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Meeka's Reluctant Mates (MFM)

Beckett's Wolf Pack, Triad Mates 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 128,149
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, erotic lactation, sex toys, HEA]

Mikayla "Meeka" Martin’s introduction to the shifter world was an attempted murder by her ex. She survived to birth her son and meet her best friend Suzie. When she and Suzie were rescued from the cruelty of Alpha Randall, Meeka is understandably hesitant to get close to any man. Reece and Wade are kind, gentle protectors who call to her in ways that Meeka has never thought possible. She aches to soothe their tortured souls.

Reece Hutchinson and Wade Garner are triad partners who have a secret. The silver poisoning they sustained at the hands of Alpha Randall has ruined their lives. They want to claim Meeka as their mate and Eric as their son. But it doesn’t matter what they want.

Meeka has had enough. She refuses to have her heart broken again. She is not going to allow Reece or Wade to hurt her, her son, or the baby they may have created. Sometimes men can be such idiots.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Awesome as always!! Loved this book and this series!!

- Kimberly

I totally enjoyed this book. I loved how all of these of characters had something to overcome, and then came together in love.

- Caitlyn O’Leary

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“Are you all right, Meeka?” Reece’s gravelly voice called out to her as he and Wade stepped up onto the porch.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Meeka answered quietly, watching as the men came up beside her and knelt on either side of the lounge chair she was sitting on.

“Did you have another nightmare?” Wade asked, reaching up to touch her hair tenderly and follow its soft length down past her shoulders.

Meeka shivered at his touch. She couldn’t help but turn into his hand and nuzzle against his palm.

“Baby,” Wade whispered, leaning in and resting his forehead against the top of her head.

“Wade, please,” Meeka whispered.

“What, baby? What do you need?”

Meeka eased away from him and looked up into his beautiful gray eyes. He was watching her with open caring, and she couldn’t help but feel the rush of love and need that raced through her. When he reached up and touched her cheek gently, she turned into his strength and slowly kissed along his forearm where the claw marks that Randall had inflicted upon him fifteen years earlier were white and puckered scars that showed jagged on his skin. She reached up and carded the fingers of her right hand through his dark brown hair and held him tightly so he couldn’t pull away. Her left hand held his arm, holding his muscled forearm close against her mouth.

She heard the way Wade inhaled sharply as her lips traveled across his forearm. Despite his attempt to extricate himself from her hold, she wouldn’t allow him to pull away from her tenderness. She knew that if he really wanted to get away from her, he could. Her strength was no match for his. Just the fact that he allowed her to touch him gave her hope that maybe Mother Fate was right. She would have to be the one to initiate the closeness that she craved from the two of them. Taking the ultimate chance, she rubbed her cheek against Wade’s forearm then took her time to kiss every scar to try to take away the pain she knew he had to have experienced at Randall’s hand.

“Meeka,” Wade whispered.

“Shh.” Meeka finished her gentle caresses then turned and kissed Wade’s hand across the back of his knuckles. “I’m busy.”

Wade chuckled lightly, making Meeka smile against his hand. Turning her head just slightly, she looked at Reece and saw him watching her with obvious longing on his face. Reaching out, she grabbed for his red flannel shirt and tugged him closer, not stopping until Reece was resting against her shoulder and she was able to settle her face against his neck.

Her heart hurt as she saw the claw marks that scarred his throat. Randall had been particularly vicious when he had attacked Reece when Reece had tried to defend his twin brother Carter. Carter had tried to stop Randall from taking Suzie from him and Drew fifteen years ago. The silver that Randall had used on the tips of his claws had injured more than just Reece’s skin and muscles. It had nearly cost him his life. Reece was lucky to have his gravelly voice. Even though everyone cringed when he talked, Meeka wasn’t bothered by it. She thought everything about the man was sexy as hell. His handsome face, his black hair, and his beautiful blue eyes were equaled by his kindness and caring. She loved him. She felt the same way about Wade.

She loved the soft growls that escaped Reece as she kissed his neck, softly licking at his scars as she traveled kisses across his scarred skin. She hummed against his neck and pulled him closer, unable to release her hold on either man.

“Little one,” Reece’s rough voice called to her, ending on a moan.

“I’m not going to let you go, Reece,” she whispered against his ear. “You and Wade are mine. Mother Fate told me so.”

She smiled at the surprised gasps that left both men. Releasing her gentle hold on them, she allowed them to stand. Climbing off the lounge chair, she stood before them and smiled softly.

“You know you belong to me,” she told them calmly. “Your scents are delicious. Suzie told me that when you meet the men who are fated to be your mates, their scents would call to you. Your scents definitely call to me.”

She stepped forward and kissed each of their chests lightly before reaching down and entwining her fingers with theirs. She felt a moment of victory when their warm hands surrounded hers and they finally squeezed hers gently.

“I need you both to come up to my room and hold me while I sleep.” She tugged on their hands to get them to start moving. “I’m tired and I have to get some rest. The nightmare of what Boyd and Randall did to me keeps playing in my head. I need you both to help me so I don’t think about them anymore.”

She looked up at them and smiled at their stunned expressions. She also saw that they were wary of going with her. Mother Fate had told her that she must be the one to draw them out of their pain. She was determined to do exactly that.

“Please,” she whispered very sincerely, looking up at them with pleading eyes. She was not above using their sympathy for her to move this relationship forward.

She watched as Wade looked to Reece and waited. At Reece’s slight nod they both looked at her and smiled sadly.

“Whatever you need, little one,” Reece said finally. “But just this one time.”

Meeka pushed down her flash of annoyance. Baby steps, she reminded herself. She would ease them into becoming comfortable with their relationship, and she was determined that therewould be a relationship.

