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Playing the Field (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 34,605
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[Siren LoveXtreme: Erotic Contemporary Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, M/F/M/M, Consensual BDSM]

When Tess Proffit was asked to run a series of team building exercises for a promising group of professional football players, she never imagined how sexy, sweet or obnoxious they would turn out to be. Keeping things professional will be tough, as each man ignites her desires in different ways.

Curt, Mike, Kevin, Marcus and Randy don’t want to spend their off season on a secluded ranch working on team building, though they don’t mind spending time with the lovely Tess. When a bet between the men goes awry and Tess is hurt, they’ll have to become a team to win her back.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Sophie Oak and Chloe Lang are both skilled authors with impressive publishing portfolios. In this colaboration they have given readers a story that is based in contemporary sports as the owner of a N...

- Dr. J

Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "Ms. Oak and Ms. Lang certainly scored a touchdown with this novel. I thought the way the men were described gave them individuality and helped keep this spicy read going from the first page. Playing the Field not only has extremely sultry scenes, it has a plotline that is justifiable which you do not always get when reading erotica. The emotional boundaries that this story entailed gave me a feeling as if I could personally relate to each character. This is one smoking hot book that I perused with great relish." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

4 CHERRIES: "Motivational author Tess Proffit is holding five gorgeous football players hostage until they can start acting like a team again. She never figured on them using her team building skills against her to seduce her into letting them leave. They were unprepared to feel more than lust for the beautiful blond that held their bonuses and their futures in her very capable hands. Okay, she isn’t actually holding the men hostage but she does have the final say on them either getting or giving up a million dollar bonus for participating in her off season team building classes. Bandit’s teammates Curt, Kevin, Mike, Randy and Marcus could care less about working together until their common goal is centered on a single name: Tess. Ms. Oak and Ms. Lang have stepped outside the “ménage playbook” and done something a little different with their group of characters, yet still gave them a happily ever after. What they've done is not often seen and hard to pull off without leaving one or more characters essentially flailing or rendered un-necessary to the story. I won’t tell you more except to say that it works beautifully. Ms. Oak has an incredible voice for writing ménage relationships that make the reader want to consider the merits of that untraditional lifestyle. In Playing The Field, Ms. Oak teams up with up and coming LoveXtreme writer, Chloe Lang. I’m already a fangirl of Ms. Lang’s Wilde, Nevada series so the opportunity to read a collaboration of two of my favorite writers was one that I could not pass up. They do a super job of building the story and the characters. You understand Tess’s motivation for helping the men succeed as well as their trials that brought them to this point in their lives. If you’re already a fan of Ms. Oak's Siren or Bliss series I know I won’t have to do much to convince you to give Playing The Field a try. While this is a dual writer book you can easily read her personal touches on the story. Ms. Land likewise is a terrific writer. I know you’ll enjoy the easy dialogue, the creative chemistry and the hot BDSM scenes that you come to expect from a Sophie Oak book. Pick up a copy today. You’ll be glad you did." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "Totally sexy. All out fun. These five football stars have me searching for my pom poms to cheer, "Go Team, go!" Trust me, this is one lockeroom lineup you don't want to miss. Have mercy, these boys know how to 'play'. *wink wink* This was a co-written story by one of our favorite authors, Sophie Oak, and her gal-pal Chloe Lang. It's a little different from Ms Oak's other works. Not only does it feature football players, it is a little more surface than is typically her style. To be honest I've heard it described as a boinkfest, and frankly, yup, it is. The team owner is at his wits' end. The team looks great until they make it to playoffs each year and his five prize players fall apart. With everything to gain, he hires therapist Tess Proffit to do some team building activities on his private ranch during the off-season with his super stars. Curt, Mike, Kevin, Marcus and Randy are happy to take the one million dollar bonus pay for attending this little exercise until they realize Tess plans on the five of them baring their souls and actually doing some real bonding. Not so much. Where there is a will there is a way, and this determined therapist is willing to sacrifice her very own body to the team if that's what it takes for these five starting players to learn to work together. And heck, if it's working towards her pleasure… I am giving her a high five and telling her to go for it. I'm all about character development. It is really tough to get into the hottest smut scene if you don't have anything invested in the characters. Well, it is for me at least. I like to know and care about my characters and celebrate their happiness and connections. The really cool thing here is that the one-on-one therapy sessions allow us to discover some really tender and compelling qualities about each of the men. When I learned a bit about why they put so much pressure on themselves, I cared and wanted those boys to find some happiness and that made the dungeon play that much more erotic. This one is on the shorter side, and I am thinking that the next time one of these snowstorms knocks the power out for a bit, just whip our your e-reader and warm yourself up. It only goes from hot to hotter with five gorgeous football players at your mercy. Enjoy!" -- Michelle R, The Romance Reviews




Marcus’s tongue came out and slid through her soaked pussy. Tess cried at the exquisite feel. His talented tongue danced through her juicy cunt while his friend sucked on her nipples. Randy played and laved at her nipple and pinched the one he wasn’t sucking. Tess closed her eyes and rode the wave of sensation. Suddenly, she felt suction on both breasts. She looked down, and Kevin had one nipple in his mouth, while Randy suckled the other. Each tug of their lips pulled her closer to climax. She tugged at the chains, wanting to hold their heads close. She felt Mike move in behind her. His hands parted the cheeks of her ass.

