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Nothing to Lose (MF)

Blackhawk Brothers

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 50,562
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Galynn Taylor is running from a violent domestic relationship. Injured, she makes her way across the country. When she decides to walk to the next town to throw off the pursuit, a storm catches her and she collapses on the side of the road. Freezing, hurt, and not sure how much farther it is to the next town, she is ready to give up. Cooper Blackhawk finds her and, after getting her treatment, takes her home.

At first Cooper is in protective mode, but all too soon that grows into something more. The attraction is mutual. He wants more, but Galynn is terrified that Mick will find her and hurt Cooper or his family in trying to get to her. She can’t risk that and runs again. This time she leaves her heart, but unknowingly keeps a part of Cooper with the baby she carries.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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While I felt there were some weak spots in this book there were also some truly touching ones as well. At one point I was crying so hard I couldn't see the page, and I am not a cryer. Definately worth...

- booboo

Great book, cant wait for Grant's story. These brothers all are hot


Professional Reviews
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4.5 STARS: "In Nothing to Lose Ms. Dee drops her reader straight into the center of a pending tragedy and keeps the pace going from start to finish. Even her tender moments carried an energy that gripped this reader. It's well known that the quest for survival will sustain a person way beyond their normal capabilities and the author uses this to good effect on more than one occasion. The pace and style of writing switches from fast and furious through sweet, sensual to spicy with a fluency and visual impact that drew me in. I read this through in one sitting; the author pulled me in and had me rooting for both her main characters. While every romance is about emotions, Ms. Dee’s presentation of Cooper’s emotions when Galynn keeps her promise to let him know when she's leaving is awesome. I appreciated the manner in which the author includes background information, thus breaking up the tension. While the bad guy was thoroughly bad, Ms. Dee’s conclusion and resolution to the conflict was both unexpected and liberating. I found Ms. Dee’s writing fluent and enjoyable and she is an author now on my ‘watch-for’ list." -- Fennel, Long and Short Reviews

4 STARS: "Domestic violence is something that happens way too often and no woman or man should suffer through it. Galynn Taylor knows she must get away from Mick or else he will kill her, so her solution is to run. Galynn Taylor does her best to flee as far as she can from Atlanta but comes to a stop in a small town in Montana. She believes she can walk to the next town but the weather changes and she finds herself in a difficult situation. She is rescued by a handsome man that takes her to the clinic and gets her taken care of. Galynn finds herself in his home and she starts having these feelings that should scare her. As time passes, she finds herself falling in love with him and feels safe. But when reality hits that she should move on, she is heartbroken but knows that she can't put his family in danger, especially him. Can she lose her fear and face the man that put that terror in life and actually be happy with the man she loves and their child? Cooper Blackhawk is a handsome young man that seems to take strays home and cares for them. When he rescues a collapsed woman on the side of the road he does what he can for her. From the moment he saw her, there was something there but as more time passes he knows that he is falling in love but he knows that she will leave soon. He gets her to work at his office filling his paperwork for his construction business. He knows the day that she leaves she will take his heart with her. Cooper tries to change her mind in leaving letting her know that he will protect her but he finds himself taking her to the bus station and watches her leave. Can he somehow solve the problem of the abusive husband especially after he finds out that she has been alone and pregnant? I was charmed with this book; it had me hooked. I found myself crying because I felt for the characters and the situation that they were in. I loved Ms. Dee's writing style and characters that bring out reader emotions whether they are positive or negative. I also fell in love with Cooper's brother Grant as he was there to help when Galynn left. He did not leave him alone and tried to do whatever possible to ease his pain. I look forward to reading the next book to this series. If you enjoy a truly romantic story, one where you can find yourself losing yourself in the read, then this book is for you." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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The news was repeating itself by the time they’d finished their meal. Cooper already had second thoughts about her working in the office with him. There was a physical attraction between them that he wasn’t comfortable with. Though he had to admit he sort of liked it. He went out and poured a couple of cups of coffee and brought them back to the living room. “Here’s some fortification before we tackle that wound on your back. I’ll try to be as gentle as possible.” He’d brought the sack from the drugstore in with him and dug in it, pulling out a pair of furry slippers. “I should have given these to you when I first got in, but I forgot. Your feet have to be cold with only those socks to keep them warm.”

They were a pastel green. Galynn ran her hands over them and held them against her face. “They’re perfect and so soft. Thank you! Let me pay you for them.”

“No way, they weren’t all that much, just ones in the drugstore.”

“They’re priceless to me.” Her voice was little more than a whisper.

What had her life been like? How long had she been with the guy that had done this to her? He wanted to ask her questions but held them back. Instead, he got up and motioned toward the kitchen. “We need to tend to your back. Probably be easier in the master bath, but if you’re more comfortable in the kitchen, we can do it there.”

“No, the bath’s fine.”

Coop grabbed one of the kitchen chairs, the sack his brother had given him, and the one he’d brought in tonight. Handing the sacks to Galynn, he led the way into the bathroom.

“If you straddle the chair and face the back, it will give me a clearer view and it will give you something to hang on to.” As an almost afterthought, he said, “Oh, and pull your sweatshirt off. You can hold it in front of you.”

Galynn’s hands shook as she did what he instructed. He turned his back to lay the bandages and ointment out and give her some privacy. When he turned back, he sucked in his breath at the sight of the bruises that literally covered her. They were in different phases of healing, attested to by the yellow, green, and dark blue colors. He fought for control as overwhelming anger swept over him.

Galynn closed her eyes. When she opened them, she met his gaze in the mirror over the bathroom sink. A flush suffused her face, and she quickly ducked her head. Cooper didn’t know where to put his hands. There wasn’t an inch that wasn’t covered in a bruise. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” He tried to curb his anger and temper his voice so it didn’t sound so harsh. When she flinched, he took her upper arms, and, careful not to make her lose her hold on the shirt she clutched in front of her, he pulled her up against his hard chest. Gently, he kissed her hair. Softening his voice, he whispered, repeating what he’d just said. “You have absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about. Not with me.” Again his gaze met hers in the mirror. This time, he was the first to look away.

Instant desire flooded through him. He wanted to turn her around so she was facing him. It was torture to be so close and yet not close enough. He needed to get control. Reluctantly, he moved back and reached for the bandage covering the wound. Trying to lighten the emotions whirling over him, he said, “Hold on, honey, this may hurt.” His hand trembled, and it wasn’t all with the effort of dressing the wound. 

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