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Mastered by the Mothman (MF)

Strange Love

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 9,711
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College student Kate is headed to a cabin in the remote mountains of Virginia to meet up with her sorority sisters when she finds herself lost and stranded in a broken down car. After falling asleep, she is awakened by what she assumes is the glow of a police car coming to her rescue, but instead comes face to face with the legendary Mothman. A half man half moth, the beast has terrorized the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia for more than a half a century, with his glowing red eyes and penchant for showing up at disasters.

Horror-stricken when he quickly scoops her up and flies her to a cave on top of a mountain, Kate thinks the mysterious creature intends to make her his dinner. Kate quickly discovers, however, that the Mothman does have a voracious appetite - one that will leave Kate hungering for more…

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I absolutely adore the Mothman Prophecy so when I saw this book written by one of my favorite authors, I was thrilled! Kate is an awkward college girl who is uncomfortable with her size and how she ...

- Shirley W.

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I remember thinking it was so unnervingly dark that night. There, without any of the streetlights that I was so used to seeing. I instantly felt creepy. It was like every horror movie I had ever seen. Young, attractive (I threw that in to make myself feel better) woman alone on deserted road with nowhere to turn and no way out. All I needed to complete this growing nightmare was a red flashing sign that said “Bates Motel” and a creepy serial killer waiting with a large knife. But on the bright side a hot shower did sound good. That’s me, the eternal optimist.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, girl, get a grip! I’m an intelligent twenty-year-old. I’ll just wait in my car until someone comes along, someone safe-looking, maybe a happy little family, without a banjo,” I told myself as I shoved my long red hair behind my ears.

And as I waited I started to feel watched. It was the most disconcerting feeling. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and tingled as my eyes scanned the pitch black landscape. I didn’t see anything, or hear anything out of the ordinary; sure, there were lots of night woods sounds, crickets or frogs and maybe scary big-eyed owls hooting.

Wait—was that a wolf or a coyote maybe? A bear or a cougar? The kind that eat you not the kind that just wants to fuck you.

But I felt something, or should I say I felt him. It was a chill that ran down my spine and all but left me feeling paralyzed with fear. I now know he was just watching and waiting, for what I wasn’t sure, but I locked my doors and tried to make myself disappear in the compact car.

It didn’t work. He still came for me

Adult Excerpt

But Bob wasn’t done with me yet. He soon replaced his tongue with his gigantic cock. I was a little sore from last night and at first there was some pain, that delicious hurt-so-damn-good-pain. But that was rapidly forgotten as he caught a rhythm and moved into and out of me. My pussy, traitor that it was, sucked him right in. He thrust forward and pulled back out only to go in a little deeper the next push. His tongue shot out and circled my little puckered asshole before slowly pushing into it as well. I was so filled and it was such an amazing feeling as he drove into me again and again. I wanted him to go faster and faster and actually urged him to move quicker.

He seemed to understand my need and stepped up his pace. Once again I screamed my release to the cave walls and would have collapsed if he had not held me up to finish pumping into my body. His huge bursts of hot cum striking my cervix sent me into another orgasm before collapsed into an exhausted sleep.

We spent our first couple of days together rolling in the hay, literally. He fucked me again and again. I wondered how long it had been since he had had sex because he was voracious, never seeming to grow tired. His stamina was just incredible. He was a perfect lover, except for the fact he was not completely human, and I was reminded of this every time I looked into those glowing red eyes and saw that massive wingspan. Oh, yeah, and that tongue—there was nothing, and I mean nothing, like that here on earth. If I could bottle that shit and sell it I would be a billionaire. What woman, or man for that matter, wouldn’t want a four-foot animated tongue to pleasure oneself with? You could keep it in a mason jar so it would stay moist and fresh, and bring it out whenever the need arises.

But I digress, so back to my tale. So earth-shattering were my orgasms with Bob, they always seemed to leave me totally drained. I came so hard every time he fucked me, I almost instantly felt dizzy and weak and fell asleep, only to wake a couple of hours later with his tongue or his cock between my legs again. He appeared to understand my need for sleep even though I never witnessed him sleeping. He allowed me the luxury, but only in small increments.

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