“Look at that. This is pretty. Do you know what I’m going to do to this little asshole?”

Oh, she had a pretty good idea. “Please.” She couldn’t help the plea now. She was caught by them, and there was no way out. She had to come. She wanted to do it with a cock inside her.

“Oh, no. Not until you give in,” Mike said. “Until then, you get nothing. Gentlemen, she’s too close. Step back.”

Tess screamed her frustration as all of them eased away. Angry tears filled her eyes. She was primed and ready to come. How could they swear that they cared about her and leave her in this state? “Get me out of here. I’ll take care of myself.”

“Oh, is the torture proving painful?” Curt’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

Tess wanted to strangle him. He sat there looking perfectly comfortable. His large hand stroked up and down his cock as though he could do it all day and never break a sweat. She was crazy with lust, and he simply watched.

“If you want to come, babe, all you have to do is give us what we want,” Kevin promised.

She could do that. Well, part of it anyway. It was ridiculous to lie when her body so plainly told the truth. “You want me to tell you I want you? Fine. I want you. I think I’ve made that perfectly plain.”

“No, that isn’t what we want.” Curt stood and came in close. “We want more than that, and you know it. I know you love me, princess. Why won’t you say it?”

She shook her head. She wouldn’t give him that power. “You can’t know it, and I don’t believe you.”

“You don’t believe me? I’m trying to prove it to you. Do you believe me to be a possessive man?”

“Yes.” She knew he was.

“And yet I’m willing to share you like this. Ask yourself why I’d be more willing to give you an apology in the form of pleasure than keep you all to myself. I’m putting your desires above my own, because you are my whole world, princess.” He turned to Marcus and Randy. “Take her. Give her what she needs.”

“Hell, yeah,” Marcus exclaimed. He reached over to the small table to the side and grabbed a couple of condoms and some lubricant. He moved to her back while Randy gripped her hips. Anticipation hummed through her even as she stared at Curt.

“I love you, princess. I love you enough to let other men have you because you need to know how amazing you are.”

Mike took a place at Curt’s side. “I love you, too, querida. I love you enough to share, enough to risk everything.”

“I don’t mind sharing, babe. In fact, I prefer it,” Kevin said. “But I love you. I won’t be happy without you.”

Randy leaned forward. He smiled at her. “I am happy to be here with you, Tess. I want to say that I’m sorry for not telling you about the plan. Come on, Tess, let us rock your world.”

Tess heard the sound of a condom opening and felt Marcus split the cheeks of her ass as he lubed her anus with a gentle touch. Randy slipped a condom on, as well. He leaned in and kissed her tenderly, his lips rubbing softly against hers. She tensed slightly as she felt Marcus’s cock pressing against her asshole.

“It’s all right, Tess. Let us in. We want you so bad.” Randy caressed her breasts. His dark skin was beautiful against her pale flesh. She watched his hands, utterly fascinated at the contrast between them.

“You’re beautiful together,” Curt said. “Come on, princess, give us a show.”

“Enjoy this one, querida.” Mike’s accent seemed to deepen with the level of his arousal. His long, thick cock stood straight up. “After this, you’ll serve us.”

“And we won’t go easy on you, babe.” Kevin grinned as he stroked his cock.

The three of them stared at her as Marcus pressed against her anus, trying to work his dick into her ass. They watched as Randy pulled at her nipples and teased her pussy with his dark cock. What she saw was desire in their eyes, and something more, something warm and infinitely comforting. These three men loved her. It was crazy and unbelievable, but if there was even a chance that she could be happy, that her heart could be filled every day with the love she felt now, she would be a fool not to take the chance.

Her men wanted a show? She could give them a show.

“Fuck me,” Tess demanded.

“Damn, straight,” Randy replied as he shoved his cock into her pussy.

Tess groaned at the feel of that big dick in her cunt. Randy’s hands moved around her hips to cup the cheeks of her ass. He spread her wide.

“Oh, yeah, that’s what I need. She’s so tight.” Marcus groaned behind her, and he pushed in.

Tess felt the burn as his cock popped past her anal ring. She groaned.

Curt’s eyes were dark as he watched them. “That’s right. We want our little sex toy to groan and whimper.”

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