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Love is Like a Rainbow

Gypsy Shadow Publishing

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 9,970
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Love is...
...a reminder there is still hope in this world.
...a gentle whisper to guide you and give you strength in hard times.
...a neverending bond that transcends death.
...a promise of forever when two people become one.
...a brand new day after life's most turbulent storm.
Love, romance and eternal devotion come to life and restrengthen a bond through the power of verse. With words written from the heart and speaking to the soul, Love is Like a Rainbow contains love poems to remind readers to "let love come in."


I Loved

“Time passed you by,” said the judge.

“You let life pass. Without a grudge.

You let yourself be pushed and shoved.

What say you?” Said the soul, “I loved.

"I knew the warmth in my heart love gives.

You say I didn’t live. I lived! I lived!

I tasted the passion of love, its voice.

I let love move me, and by choice.

“I knew sorrow, I knew pain.

I let it hit me again and again.

I saw things in ways none other could.

I let love rule my life as it would.

“I opened my heart and gave my all.

This I’d do even after I’d fall.

I journeyed to the ends of the earth.

Knew the joys that came with birth.

"Faced each challenge with my heart so strong

Because love made it that way for so long.

Knew myself in ways I never would otherwise.

Saw true beauty in my beloved’s eyes.

“It was because of love I worked, helped and would create.

I would love first before I’d hate.

Love was there to make sure I’d give a helping hand.

Love taught me how to better understand.

“Love filled my heart more even after it burst full.

Because of love, my life was never dull.

No other feeling did as much for my life or make me feel so moved.

For this, I truly lived, because I loved.”