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One to Keep (MF)

Nights in Bliss, Colorado

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 89,390
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[#361 Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Stefan Talbot let Jennifer Waters run from him once. He knew she was far too young for him, but he kept a watchful eye on her, protecting her from afar. When she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Stef knows the time has come to get close again.

Jennifer ran from Bliss only to find herself in hot water in Dallas. She’s longed to return to Bliss, but not in handcuffs. The only thing she longs for more than her mountain home is the man she ran from—Stef Talbot.

In the middle of the Winter Festival, Stef and Jen find themselves fighting for their love and their lives because danger has followed them back to Bliss.


A Siren Erotic Romance

Sophie Oak is a Siren-exclusive author.


NOTE! Each book in the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series is complete with a happy ending for each respective romance. Any of the books in this series can be read in any order.

User Reviews
Highly recommend this book and series.

- Jenn

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Sophie Oak consistently dazzles me with her steamy romances that have amazingly engaging plots and characters that you invest in. She has raised the bar for me in what I look for in a great erotic romance. I have been waiting for Stefan and Jennifer's story since THREE TO RIDE, and I was so not disappointed. With sizzling hot sex scenes, some memorable funny dialogue, and fantastic characters that I've grown to love and look forward to reading about, ONE TO KEEP was another phenomenal visit back to Bliss, Colorado. This is the third installment of the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series, and while you don't have to read the other books to understand this one, you really will be missing out on a great series if you don't read them all. Stefan Talbot is the Dom of Doms in Bliss, Colorado. But he's scared of little Jennifer Waters. So scared that he let her run away from him after a disastrous sexual encounter. That was six months ago, and now she's found herself in a heap of trouble. He knows that he should stay away from her--she's only 23 and he's 32, but he just can't help it. He gets her out of jail and brings her back to Bliss...with him...where she belongs. But Stef and Jennifer don't realize that her trouble has followed them back to Bliss, and if they can't come to terms with their relationship soon, it may be too late. YES! I finally got to see Stef and Jen, and they were just as electric and explosive as I thought they would be. The way they have been circling each other during the whole series was like the longest, most tortuous foreplay ever. But the end result was totally worth it. Jennifer, who really thought that she wasn't enough for Stefan grew into the woman who was strong enough to be his match and his sub. And Stefan was just so delicious when he most vulnerable--when he let go and forgot about the rules of Dom and sub. I loved how flawed he was in his thinking about himself, his place in Bliss, and most of all, his parents. He figured out how wrong he had been about all of those things, and made himself the man that Jennifer deserved and had always known he could be. The sex was so YUMMY! It was very sensual and erotic. Stef and Jen really burned up the pages. We got hints of just how delectable they would be in previous books, but watching it all unfold was better than I imagined. I can tell you for one thing, that I will NEVER be able to look a paper clip the same way again. LOL Stef is a Dom so there was a lot of BDSM elements in the book--Dominance, submission, some spanking, and bondage but it was light. Now, besides our main characters, I have to say that the people of Bliss are some of my favorite characters in any book. They are so quirky! We've got Mel, who believes in aliens, Logan the sheriff's deputy who falls asleep on the job all the time, and don't forget the nudists, and the list goes on and on. Every time I read a book in the series, I can't wait to find out what the citizens of Bliss are up to. The plot was fast-paced with lots of action and suspense. There was also a ton of great dialogue and one-liners that had me laughing out loud. For example, Jen was thinking about Stef having BDSM equipment in his town office, and she says "Stef just liked to be perverse in a lot of different places". And when Stef's father found a butt plug in Stef's playroom, he called the situation "Anal Plug Armageddon". How great is that? So, what more is there to say? Sophie Oak has done it again! Another 5-star read from the author who is an automatic buy for me. ONE TO KEEP has it all, great story, steamy sex, witty and funny dialogue, and fantastic characters. If you haven't been to Bliss, I must ask, what in the heck are you waiting for? You are really missing out!" -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Ahhh, Sophie Oak! You have once again created characters that reach through the pages and grab the reader making them want to know more and more before they can stop reading! Stef and Jennifer were first introduced in Three to Ride, this is their story and it was definitely worth the wait. While Jenn might be young, her character has matured and knows just what she wants, has always wanted and that is Stef, rich artist, rough dominant. Circumstances dragged these two back together and it will take even more exciting adventures to keep them that way. Ms. Oak’s vibrant characters are full of emotions and readers will be delighted to know that through these characters thoughts and actions, you will think you have known them in real life for years. Be prepared to laugh, groan, and cheer them on as they embark on the age old dance of love with powerful, exciting sex scenes. There are several BDSM scenes but these are not over the top and are in keeping with the very deep character of Stef. Once again, Ms. Oak has managed to develop an interesting, complex plot while developing a couple that leaves the reader wanting to read more about." --Susan, Dark Divas Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Stefan Talbot is rugged, dashing, sexy as the day is long, and just about as closed off to love as a steel safe. Jennifer Waters has loved him for months and even after he tells her she is too young to really know what she wants, is determined to hang on for the ride of her life. Ms. Oak's powerful description of two lovers caught in the timeless story of love, is enrapturing, beautiful, and gripping. The reader is treated to truly being embedded in the thought processes of both Stefan and Jennifer and glides through their lives as if it were her own. Stefan is arrogant, stubborn, and understandably tight fisted about his emotions. Jennifer is as equally determined to break through the barriers around his heart to prove her love for him. Their love is palpable and is brought to life through amazingly descriptive writing and a plot that makes you cheer, cry, and laugh out loud. The writing is that powerful and the characters make you demand more from this amazingly talented author. Don't be put off by the BDSM elements. They are very tame and actually bring an erotic quality to these characters that is oh so fitting. This third story of the Nights in Bliss, Colorado trilogy does not need to be read after the first two, but trust me when I tell you that you will want to get your hands on every one of her books." -- Susie Q., The Romance Studio

