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Beautiful Liars 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 44,158
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, with M/F/M elements, spanking, exhibitionism]

Sia is forced to play the role of a temptress to seduce the man the Crane crime family has been seeking to destroy. The only problem is he’s in an alliance with Taylor, a man Sia has been loving with both her heart and body. She tries desperately to avoid his unyielding passion with the desire to stay loyal to her first love, Carrington Marino.

When Carrington and Sia are called to Moscow to investigate the Cranes, they try desperately to unveil the mystery of the motives and strategies of their enemies. They must also avoid being found out as lovers.

One woman. Two men. Three lives, and one life must end. Who will Sia choose to sacrifice when death comes knocking at her door? Carrington, Taylor, or herself?

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Sia threw her comforter back and adjusted her pillow. She’d had a long week, and Carrington was on his way over.

The doorbell rang, and Sia’s heart leaped. Carrington would always have that effect on her. She grabbed her robe and dashed down the stairs, soaring through the living room before flicking on the chandelier light. She peered out of the peephole, and a huge smile spread across her face. She unbolted the lock and opened the door to let her lover in.

Carrington rubbed his hands together as he walked in and then turned to face Sia, who’d just secured the lock. When he placed his palms on her soft cheeks, she slapped his hands away.

“Stop! Your hands are cold.”

“And your cheeks are warm,” he teased.

Sia rolled her eyes. Carrington was such a boy when he wasn’t being serious. “Are you hungry?”


“Good because I made dinner.”

Carrington removed his shoes at the door and then followed her into the old-fashioned kitchen.

Nothing but the sound of their golden forks clamping against the china plates filled room for the first half of dinner. Sia sat on one side of the round kitchen table, and Carrington sat on the other. It was decorated with several dishes filled with tasty appetizers to accommodate the evening’s meal.

The two lovebirds laughed and joked, flirting ruthlessly with one another. Sia blushed many times, laughing sheepishly every time Carrington opened his mouth. He had nothing but dirty things to say that night. “How about some pussy licking tonight?”

“Carrington!” she gasped.

“I can tie you to the bed, spread your legs, and then bury my face right in between those sexy thighs of yours.”

“Carrington stop!”

He laughed impishly as he sat back, chewing the last of the mash potatoes on his plate. “Oh, come on. You know you want me to.”

Sia smiled as she shook her head and glanced away.

Carrington cocked his head as he said, “Admit it.”

“Shut up!”

“Yeah, I’m right.”

“Whatever.” Sia chuckled. She took a final bite and then swallowed as she glanced at her plate, then back up at Carrington. She was full of food and butterflies. She placed her fork down and wiped her mouth with the white cloth in her left hand.

Carrington stopped eating, too. He was full as well. “I feel like going for a swim in the pool tonight,” he said, leaning back in his chair. “How about it?”

Sia had an indoor and outdoor pool.

She sighed and then shook her head of long brown curls. “Not tonight, baby.”

“Aw, is my baby getting old?”

Sia playfully scowled at Carrington. “No, Tin Man, but I think you are.” She cocked her head. “Hey, is that a gray hair I see?”

Carrington plucked a grape off one of the platters and then threw it at her. When Sia jerked her head back and looked at him with unbelieving eyes, he laughed and then threw another one.

Sia picked up a small cheese cube and threw it at him. She gasped when he picked up his glass of grape wine and chucked it at her.

“Oh my God!” she cried as she stood to her feet.

“My God, too,” Carrington teased, standing to his feet.

Sia reached for a glass of water.

“Aw, stealing my ideas I see.”

She smiled impishly as she twiddled her hair. Before she could react, Carrington jumped over the table and mauled her with her own weapon. Sia squealed and tried to get away, but he had her.

“Carrington!” she squealed as she gracefully fell to the floor.

Carrington laughed, taking pleasure in her helplessness as he straddled her with his sculpted thighs. He turned her over on her back.

Sia reached up blindly and grabbed a saucer with a cake slice on it. Carrington gasped when it toppled on the side of his head, and she laughed hysterically at his surprise.

Carrington smiled and began to giggle. They were a mess, a hot mess, but it was worth the pleasure they felt in that moment. Life was too short.

“Oh my God,” Sia muttered and began to laugh again.

Carrington wiped some of the icing off his face and painted it onto her neck.

“Oh, what the hell? Might as well, right?” She smiled as she laid flat on her back, giggling uncontrollably.


* * * *


Carrington moistened his lips and continued to smile as his laughter died down. Sia was still lying on the floor, laughing beneath him. She was so pretty when she laughed. Her eyes got smaller, and the dimple in her cheek became visible. Sia’s laughter…

…Such a sweet sound to his ears.




Carrington’s eyes rolled back as he began to rotate his hips against her. She was so damn hot and tight inside. His breathing grew ragged, and sweat formed at his brow. The feeling was overwhelmingly pleasurable, and he didn’t want it to end.

“Sia, oh Sia,” he rasped. Sweat dripped down his forehead, and his hair was getting damper. Carrington arched into her even more. He just couldn’t get enough. He missed being close to her, being inside of her.


