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My Best Friend's Father (MM)


Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 24,120
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Warner was first. Now it’s Nate’s turn to share the details about his first lover.

A military brat, an eighteen year old Nate moves with his family to a new base the summer before his senior year. Almost immediately he falls for his next-door neighbor—as well as—befriends the man’s youngest son. Nate knows there’s no chance he’d ever get his hands on Jay’s father, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing like crazy.

Two years and a few hundred miles later, Nate is called home from college when his father ends up in the hospital. While there, he finds Major Elijah Taylor now divorced with an empty nest next door. Nate knows this might be his one and only chance to get into the major’s pants, so inexperienced or not, he sets out to seduce the man.

Nate’s unprepared for the wave of emotion that hits him as he returns to his past and eventually has to confront the feelings he has for Eli. Ten years hasn’t taken the ache away. Nate’s not sure a lifetime will.

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Eli stood there stunned, but Nate was almost sure he saw the man’s eyes darken with lust. After another moment of silence, Eli grabbed Nate’s arm and dragged him into the house, slamming the door shut. He was pushed up counter to the back of the closed door, Eli’s big body jammed against his.

“You watched me?” Eli growled.

He couldn’t tell if the major was angry… or horny as hell.

Nate lifted his head, trying not to show any fear. “And if I did?”

Eli rubbed his body closer, staring down at Nate. Nate could feel the man’s hard cock against him, answering his question. “I don’t appreciate being spied on.”

Nate swallowed, his tremor of fear buffeted by the man’s reaction to him. “I think you liked it,” Nate said, trying to sound more courageous than he was. “You wouldn’t be hard if you didn’t.”

Eli rolled his hips and rubbed up against Nate. The man’s eyes closed for a second, and he groaned. “Damn you, Nate.”

“Damn me?”

Eli glowered at him. “I shouldn’t want you.”

“I could say the same. We’re both consenting adults with a need that has to be fulfilled, so why not?”

Eli searched his face a moment. “You’re my son’s best friend.”

“I haven’t been that in a couple of years, and to be honest, I was only here a year. I haven’t spoken to him since graduation.”

The major didn’t make a move. He stood there staring into Nate’s face, uncertainty showing in his expression.

“I’ve wanted you since you were too young to want you,” Nate said. “Can you help me out or not?”

“You’ve wanted me?” Eli asked, frowning.

“I used to spy on your morning runs when I lived here… before there was an addition at the end.”

A tremor raced through Eli’s body, and it triggered another wave of lust in Nate.

Seconds flew by, but then he saw something break within the man.

Nate watched the desire blossoming in Eli’s face as the man lowered his head to capture Nate’s lips.

Nate shuddered as the major kissed him.

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