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My Two Lovers

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating:
Word Count: 4,800
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Sally spent years waiting for her brother's second-in-command, Jack, to notice her. One night after an attempt on her life he finally does. Sally can have everything she's always wanted but Jack has a secret...and his name is Derek.

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This is a very short story. I liked the story for what it was but it left me wanting more. The author could of written this story for so much more than what it was. But, what can you do. If you...

- BlueEyesRule


“Hey Maude, what’s a six letter word for control or conquer?” I asked, pushing a strand of hair back that has escaped a messy bun low on my head.

A deep, smoky voice that did not belong to Maude answered, “Master.”

I glanced up from my crossword and stared at the tall column of leather before me. He plunked his helmet on a far stool and tossed his jacket on top of it. I couldn’t look away as the heat and scent of Old Spice wafted from the trappings of the jacket toward me, making my nipples pucker and my nostrils flare.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” he asked.

I tossed my pen toward his face, and he caught it. “I own the place. I can take a break whenever I want. Besides, I’m closing.” Harry and Jack both hated when I closed--being the leaders of one of the most notorious biker clubs in the city. Since I was Harry’s only family, they assumed I was at the top of some secret target list for other motorcycle clubs.

Jack, Harry’s second-in-command, frowned, the lines around his eyes crinkling in a way I always found sexy. “Harry wouldn’t like that.”

“Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, Harry doesn’t own my diner, nor is he here to close for me so...” I stood, placing the crossword on the counter and adjusted my shirt. “I don’t care what Harry would or wouldn’t like.”

His frown grew deeper and he looked as though he might comment further until a six-foot-tall brunette bombshell wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. And then I was forgotten. I maneuvered behind the counter to start closing down my station. No way I could stand and watch Jack make out with the type of woman I could never be.

Maude gave me a compassionate look before leaving, but I refused to comment. I’d pined after Jack for years; nothing would change that.

The trash had already been bagged, so I decided to take care of that first. I grabbed one bag in each hand, hefting the weight easily, and shuffled out the back door. The dumpster loomed only a few yards away. As I tossed the second bag inside, an arm caught me around the waist and an iron grip clamped across my mouth before I could shout.

I kicked at his shins and flailed my arms to escape my captor until the sharp point of a knife pressing against my cheek caused me to freeze.

“You’re going to stay very still, little girl, or I’ll only start by rearranging your face.”

Blood pounded through my head, the thud thud of my heartbeat echoing in my ears as I tried to think of an escape plan. He spun me around sharply and I wobbled in an attempt to stay upright. I tried to take in as much of him as I could but through the darkness I could only see a few of his biker patches. The dark gray triangles on my attacker’s vests worried me the most. The triangles stood for violence, jail time, and unspeakable acts committed for their club.

“Oh, little girl, what fun we’re going to have,” he whispered, trailing the warmed steel down my neck into my cleavage and back up.

It didn’t take an idiot to know what he implied, and the sickening thought spurred me to action. I brought my knee up into his balls and wrenched myself from his grip. I got three steps before I smacked into Jack’s wide chest.

He fired a handgun once into the air as he wrapped a protective arm around my shoulders before leveling the weapon on the men.

“You have five seconds to get out of my sight before I start using your skulls for target practice.” He said the words like a growl, deep and low, and I felt the vibrations where I stood curled into him through his chest. I burrowed into that comforting scent and let his show of protection seep into my brain. Arousal began to snake through me and I inhaled his scent.

Once the goons scrambled away, he led me around front, thrust a helmet onto my head, and took me away. No doubt this was the moment my life would end. He’d drop me with Harry and then I’d be guarded night and day by some gang member or another for the rest of my life...or Harry’s.

The deep rumble and vibration of the bike comforted me as I clutched Jack from behind. I grew up around bikes and the sound always reminded me of home. I lay my head against his back, as much as the helmet would allow, and focused on the scent of the night and Jack. My brush with death slowly faded to the comforting rumble of my favorite sound and my favorite man.

We slowed to a stop entirely too soon, and I reluctantly sat back to look around. Nothing seemed familiar.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“My place.”

“I always thought you lived at the clubhouse.”

“I’d like everyone to keep thinking that, if you don’t mind. Are you all right?” he asked, unfastening my helmet and removing it.

“Who were those guys?” I asked, climbing off the bike.

He cleared his throat and shifted. He obviously didn’t want to tell me. I waited and stared him down, and finally he relented.

“Arivo Diego.”

The leader of Los Sucios. They were allies of my brother’s rival motorcycle gang. I was worth a lot of money to them, dead or alive.

Spots appeared at the edge of my vision and there was nothing that would stop the inevitable. I tried to reach out, latch onto something, but the world went dark.

I woke up surrounded by heat. As my mind cleared, I realized I was cocooned between two long, hard male bodies. I snapped my eyes open. Jack lay stretched along the front of me, face reposed in sleep, bare-chested and wearing only gray sweatpants. He’d look like an angel if it weren’t for the buzz cut and network of tattoos trailing across his collarbone and down his arms. I looked down to find his hand curled around my waist underneath my shirt.

Maybe I’m dreaming. I’d fantasized about being in bed with him many times in the past.

Carefully, I turned my head. A stunning Spanish man lay behind me fully clothed in pajamas, his arm flung across my upper thigh. He had short black hair, tanned skin from what I could see above the neck of his t-shirt, and full pink lips.

Guess I’m kinky in my dreams.

Any other time I might have just gone with it, but I needed explanations. I jerked Jack’s shoulder, and his eyes popped open.

I gestured to the man behind me. “Who the hell is that?”

His brow furrowed as he got up and gingerly helped me from the bed and led me into another room. He flipped on the lights and I realized it was a bathroom, or a shower, or the entire bathroom was the shower.

“Um, Sal, this is sort of awkward,” he said, nervously running his hand over his head.

“More awkward than waking in bed with a perfect stranger and my brother’s BFF?”

He exhaled in a gush. “He’s not a stranger. Derek’s my boyfriend.”

If he had slapped my face I couldn’t have been more surprised. “You’re gay?”

Even as I said it, my eyes prickled. I’d been in love with Jack for years, since the first time he rolled up to the diner on an old dirty bike wearing nothing but leather and attitude.

“No, I’m not gay. I’m bisexual.”

I could work with that.

“Why doesn’t the club know?” I asked.

“Because I don’t need the judgment, and Derek is a cop.”

I pointed toward the bedroom and lowered my voice. “He’s a cop?”

A strong, deep, slightly accented voice cut into the conversation. “Handcuffs and all.”

I turned around and had I not known better, I’d say a young Javier Bardem stood before me.

“She is much prettier than I thought she’d be,” he said, addressing Jack as he approached us.

Well, I’ve had enough fun down the rabbit hole. “I need to go. I’m sure Harry is probably freaking out.”

Jack grabbed my hand before I could walk out. “I called him. He knows you’re safe.”

Derek circled around and gripped my other hand, planting a kiss on my palm. “You can stay here until you feel safe again. We will keep you safe.”

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