* * * *


“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Sia hissed. He’d buried himself deeper. “I can feel you, baby. You’re in so deep…so deep inside.” When she opened her eyes, she saw the look of pleasure on Carrington’s face. His eyes were closed tight, and he was biting his lower lip. “Carrington,” she sobbed. She knew that look. It was his orgasm face. She wasn’t ready for him to come yet. She wanted the moment to last a little longer.

Carrington continued to grind her.

“Carrington,” she said a little louder.

He continued.

“Baby, please, stop!”

Carrington opened his eyes and came to a halt. “What’s wrong?”

“I want to taste you. You can finish in my mouth, just not now.”

He pulled out of her before lowering her legs. He lay on his back, his cock standing tall and glistening with her nectar. “Sit on my face,” he told her.

She remained where she was.

He arched an eyebrow. “I want you to sit on my face while you suck my dick.”

Sia’s heart sank, and the color completely drained from her face.

Carrington patted his thigh. “Come on. I’m hungry, and I know you’re thirsty.”

Sia covered her face as she blushed. Carrington never used to talk like that. She squealed. Before she could protest, he’d grabbed her and sat her sopping cunt inches above his face. He placed his hands on her curvy hips and inhaled her scent before tasting her pussy.

“Carrington.” Sia whispered his name and closed her eyes. She released a feminine growl and thrust her cunt back against his wet tongue. “You’re so bad.”

She lowered her head so that his dick was leveled at her mouth. She could taste herself on his swollen flesh. She felt Carrington draw back from her warm mound and arch his hips forward as she took him into her mouth. She sucked him gladly as he nuzzled his nose against her cunt. She gripped his hips and then dragged them down his thighs, bringing them back up to his groin before…finally…clutching his big, round balls.

Carrington gasped as he arched into her hands, silently pleading for more as she blatantly massaged his testicles and sucked his dick. He shuddered. Sia was rolling his balls around and lubricating his shaft with her watering mouth. He closed his eyes as she dragged her mouth down the long, thick base of his penis.

“Ah!” He gasped as he slid his hands up her back.

She was deep-throating him.

“Mmm,” Sia moaned as she dragged her mouth back up to his swollen crown.

She feather-brushed his plum-sized head with the tip of her tongue for a moment before sitting up straight and grasping his shaft with both of her hands. She slid them in opposite directions, firmly but carefully twisting her hands as they traveled up…and down…

When he became dry again, she lubricated him again with her mouth, enjoying the feel of him shuddering beneath her.

Carrington dug his fingers into her hips as he tensed.

She slid her mouth back up his shaft and then licked the pre-cum seeping from his head. She plugged his hole with her thumb while squeezing his shaft with both of her hands.

They waited for him to calm down again.

When he did, Sia decided to turn up the heat. She took her middle and ring finger and massaged the area between his anus and testicles, increasing the pressure as time progressed. She raised her free hand and stroked his shaft as she continued to massage his perineum with her fingers. She lowered her head to stroke his head with her tongue simultaneously.


* * * *


Carrington drew in a shaky breath and began to groan. He squirmed with delight as the tension built in his cock. He was reaching his peak again, and the feeling was far more intense this time around. He closed his eyes tight and braced himself for the final release.

“Sia, I’m about to come.” He grunted, gripping her hips.

Sia covered his head with her mouth and continued to torture him with her painstaking procedure.

Carrington arched his feet and roared when the tension finally flowed to his swollen head. His cock gushed sticky, white fluid as it throbbed in his lover’s hand and mouth.

“Keep going,” he begged. “Oh my God, don’t stop.”

Sia lifted her head and swallowed.  She fixed her eyes on his cock and watched him squirt out as she continued to pump him firmly with her hand, massaging his perineum with the other. Her mouth fell agape as she rubbed the head of his penis against her face.

Carrington ejaculated again, leaving his mark on the soft flesh of Sia’s face. He groaned and held her close, panting heavily as the last of his seed spurted out of his sensitive cock.

Sia gasped and then closed her eyes. Carrington was stroking her with his tongue in desperate need for a taste. Her pussy was soft and her cream was better than any icing he’d ever tried. He plunged his tongue deeper and devoured in her cream, slipping his tongue deeper inside with each stroke.

“Carrington,” she groaned, straining her dripping pussy against his tongue as his cum dripped down her face.

He slid his hand to the middle of her ass and then slithered his middle finger into her crease, penetrating her anus as he began to suck her clit.

Sia sucked in her breath. Her mouth was agape, and she was panting lightly. He was wiggling his thick, brawny finger around in her ass and swirling his tongue around inside her hole again. His breathing grew ragged, and he could feel Sia arching into his hand. That let him know she liked what he was doing. He wiggled his fingers back and forth at a faster pace.


* * * *


“Carrington!” Sia cried, clutching on to his strong thighs. She panted heavily. What he was doing to her felt like heaven, and she didn’t want the feeling to end.

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