Releasing her hold on their hands, she turned and slid open the glass door that led into the large kitchen of the family lodge. She stepped inside and started walking through the beautiful lodge home, heading toward the stairway that led to the second floor that held three suites of rooms. The suite given to her for her and her son was at the top of the stairs on the right. Walking over to the closed door, she turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, going inside without looking behind her. The men had to be behind her. She couldn’t stand it if they had bailed on her. She wanted them to take a chance on a future with her and Eric that she knew would be a good one.




Pushing at both men, she was glad when they eased away from her just slightly so she could continue with her plan to show them just how much she wanted them. She pushed aside her insecurities and reached down to grab the hem of her T-shirt. Pulling it up slowly, she smiled as she heard the immediate growls that escaped both men as she inched the shirt upward to reveal her body.

When the shirt was pushed all the way up to her neck, exposing her belly and breasts to her men, she hesitated, worried that she was not acceptable. The stretch marks from her pregnancy were evident, as was the way her large breasts were not exactly as perky or as high as they once had been.


Reece’s raspy voice cut through her worries. She looked at both men and saw that not only were their eyes completely golden as their wolves were pushing forward, but both men were also inching closer to her, pressing their bodies against her hips. She could feel their erections through the rough material of their jeans.

Meeka reached down and took her men’s hands in hers, bringing them up toward her mouth and kissing their knuckles lightly before taking their hands and covering her breasts with them. She smiled as the warmth of their large hands covered her breasts. It felt wonderful to have them touching her.

Looking at both men in turn, she saw the way they were fighting with their desires. She worried that she was not going to be successful in her determination to get her men to finally admit their need for her. When neither man moved their hand, she thought she was wrong in her attempt. She felt a surge of emotion choking her and was about to pull away from them and go and sleep in her son’s room to escape the humiliation of not being wanted when she hesitated a moment to think it through rationally.

She was too emotional, and she knew that she had to calm down and look at the situation logically. Unfortunately, logically she admitted to herself that what she had done to initiate their desire for her hadn’t worked.

Just as she was about to remove herself from the humiliating situation, she felt Reece’s hand move gently as he squeezed her breast with just the right amount of pressure. She moaned as a sensation of desire zipped through her body and settled deep within her core. Before she could do more than arch into his touch, she felt Wade’s large hand squeeze her left breast then watched in fascination as he leaned forward and opened his mouth to tenderly lick at her nipple before sucking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.

“Wade, that’s nice,” she whispered, threading her fingers through his long hair and gripping it lightly to hold him against her body.

When Reece kissed his way around her right nipple, licking at it and flicking his tongue against it to draw it to a point then take it between his lips to bite down on it gently, she thought she would explode with the pleasure both men gave her. There was no mistaking the fact that he wanted her, too. Her heart beat faster as she realized that both men really did desire her. She wanted them to ache to be a part of her life just as much as she ached to be a part of theirs.

“Reece,” she moaned, gripping the back of his neck and squeezing tightly.

Before she could say another word, both men increased their attention to her breasts, licking, sucking, and biting until she was mindless with her own need for them.

“Meeka,” Reece’s broken voice whispered to her.

“What?” Meeka’s voice was barely audible. She reached out and drew Reece against her body. She didn’t know what he wanted to tell her, but she could feel the depth of his emotions as he held her so tightly.

“You’re a beautiful gift,” Reece told her, kissing the center of her chest tenderly before he leaned back to look down at her. He knew that his eyes were deeply golden as his vision changed before him, and he knew that his wolf was demanding that they mate.

Meeka looked up at Reece and smiled shyly. “You’re sweet, Reece,” she said softly. “But I’m nothing special.”

“You’re wrong, baby,” Wade said gently, stopping her. “You’re special. Very special. You make me ache.”

Meeka smiled and reached up to cover both of their hands with hers, slowly sliding their hands down her body until they were covering her mound. She caught her breath as both men growled softly and curled their fingers beneath hers until they cupped her and pressed between her lips, opening her up and sliding their thick fingers deep within her body. She pressed her hips up to take them deeper. Her entire body was on fire. She wanted them desperately.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please, what, little one?” Reece asked her, groaning as he felt the wetness of her channel surrounding his middle finger. He pressed deeper inside of their mate, searching for that elusive spot that would make her jolt with pleasure. He smiled against her lips as he kissed her cheek softly. Then took her mouth in a scorching kiss that was meant to prove exactly how much she was valued and wanted by both of them. It didn’t matter that they couldn’t claim her. She was theirs despite their reluctance to make it happen.


Wade’s voice broke through the haze of his need. Reece pulled back and looked into his partner’s golden eyes. He saw the desire that was reflected in Wade’s eyes and knew that his childhood friend and triad partner was struggling with his need to claim their mate as well.

He felt Wade’s fingers sharing the wetness of their woman’s body and knew that between the two of them, they were going to make their beautiful woman soar. They had to. They were destined to. And it broke his heart that they couldn’t do more than give her this momentary joy.

Sliding his hand up Meeka’s mound to gently pet her dark curls, he smiled as his middle finger grazed just the right spot, pressing against her swollen clit. Meeka’s hips shot upward as she gasped out her pleasure. Wade’s hand joined his in petting her, his fingers alternately stroking her engorged button and plunging deep inside of their woman to stimulate her hidden spot of pleasure.

Meeka’s hands covered both men’s hands and pressed them tightly against her sex. The immediate throbbing of her clit sent waves of pleasure pulsing through her. It would take very little to send her over the edge into pure bliss. She wondered absently if her men realized just how close she was.

Wade growled as he felt the throbbing of their woman’s clit beneath the palm of his hand. He rubbed against her button firmly, working with Reece to give their woman the pleasure they wanted her to feel with them, and only with them.

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