5 CHERRIES: "Jennifer Waters left the only town that ever felt like home to escape the one man who would forever be the master of her heart. What else was she to do when Stefan Talbot tramples on her declaration of love? Stefan is always in control of everything...or so he believes. All it takes is one not so obedient sub being in the right place at the wrong time to bring his otherwise well-ordered life to its proverbial knees. In the third edition in the Nights in Bliss series readers are treated to finally getting to know the reclusive and dominant Stefan Talbot. If you’ve ever read Ms. Oaks Siren books you know she has a way with creating the most deliciously dominant men. Her Doms make even the most inexperienced and “vanilla" of us want to dabble in the lifestyle. Be aware though Ms. Oak's Doms accept no “dabblers”. Stefan is no exception until his heart becomes involved. Ms. Oak slowly unveils the layers of Stef’s life as this incredible story unfolds. We are given intuitive insight into Jennifer’s nomadic childhood as well. Ms. Oak’s ability to draw on the readers emotions and have them fully invested in a story and its characters is only one of the reasons she has a large and ever growing fan base. Readers first met Stefan and Jen as well as the quirky yet lovable citizens of Bliss, CO in Three to Ride. If we’ve learned anything about this fantastical mountain haven she created we know that when danger lurks the townsfolk ban together. Also, there’s a good chance someone’s going to die. As you can see, this not a fluffy love story with no substance to the plot. Without spoiling a nice surprise, be sure to pay special attention to who all you meet in chapter one. That’s all I can say about that. Except…Read The Book!! One to Keep is part of a series but it can be read as a stand-alone. If you do happen to read them out order don’t be surprised when you find yourself running back and pick up the other books. Yes, the stories are just that entertaining and engaging. I’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating, Ms. Oak is more than a writer, she’s a storyteller. Pick up your copy of One to Keep today and you’ll be saying…'So, how do I get to Bliss?'" -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

"Stefan Talbot is a master of control. It’s usually his way or else. There is only one person that doesn’t kiss his feet: Jennifer Waters. He managed to run her off months ago but he’s been keeping tabs on her. When he discovers she’s run into some trouble it is King Stefan to the rescue. It’s time for Jennifer to come home to Bliss where she belongs. Jennifer Waters has been in love with Stefan since practically the first day she met him. However, it seems that nothing she can do will make him realize he feels the same about her. He pushed her too far before and she ran off but now he’s back in her life to bail her out. Second chances don’t come around too often. Can she convince Stefan they are made for each other or will the people hunting her kill her before she has a chance? I am a huge fan of the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series and One to Keep does not disappoint! I have been waiting for Stefan’s story since book one and One to Keep is perfect! One to Keep is laugh out loud funny, sinfully sexy and sweet as homemade apple pie. I was thrilled to get to see all my favorite citizens of Bliss again and catch up with their current lives. I am also excited about the new additions to the city! I’ve always known Stefan was a wounded man. His past still lingers in his present affecting his everyday life. I love Stefan and Jennifer together!!! These two sizzle but they also pack a wallop of an emotional punch. There are parts where I felt like my heart was being yanked apart. The suspenseful part of this story rocks as well. I am even more addicted to this little town and all of the eccentric people living there after reading One to Keep! Sophie Oak has a jewel of a series here; these books are amazing. I will be eagerly awaiting my next trip to Bliss." -- Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed

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Stef pressed a well-lubed finger into her anus. She groaned. The rosette of her asshole clenched around his finger.

