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Loving Dragon (MF)

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 24,397
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Catherine Stanley has been raised in the lap of luxury. As the only child of a prominent, well-to-do family, she has been treated like a princess her entire life. Until the day that her step-father locks her in her bedroom and vows she will stay there until she agrees to marry a man thirty years her senior.

Escaping to another town, Catherine takes a job at a bar, where she meets former MMA Champion Dane “the Dragon” Maldonado, and heated sparks soon fly between “the Dragon” and the “princess”. Dragon knows Catherine isn’t telling him everything about her past, but can a relationship between the two of them work without trust?

When her dangerous ex-fiancé decides he isn’t taking her leaving him lying down, this princess is going to have to trust her dragon to handle the heat.

User Reviews
Another win for T Lee Garland! Catherine has been blessed if you will with the finer things in life Her alcoholic mother and wealthy step father have chosen a husband for her so she can keep the same ...

- Shirley W.


Catherine smiled. “You’re Dragon, right? Hi, I’m Cat. It’s nice to finally meet you. I wanted to thank you for coming to my rescue. I’m afraid I lost my temper and well…if it hadn’t been for you, I guess I could have been in big trouble.”

Catherine looked up at Dragon, and never had she seen such a gloriously hot man before. He wasn’t handsome in the traditional sense—more like rugged, dark and brooding handsome. He was tall, with a flat stomach and wide shoulders. His black t-shirt hugged every muscle. His tight jeans sat low on his hips and hugged a fine ass. His hair was dark. Dragon’s eyes were milk-chocolate brown, the all-day stubble along his chin and jawline just added to his sex appeal. The man was walking, talking straight-up fine! Sex on a stick to go, please, she thought with a smile he was the corndog version of a sexy man.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his voice a deep rumble of concern that seemed to resonate all the way to her tingling lady parts.

“Yes, I’m okay, thanks to you of course,” Catherine answered.

“That was a damn stupid thing to do. I wouldn’t advise you to try such a stunt again. Someone could get seriously hurt. The men in here are bikers, not Sunday school teachers, and they don’t take to kindly to be made fools of, especially in front of all their friends.” And just like that he turned and walked away, back to his corner where he crossed his arms over his chest and proceeded to glare at her from across the room.

Catherine frowned. “What the hell? Well I guess everyone has their flaws, and his is clearly personality—or should I say a lack thereof? What a waste of a gorgeous man,” she grumbled to Mia who had witnessed the whole exchange.

Mia looked pensive as she watched Dragon walk away. “Believe me, Dragon does not lack personality. He may be a former MMA fighter, but he doesn’t like to fight. He was just afraid you would be hurt, I’m sure. He’s always very protective of all the women. I’ve actually never seen him like this before. He was almost scared for you, I think. It could be he has a thing for you. He has spent the night looking at you like he could just eat you up and then some.”

“A thing for me? Well he has a funny way of showing his thing,” snorted Catherine as she made air quotes.

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