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Kandi For Khristmas

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 13,006
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His home was a strip joint, she ran away from hers.
Can these two discover that Christmas is sweeter when shared together?

What’s a guy to do when he’s desperate for a woman? You hit up a strip joint, but not just any strip joint. It’s the place where homeless teenager, Nick Snow found his first job and someone who cared.
Now Nick is a successful business owner of an online sex toy shop, and two days before the shoot for his first Christmas catalog, the professional model he hires balks at posing with sex toys. So Nick goes back to the only place that ever felt like home, the Stripped Kitty, to find a new model.

Kandi is a college student working her way through business school by stripping. She wanted more from life than the mundane one on the family pig farm in Iowa so, she runs to New York and leaves behind the practical family that she loves and misses.

Nick and Kandi have an instant connection, but can she show Nick that Christmas should be fun and whimsical, even magical? And can Nick teach Kandi that Christmas should be spent with family and those you love?

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Nick is looking for a model for his catalog. Nothing more nothing less. His honorary mother, Helen, helps him find the perfect girl, Kandi. What he doesn't plan on is how his feelings overwhelm him. C...

- Shirley W.


“I need a woman,” declared Nick Snow, to Helen, owner of the men’s club, Stripped Kitty.
Helen, true to form, threw her head back and laughed, her sharp blue eyes twinkling. “If only I had a nickel for every time a man had said that to me I would be a rich woman.”
Nick grinned. “You are a rich woman, Helen.”
Her eyes softened as she reached across the table and squeezed his hand. “That I am, son that I am.”
Though not his mom by birth, Helen had been the only one in Nick’s life since he had been a half-starved sixteen year-old and had knocked on the club door asking for a job She had put him to work washing dishes and sweeping up after hours. In exchange she let him sleep on a couch in her office and gave him as much food as a growing sixteen year old boy could eat. He loved her. Somewhere in her late fifties, she was both elegant and a shrewd businesswoman.
As a result of her generosity, Nick had spent his teenage years surrounded by beautiful, sexy women. Perhaps he was jaded or just immune to their charms, but very few gathered his attention or managed to keep it very long. Ten years later he had his own business to run and that was his top priority right now. Being a success was a burning need in his heart and no one, not even a beautiful, sexy woman was going to come between him and his ambition. Never being scared and hungry again was his goal in life.
“So this woman…?” asked Helen, raising a finger with a blood red painted nail to her chin.
“Strictly for business purposes,” Nick pointed out, but didn’t miss the flash of disappointment in Helen’s expressive eyes. He knew she was hoping he would find the right woman and settle down, but Nick wasn’t ready for that yet. Business-wise he wasn’t where he wanted to be. He was close, but not quite there.
Helen smiled, leaned across the table and took a sip of her coffee. Helen never drank alcohol while working. “I haven’t seen you in a couple of months Nick, how is business?”
“The business is keeping me pretty busy these days. The good news is sales improve every month. The site is currently top three in its category.”
“That is good news, I always knew you would be a success, but personal wise…is there anyone special in your life?” Helen asked.
Nick grinned. “Besides you, you mean? Come on, Helen, you know me better than that. You know I don’t kiss and tell.” He shrugged. “Work keeps me busy.”
“All work and no play will make you alone, Nick. Make room in your life for someone special.” Helen waved away the girl who came to refill her cup.
“It looks like you’re busy as well.” Nick said. Changing the topic got him an eyebrow raise from Helen who was not fooled. “Business has not suffered from my absence.” He took a sip of his whiskey and coke and looked around. The place was packed as usual.
“Business is booming. Sex will always sale, remember that,” Helen nodded with a playful wink.
Nick chuckled. “It’s the best advice you’ve ever given me and you’ve given me some real doozies.” Nick turned his head and watched as the next dancer took the stage. She was a beauty, with large tasseled breasts and bright red hair that flared out from a pretty, yet heavily made-up face.
Helen noticed his interest and smiled. “That’s Ruby, she’s part of the reason business is doing so well. She’s a fan favorite. Are you interested?”
