheek against hers. “I will always give you what you need, Mate,” he whispered, kissing her cheek lightly.

She turned her head and looked at him, smiling. He could see the moment her emotions changed from passion to comfort as a teasing expression covered her face.

“Okay then,” she told him quietly, winking boldly. “I need you to take off your pants.”

John’s bark of laughter made her giggle. He just knew Jamie would be perfect for him. Her gentleness undid him. Her humor soothed him. Her submission fed a need in him. She was everything to him. She just didn’t know it yet, but she would. If it took the rest of their lives together, he would show her just exactly how much she meant to him.

Rolling off of her carefully, he pushed his jeans from his body and knelt back on the bed. He covered her body with his, gathering her in his arms and holding her tightly. He was pleased to see that her hands were still where he had told her to keep them, but he knew that her muscles would be sore if she continued to leave them there. That would never be allowed. She would only find pleasure and comfort with him. Nothing else would ever be acceptable for his mate.

“Jamie,” he whispered, his heart beating faster when she looked at him right away and smiled. “Please touch me.”

Jamie’s arms went around him immediately, stroking his back and dragging her nails down his sides. He moaned at her touch and knew he would never be able to survive without her. Covering her body with his, he took her mouth in a gentle kiss, moaning as her legs immediately opened and she wrapped them around his thighs. Their bodies knew the dance that they were meant to share.

He moaned in approval as he felt Jamie reach between their bodies and take hold of his aching cock. With each gentle tug, she stroked him in a rhythm that ramped up his desire for her. Her touch made him know such pleasure and such joy. He knew he would never be able to exist without her. He needed the kindness of her soul, the warmth of her body, and the love of her heart.

Taking his swollen cock in hand, Jamie carefully stroked him, loving the feel of its hardened, velvet length, loving the noises of pleasure that escaped him. She guided him to the wet and open channel of her body, rubbing the head of his cock slowly through the wetness that awaited him. Moaning against his lips, she sighed at the feeling of completeness as he slowly pushed into her, rocking his hips forward and back until he was seated deep inside of her.

He kissed her passionately as he stilled all movement until her body adjusted to him. He thrust gently against her to settle deeper within her, lifting her bottom onto his thighs as he sat back on his feet to get just the right angle and level of penetration. She lay back against the pillow, unable to reach him for the moment.

When he pulled out until just the mushroom head of his cock remained inside her then slammed home, she moaned his name. He watched in fascination as his cock pumped in and out of her body, the eroticism of the act pushing him higher and higher toward his own release. His thrusts became harder, possessing her, demanding that she belong only to him. Forever.

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