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The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 66,000
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After a vacation fling, a high school sex ed guidance counselor and a single father are forced to face each other in real life.

Having been the honor roll student, good girl in high school who got pregnant at sixteen, Cassie Finnerty knows what can happen if teens aren’t educated about safe sex. Her job is to counsel the students, answer their questions, and hand out condoms when requested.

Jake Lucas is a divorced, single father raising his almost sixteen-year-old daughter. When the contents of his daughter’s purse spill and condoms tumble out, he freaks out. After interrogating his daughter, he finds out she got the condoms at school, so he goes to confront the person who gave them to her and gets the surprise of his life.


She took it and he followed every stroke of the towel as she dried her voluptuous body.

Her movements were quick and efficient, but as she ran the soft terrycloth over her breasts, Luke had to look away before he embarrassed himself. Sporting a woody in swim trunks was not the way to win over a woman.

Whoa! Luke shook his head wondering where that thought had come from. Win her over? He just met her. And he’d learned his lesson a long time ago. No sex was casual…it always held some sort of repercussion. Whether it resulted in a broken heart, the morning after blues, or a child, it got you one way or another.

Cassie wrapped the towel around her body and tucked the end in, securing the thick terrycloth around her chest. Although she was more covered than she had been a moment before, her breasts seemed to be on display, and Luke had always considered himself a breast man. She settled into the lounge chair beside his and surveyed the beach.

“Do you happen to know where Aly went?” she asked.

It took Luke a moment to shift his mind from her breasts to her question.

“She and Jay went snorkeling.” Her expression crumbled at his words. “She said she’d meet up with you for dinner.”

If the look on her face was anything to go by, she didn’t believe that any more than he did. He didn’t know this woman, didn’t want to get involved with her, so what devil prodded his next words was a mystery.

“So I guess it’s just you and me.”

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