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Micah (MM)

Marius Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 41,645
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Demons]

Micah Marius is fourth of seven brothers, warriors that fight against the demons of his world. He's used to fighting hard, being in life or death situations on a daily basis, and pushing the softer part of his personality to the side.

He isn’t prepared for his reaction when he meets Riley, a sexy little vampire doctor and his fated mate. Hell, Micah isn’t even gay, but he can’t seem to control his reaction to the man that he knows belongs to him.

Riley is a vampire doctor. He’s also unconventional, secretive, and dealing with a heavy case of lust toward the warrior in his care.



A Siren Erotic Romance

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I got to admit, Joyee Flynn is a new to me author and I was a little hesitant to open this one. It sounded a little like another vampire series that is really popular right now but after I started rea...

- love2read28

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5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Micah (Marius Brothers 1) by Joyee Flynn is the first in a series of books about an amazing family of vampires. This first book is totally enjoyable and full of adventure, love, intrigue, humor and fulfillment. With this novel, the seeds have been planted for a terrific new collection of vampire stories. Micah and Riley are the leading characters in this book. They are both capable and accomplished men, neither actively looking for love when they meet and recognize one another as mates. They are opposites in many ways, although they are alike in their devotion to the protection and care of vampires as well as their determination to do what is right for their families. What a great family Ms Flynn has given us! The seven Maurius sons are Warrior Vampires. Desmond and Elena are their supportive parents, displaying unconditional love for their sons. As Riley and Marian, join the Maurius family, that same love and care is freely extended to them. Everything isn’t always calm and perfect, but the overall attitude of the family is one of harmony and respect. What a great change that is from so much of what is available for us to read and watch. I appreciate that Joyee Flynn has gifted the reader with a chance to experience the full depth of personality and range of emotion of the characters in this book. That a renowned researcher and physician is so affected by love that he becomes disoriented; that a big strong warrior can feel insecure and be reduced to tears at the thought of possibly being a disappointment to his mate; or that an adult vampire is deeply comforted by the feel of his father’s hug during a time of great stress all give readers the reminder that it is the balance of all emotions that makes characters and individuals believable, strong and whole. There is so much more I want to know about Riley and Micah, and I have a real need to know how things work out with the question that Micah asks Riley in the epilogue. I may even need to track down the author and see if I can convince her to give me a hint! I enjoyed Micah tremendously, couldn’t set it down, and finishing it in one sitting. The M/M sexual scenes are written with care and love. If you enjoy sensual and explicit M/M romance, vampires, and the steadfast love of good families, you are sure to love this book." -- Donna, Dark Diva Reviews

