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Mayhem (MF)

Bleeding Mayhem MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 43,120
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The Bleeding Mayhem MC, where blood, violence, and being a badass alpha reign supreme.

Mayhem has always been used to getting what he wants. And when the one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day, he’s bastard enough to use her troubles to his advantage.

Butters can’t be bought, or she thought she couldn’t. When her brother owes dangerous men money, it seems her only way to help him is to take the twisted offer Mayhem presents.

Mayhem never said he was a good guy. If Butters wants to help her brother, Mayhem can help, but it’ll come with a price. All she has to do is be his for a week. But the more time he spends with her the more he wants her as more than a piece of ass. He wants her to see she belongs with him, and if that means taking out the men that are causing her and her brother problems, he has no issues bringing out his violent beast.

Be Warned: forced seduction, spanking, anal sex, rimming, food as sex toys

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He stared at her, his face partly hidden by the shadows, but she could feel his gaze on her. “I need you, Butters. I really fucking need you.” He reached down and palmed himself through his jeans, an obscene gesture, but one that had her hotter than fucking hell. “You want me to fuck you? You want my big cock plowing into her, making you mine?”


“Yes,” she surprised herself by saying that one word automatically, instantly. The high and drunkenness she felt were almost too much, almost so intense she didn’t even feel like herself.

Or maybe you really do just want him, want to surrender, submit.

God, I really am pathetic. When she heard the sound of his zipper going down she opened them, not even realizing she’d closed them in the first place. She looked at his face, but of course there was no expression covering it. There was just deep rooted need.

He rubbed himself through his jeans for several long seconds, just watching her, not moving or speaking. But then he reached between his fly and pulled his cock out. She lowered her gaze to the monster he unleashed, the massive erection that was long and thick, and the biggest damn cock she’d ever seen.

The sight of him stroking himself, and running his hand up and down the huge length transfixed her. The tip was bulbous, slightly bigger than his length. The slit was wet with pre-cum, and when he shifted on his feet a swatch of light moved over his shaft, giving her another prime, illuminated shot of it.

But it was the piercings he had that had her more turned on than anything else. Yes, piercings … plural.

He had the crown of his cock pierced, an apadravya right through the bulbous head of his dick. But every time he stroked his hand down the length she caught a glimpse of a frenum piercing, a barbell that went right through the underside of his shaft.

“I want you on your knees, hands behind your back.” His command was rough and left no room for argument.

Butters swallowed,feeling her pulse increase and her pussy become wet again, despite the fact he’d already gotten her off. Her inner muscles clenched for something substantial, for the thickness of his cock, for something that only Mayhem could give her. She knew he’d stretch her so good, so much that it would hurt, but only in the best kind of way. She looked to her left because she could still hear people just around the corner, not sure why she cared if anyone saw them, because in all honesty she didn’t. Just the thought that they could walk around the side of the building and see what they were during aroused her.

“Don’t think, just do as I say.”

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