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Releasing Chaos by Lexi Ander (Published by: Less Than Three Press LLC)
Categories: Fantasy, Gay/Lesbian, Paranormal

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Releasing Chaos is the 6th book in the Sumeria's Sons Series by Lexi Ander. This book is longer than any of the other books in the series, which I loved. All of the lingering questions from the earlier books are answered within the story line. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was written. Each of the main characters has moments in the book where they are written from the first person perspective. While it startled me initially, I found as I continued reading the story that I treasured seeing the characters from a different perspective. “Hearing” their thoughts and following their reasoning as they made decisions and acted or didn’t pulled me deeper into the story. The redemption of one of the earlier villains, Theo, was particularly satisfying. After feeling so much distain for him from the earlier books, I was abashed to discover that I was rooting for him to have an HEA. Another emotionally jarring thread to the book was the betrayal of Tristian by his brother. I often found myself hoping there was another reason for his behavior. The story easily pulled me in and kept me enthralled as I followed all of the twists and turns of the conclusion of the story. I eagerly look forward to any future installments of this series or spin offs. BUY

Reviewed by: 299078 (Date: 08/03/2017)
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