5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "My first thought upon starting this book was this is one sexy story and everything that I read after that confirmed the opinion over and over again. Actually, the blurb is where I really started drooling over the sexy warrior and his vampire doctor, but getting to know the characters brought to life by Joyee Flynn was a real treat. Man! Those vampire warriors are something else... even better is that Micah’s six brothers are also warriors. Ooh la la. To say that I’m looking forward to reading the other stories in this series is a major understatement. Micah; now there’s a sexy, sexy man... uh, vampire. I love that he’s not afraid to love a man, even though he’s never ever been attracted to one before. There’s something about Riley that supersedes gender and whatever it is Micah wants him... now and forever. He’s a fierce warrior, but he’s also extremely protective of those he loves and now Riley is under his protection. Micah’s pretty much an ‘it-is-what-it-is’ kinda guy and, for the most part, he’s fairly laid-back... until something happens to his Riley. Not a pretty scene. Riley, wow! His life has been anything but easy. The only one in his life is his grandmother and for her he’d do anything. When he first sees Micah he’s, hmmm, gobsmacked comes to mind as a reaction. And then to realize that this warrior is his mate, but not gay really sends him for a loop. He’s spent years and years keeping his heart protected and now, in one fell swoop, Riley’s finding that the walls he’s built aren’t sufficient to keep Micah out. I adore both Micah and Riley, even though they are so very different, but they are each extremely loyal, dedicated and have a strong belief in family. Joyee Flynn has come up with two characters that take my breath away and I dearly hope that we get to see more of them in the future. After all, they’re both part of the Marius clan now. The proliferation of vampire stories over the past few years has made me a very happy reader; a statement which, a few years ago, I would have strongly refuted. But along the way I discovered that not all vampire stories are created equal. Ms. Flynn’s world of vamps is definitely among my favourites. I love that these aren’t bloodsucking, soul-destroying monsters. Well, yes they need blood, but they’re not out wantonly destroying... okay well some of them are—hence the need for the warriors—but then any ‘race’ has it’s good guys and it’s bad guys and in romantic adventures you’ve got to have ‘em both. And in this most tempting tale—Micah—there’s adventure, battles and a hot and very sexy romance. What more could a fan of the genre want? Ms. Flynn has earned another fan and I couldn’t be happier. Now, if I could just get the rest of the stories now." -- Kalyko, Blackraven's Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Micah Marius fights hard to protect his clan and the humans from the threat of demons: vampires who've gone rogue and kill for power. He's over four hundred years old and has proudly spent most of those years a warrior. When he is injured during a mission he wakes to the most wonderful aroma and the most beautiful sight a vampire could hope to see...his mate. His injuries overcome him before he can do much more than kiss her. But, fate is fickle and Micah awakens to discover the woman he thought was his mate doesn't exist. Riley Johnson is a doctor, who's developed many effective ways to treat his fellow vampires, thanks to training in human medical school: a controversy in the vampire community, leaving him open to prejudice and sometimes hatred. Riley is a strong willed, stubborn man and has survived many troubles and refuses to let it get to him. But when he discovers that his oft longed-for mate is not gay he is unsure his heart can survive. Can the two men find a path to happiness together or will they be left with nothing but heartache? I love when I discover a new author that makes me feel like an obsessive author stalker, and I mean that in a positive "do you need me to rub your feet, hands, bring you a tasty treat while you write more goodies for me to enjoy?" kind of way and not the John Hinckley Jr. kind of way. Ms. Flynn has quickly taken a place on my favorite authors list and is now a must buy for me. In Micah we get to meet Micah Marius and his family. The Marius family is one of the highest-ranking families in the vampire world. The seven brothers are all superb warriors and sexy to boot. Micah is a hardened warrior, fierce in his fighting skills and is sure of his place in his world. Then Riley, a controversial person in the vampire world, enters the picture. He upholds human ideals and mores and is trying to educate the community about the value of humans and their knowledge. His skills as a doctor are unsurpassed but that still leaves him open to ridicule and prejudice. Wow! When the two met the sparks from these two disparate characters had me scared for the safety of my readers' internal components! I was sure that they would melt from the heat! Micah and Riley were perfect for each other, Riley bringing out Micah's tender emotions and Micah tempering Riley's obsessive nature in the laboratory. Along with Micah and Riley we were also treated to brief glimpses of the other Marius brothers and whew! They are fantastic specimens of sexiness and all alpha, I had fantasies of them screaming "Marry us and become a Marius" to which I eagerly responded "YES!" I absolutely adored the Marius family and can't wait to meet each and every one of the brothers on a more intimate level!" -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Raised as a warrior Micah Marius is one of seven brothers, part of a powerful family and straight. A mission destroying demons with his friend and partner Caleb nearly puts an end to Micah because of severe injuries. Luckily for Micah he is brought to one of the vampire coven’s foremost physicians, Dr. Riley Johnson. A bit of a maverick, Riley is well known for his skills, yet almost cruelly criticized because he attended a human college and medical school. Few are aware that he lost most of his immediate family when demons raided his home. Only his father’s quick thinking in hiding the five year old saved him that night, but the nightmares continue to this day. Saving Micah’s life is the easy part, convincing the straight vampire that they should be together is another matter entirely. Vampires only have one mate in their lifetime. If Micah cannot accept being mated to another male, a gay male at that, he consigns them both to a lifetime of loneliness. It is up to Riley and the power of love to bring these fated mates together. It seems love is never easily won. Micah is a lovely start to a very erotic, yet sweetly innocent love story. The old saying “opposites attract” is never more apparent than between Micah and Riley. Engaging and charming main characters, as well as a fascinating secondary cast, make the overall storyline memorable. There is plenty of high emotion in Micah, from burgeoning love to deep angst and redemption. Micah is a very enjoyable read." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Micah let out a long moan. Taking that as a good sign, Riley pushed his finger all the way in. When he was sure Micah was ready, he started to twirl it around inside the man. After a few moments, Riley slipped a second finger in.

