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Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 32,641
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]

Lily Nelson went looking for answers. She found much more than she was looking for. Between trying to contact weres to show or tell her how to live life as a once a month furry and uncovering a secret research program involving the government and the were community, she is in trouble. She has done the best she can on her own to find the answers she needs to get by, from meeting intimidating biker chicks to saving a were from a hunter. Now it is time for her to run to the men that she can't get out of her mind or senses.

Jim and Joel Logan have found their mate, now all they have to do is gain her cooperation and trust. They know she is theirs, but now she has to admit it. She is perfect for them. Smart, beautiful, and she smells like home. They can and do protect her from the corruption that she has brought to light.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance





Lily Fern Nelson was tired. It seemed her life was going to be a constant battle of hide and survive. Two years ago she had been a happy woman with a good career in computer science. Then one night during a full moon, her life had changed. Oh yeah, it changed and so did she, into a wolf. Waking up naked and with the nasty bit of fur in her mouth had been a shock. Especially when she woke up naked on the balcony of her apartment at dawn.

At first she thought she had sleepwalked there. The vague memory of her body writhing on the floor as her bones stretched and elongated could possibly be a nightmare. That did not explain the scratches or the nasty taste in her mouth. When she spit the fur from her mouth into the bathroom sink, Lily began throwing up. Whatever she had eaten, it was red, a lot of red meat.

Lily had scrubbed her teeth and gums with dish soap that day. She rinsed and rinsed until the soapy taste was mostly gone, and then she grabbed the rubbing alcohol and used it like mouthwash. Wood-grain alcohol was said to kill a person if they ingested it, but at that minute she really hadn’t cared. Her skin got the same treatment and was as pink and raw as if she was sunburned by the time she finished scrubbing herself. Then she sat and cried.

After researching the myths of werewolves and shape-shifters, she came to the conclusion that she must have gotten the virus that was mentioned in a few of the articles when she was diagnosed with severe anemia. Her doctor had hospitalized her to give her blood and do further testing. After that day she never even got another cold and her blood work came back fine. The anemia must have been a onetime thing, and now that she was eating like a horse the problem was taken care of naturally.

Lily wanted to talk to someone about this phenomenon, but who? She also was not really enthusiastic about going to a psychologist to talk about her new problem so that left her back to more research for answers. It seemed that any big forest was said to be infested with were animals. Foxes to bears and even a few birds were reportedly were animals. All she needed to do was to find a pack of wolves, and they would either be weres or not. If they were not, then she needed a backup plan because they were very territorial, and she was not about to piss off a pack of wild wolves if it could be helped.

Her first attempt to contact one of her kind was at a biker bar two hundred miles west of her apartment. That had not gone quite like it  should have gone. She parked her little Mustang in front of a wooden rail and stepped out of the vehicle, trying to gather the courage to walk inside. The good news was that she didn’t have to enter the building to find weres. Two women wearing small bits of leather for bras and leather pants came out of the door of the bar. They took one look and sniff of the air and advanced on her with cruel malice in their faces.

Lily tried to introduce herself, but her greeting was ignored and she was ordered to get back in her car, get the hell out, and “do not come back if you know what’s good for you.” She opened her mouth to ask them to explain to her how she was supposed to live like this. The women ignored her question and advanced menacingly. She got back into her car and backed out of the parking space quickly. Those women were beautiful, and from their looks toward her, deadly.

The second foray into her research was proof that she was going the wrong way in this quest for knowledge. This time she went north into that spot between North and South Dakota that some locals still referred to as the Dakota Territories. When she checked into the motel, the manager gave her an admiring look. “You up here by yourself?” When she nodded he introduced himself as Jim Logan with a big smile and a handshake that lasted a little too long. Then he began to ask personal questions, and she told him about researching local folklore. “Oh, we have a great deal of that missy. We have werewolves around here, according to some people. The moon will be full in a few days, Maybe you will see a few running around here.”




“You smell fantastic. Did you know how crazy you have driven us since we picked you up this morning? You must be coming into heat because all I can think of is sinking into your warm, wet pussy and staying there for a while. Do you want me to suck these beautiful breasts? I love the way they pout at me. I think they are telling me to shut up and suck them.” Jim lifted her higher and took one nipple into his mouth. He pulled as much of her breast inside as he could and sucked strongly. He groaned at the taste of her tender skin. When he felt the shower of water on his hands become more forceful, he knew that Joel had the showerhead pointed at Lily’s crotch. She jumped and her head flopped back as she gasped. He began to lick and suck just the tips of her breasts. His teeth lightly nipped at the hard nubs causing little gasping noises from her.  He loved hearing those small sounds and nipped a bit harder before bathing them with his tongue and moving on to the other nipple each time.

Joel played with Lily’s pussy and rear entrance with soapy fingers and then rinsed her thoroughly. She was still dripping her fragrant cream, and it was driving him insane. He inserted a finger into her tight vaginal opening and felt her body clamp down on it. He pushed a second finger inside and shuddered, thinking of sliding his thick cock inside of her little pussy and letting it strangle the sperm out of him. He removed his fingers from her pleading pussy and turned off the water then reached out of the shower to grab a towel to dry Lily’s back and hair. He hurriedly swiped a towel over his body and pulled her from Jim’s arms.

He carried her into the bedroom and placed her in the middle of the king-sized bed.  Where Jim joined them on the opposite side of the bed. Joel finished drying her with a few swipes of the towel that was over his shoulder. He crawled between her thighs and spread her legs wide to look at the pretty fur-topped pussy. The sides and thick lips had no hair at all but she kept a neat little bush just over her clit. Joel wanted a taste and dove onto her wet slit with his mouth and tongue wringing a high-pitched scream from Lily’s throat.

Jim lay across the bed His hand held her breast and squeezed the plump flesh. He pulled away from her delectable nipples to watch Joel making a meal out of her scented core. She whimpered and her hips tried to raise under his twin’s broad shoulders. Jim situated himself next to her shoulders, running his hands over her upper body. When Lily’s mouth dropped open and the long, low scream started as her body strained to move, Jim knew she was beginning to orgasm and leaned over to take her pleasure-filled breath into his mouth.

Joel couldn’t have stopped crawling up and positioning his hard cock at her tight hole. He could feel the way her vaginal sphincter clutched and released as he started to enter her tight body. This was the most incredible sex he had ever enjoyed. His brain was as engaged as his body, and the lightheaded feelings drove him on.

He could feel his cock stretching her wider and kept himself at a slow pace until he could go no further inside of her wet, clutching pussy. “God, the feeling of her surrounding my cock is un-fucking-believable.”

Joel moved his hips slightly, pushing that last inch or so inside, and her hips lifted his pelvis with them, slamming him the rest of the way. “Oh geez, yes, baby, like that. Do you want it hard and deep? Or soft and slow? Your pussy is squeezing the life out of my cock, and I need to move to make it good for you.”

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