Nick continued to watch as Ruby gyrated across the stage. “You’ve always had an eye for talent, Helen. Ruby’s a beauty and I can see quite popular, but no, I’m not interested.” Men had crowded around the U-shaped stage, anxiously waving money and calling to the G-string clad woman who was doing her best to collect every bill, she bumped and ground her way across the lit stage, her large breasts swinging invitingly. Ruby was sexy as hell, no man would turn her down, but still…he felt nothing when he looked at her. “No, she’s not the one. I don’t know what I want, but I feel I will know her when I see her. I’m looking for someone to be the face of my company, South Pole Products. A pretty face to be on the website and in the Christmas catalog that will go out in two weeks. This holiday season is set to be one of our busiest ever.”
A look of relief passed over Helen’s concerned gaze. “Good, because Ruby is a great stripper, but she is a Diva of the worst kind. Trouble follows that girl around. She’s not the one for you, Nick.” Helen patted his hand with an affirmative nod of her silver-haired head.
Nick nodded. “Yeah, I had a professional model signed up for the shoot, in pictures she was beautiful, but she had no sex appeal in person. She was kind of a prude. When she found out what she would be pitching, she backed out. So, I’m in a pinch. I need someone tomorrow, Helen.”
Helen nodded. “Just keep watching the stage, we’ll find you someone, honey.”
Ruby’s music ended and the stage went momentarily dark, as the next girl came out. The lights hit her mid pole. She was a pretty, petite brunette with an athletic build. Her long dark hair swung to her hips when she climbed to the top of the pole, only to slide back down slowly. Her athleticism was impressive, but still not what he was looking for. Nick glanced at Helen who was watching him hopefully and he just shook his head.
Helen nodded. “I think I have the girl for you. Keep your eyes on the stage, she’s coming up next.”
Nick leaned forward when the lights dimmed and the music changed. It went from the thumping, grinding beat of the last two dancers to something soft and sensual. Whoever she was, she had his attention already. The spot light hit her at her red, stiletto-clad feet, and slowly, teasingly moved up and up and up. The girl had legs that went on forever. The crowd hooted with every inch revealed. The light paused on her red G-string, before moving up to highlight small, perfectly round breasts with tiny red bows covering her nipples. When the light hit her face, Nick let out the breath he hadn’t even known he had been holding. She was the perfect blend of sex and girl-next-door. Honey-colored hair cut in a pixie-like cut only served to highlight a heart-shaped face with the prettiest mouth he had ever seen and large expressive eyes that he would bet his company were blue. He felt his heart speed up and his dick start to stir to life. “Tell me about her,” he said, never taking his eyes from the stage.
“She’s twenty-one, dependable, hard-working. She’s actually working here a couple of nights a week to help pay for school. She’s a business major. A real sweetheart of a girl, as a matter of fact. Her name is Kandice, but we call her Kandi.” Helen finished speaking and sipped her coffee and Nick could feel her too-knowing eyes watching him for a reaction.
The girl was working the crowd and what she was doing to that pole should be illegal. She wrapped those long legs around it and rode it, spinning around quickly then slowing it down with subtle grinding movements of her perfectly rounded ass. She was all but fucking the pole. She never got close enough for the men to touch her, instead letting them throw money up on the stage. She was a tease, making every man in the room want her, including himself, but making it clear they couldn’t have her. She was untouchable, yet relatable. The sexy girl-next-door, the one you could trust to babysit your kids, but would secretly beat off to once she had left to go home. He felt himself growing hard under the table. He, Nick Stone, who through the years had seen dozens of beautiful women dance across this stage, and had been affected by less than a handful, if that many, was getting harder by the minute.
“Can you arrange for me to speak with her?” Nick asked, never taking his eyes from her sensuous movements.
“Go to my office, I’ll send her there. You’ve made a good choice, Nick.”
Nick stood as Helen stood. “Thank you.” He kissed her cheek.
Helen touched his cheek in return. “Whatever you need, just ask, honey. I will always be here for you, always remember that.”
Nick headed to Helen’s office. He had a feeling that this was going to be the most important meeting of his life, now if only he could cool his raging hard-on down and not scare the girl off before he actually got to meet with her.

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