“This is foreplay between men, like how you would play with a woman’s clit to get her ready for sex. You’re loosening up the other person, so they can take your cock, but you’re loving it at the same time, aren’t you, baby?” Riley asked.

“Yes. It’s weird, too, but a good weird.”

“Well, tell me if it gets bad weird, but I think you are going to love this even more. There is this place inside every gay man, human, werewolf, and vampire alike, called the sweet spot. If you curve your fingers just right, you can hit—”

“Oh fucking shit, please do that again,” Micah yelped. His large body started to shake. Riley did it again and again, making sure to keep hitting Micah’s prostate.

“Hitting that spot is like hitting a woman’s G-spot. It makes the sex more intense. And we want our sex to be intense, don’t we, Micah? Especially our first time,” Riley said. Adding a third finger, he began thrusting them into Micah’s ass.

“Just don’t stop. My God, Riley, don’t ever stop,” Micah pleaded.

Riley used his other hand to caress Micah’s sac as it started to tighten up. He wouldn’t hold out much longer, and Riley wanted to be in his ass when Micah came. The little groans and whimpers coming from Micah were making him so damn hard.

“Ri-Riley, I’m almost there—”

“You ready, Micah? Do you want this or for me to simply keep playing?”

“No, more, show me more. Please, just fuck me!” Micah exclaimed.

Riley pulled his fingers out and lined his cock up with Micah’s ass, pushing his cock in and then thrusting as deep into Micah as he could go. Fuck, he was so tight. It felt like his cock was in a vice grip.

“Riley, I want to see you, baby. Our first time together, I want to see those deep blue eyes,” Micah groaned. Riley quickly pulled out and rolled Micah onto his back, grabbing his cock in his hand.

“Micah, you can ride me,” Riley said, touched Micah wanted to look into his eyes while they were together for the first time. Micah looked skeptical for a moment then he moved over to straddle Riley’s waist, slowly lowering himself onto the cock in Riley’s hand.

As Riley let Micah take charge, he grabbed Micah’s hips. Micah finally settled all of the way down, his ass pressing against Riley’s balls. Micah wiggled around a bit, seeming to get used to the new sensations. What he didn’t seem to realize was that his movements were about to make Riley shoot his load.

“What do you want me to do?” Micah asked.

“Move around and experiment a little. Find out what you like, what feels good.” Micah leaned forward, putting each forearm under Riley’s shoulders, keeping most of his weight on his elbows. He pulled Riley up for a kiss, moving his hips, making them both groan.  

“Riley, I need more, baby,” Micah demanded.

“Anything you want, Micah,” Riley replied, trying to hold back tears as he suddenly became emotional about sharing Micah’s first time with him. He reached down to grab Micah’s hard cock in his hand. Riley began stroking him, slowly at first, then faster and faster as Micah’s hips began to move in a more rapid pace.

He reached up with his other hand and wrapped it around Micah’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss, rubbing his tongue slowly over Micah’s lips before delving inside. As he brushed his tongue against Micah’s fang, he could feel the man start to go wild. Micah’s hips moved faster, impaling himself on Riley’s cock as fast as he could. Riley continued to stroke Micah’s cock as his groans turned into growls.

Riley could feel Micah’s hands moving to grasp his hair. “Micah,” he whispered as he turned his head to the side. He knew what he was asking Micah to do. He knew it would mate them together. He was ready to be Micah’s, forever Micah’s. He needed Micah to claim him just as much as Micah needed to do it.

As Micah sank his teeth into the soft flesh of his neck, Riley took over and thrust upwards, doing his best to make sure to hit Micah’s sweet spot on every thrust. He grinned when he heard Micah grunt, his arms wrapped around his shoulders as Riley held him tighter to his neck. Micah was so close to coming, it made Riley hit that spot inside Micah harder and faster.

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