“Relax. Don’t try to keep me out. I won’t let that happen.” He pushed a second finger in. She groaned as he stretched her. The deep sound made Stef groan a little, too. “This is mine. Say it.”

“It’s yours, Stef.”

“Your body is mine.” The possessive words rolled off his tongue. They felt right, just like she felt right. She was his, every inch of her. “Your mouth, your breasts, your pussy, they’re all mine. What else is mine?”

“Everything, Stef.” She didn’t hesitate. Her green eyes were clear as she looked at him in the mirror. The chain dangled under her breasts. “I am yours.”

He lined his cock up to her asshole. “You’re mine.”

He pressed in, every inch an outrageous pleasure. She was tight around his cock, fighting to keep him out, but he gently pushed forward. He would win this little war. He would have her because she belonged to him. She would surrender everything to him. He gripped her hips and drove in with ruthless precision.

“Oh, Stef, oh. It burns. You’re so much bigger than the plug.”

In the mirror, her face was tight with obvious discomfort. He smoothed his hands over her back. “Poor baby. Is my nasty cock splitting your little asshole?”

“Yes.” Her eyes flashed fire, and she hissed through clenched teeth.

She didn’t look so submissive now, he thought with a chuckle. This was how it should be. He should earn her submission. He should bind her to him by taking care of her needs and wrapping her in love and pleasure. “Give it a minute. Let your body adjust, love. You were made for me. You can take me.”

She lowered her head and leaned forward, flattening her back to push against him. It was just the traction he needed. With a low groan, he pushed his way in past her resistant muscles into the hot, tight clasp of her ass.

He held himself there, reveling in the feel of being balls-deep inside her.

“Are you going to get this over with?”

His hands tightened in warning on her hips. “Don’t push me, love. I’m enjoying this, and in a moment, you will, too.”

“I doubt that.”

He pulled back just a bit, with exquisite care. He watched as her muscles relaxed. He knew from having it described to him that this was the good part.

“Oh.” Jen’s breath came out in short, sharp pants.

“Tell me how it feels.” He wanted to hear it from her lips. He inched out again.

“It’s so…I don’t know, but it’s amazing. Do it again.” Her hands clenched, clutching the comforter in her fingers. She pushed her ass toward him as though trying to tempt him to stay inside.

“Your wish, love.” He thrust into her, a savage need taking over.

Her head fell forward, and she began to rock back against him as he thrust in and out. Stef alternated between watching the mirror and staring at the gorgeous sight of Jen’s ass taking his cock over and over again.

Stef drove forward, pulling her back so she took his full length. He watched her in the mirror. Their eyes connected as their bodies pounded together.

“I love you.” She mouthed the words to him.

He loved her, too. So much. She was the other half of his soul, certainly the better part of him. She might never know how much he loved her, how much he was willing to sacrifice for her. She deserved more than he could give her. Even as he made love to her, he saw himself completely dominating her. He wanted to be the center of her universe. He wanted her main goal in life to be pleasing him. If she stayed, he would get her pregnant as soon as possible. He wouldn’t be able to help himself. She wouldn’t leave Bliss, wouldn’t see the world, wouldn’t become the woman she could be. She would be his wife, his submissive, his precious possession. How could he do that to her?

He slid his hand down to her clit. At least he could give her this. He slipped a finger onto her clit and started rubbing in perfect circles, the movement timed to his fucking. His finger and his dick worked in perfect precision. He couldn’t keep her, but he could have a few weeks of joy. He could hold her and love her while she was here. He could please her and care for her so much that one day she might come back to him.

Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. Jen’s mouth came open, and she came on a low wail. He met her stare in the mirror, trying to memorize the experience. His balls squeezed up, lighting a fire in his body as he fucked her. It would be so lonely without her, but he wouldn’t cheat on her. That’s what it would be. She was his soul’s mate, and the least he could give her was his fidelity.

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