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Predator (MMM)

Project Zed

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 65,200
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After months of being in a coma, Parker awakens chained to a hospital bed, his skin scarred and raw. He's barely able to look at his own image in a mirror, his body left in a painful ruin by something others call a gift. Parker has no plans to remain in Bear Mountain or help a bunch of freaks win some war he has no part in.

But there's not much left for him to go home to. With the help of Samuel, he finally realizes the safest place for him is right where he is… and there's no reason not to try to learn a little control while he's there… before he burns himself alive.

That control is put to the test as two shifters come into his life. One is quiet and persistent. The other is wild and chaotic. He craves their touch, but refuses it. Now locked in a scarred body, he's no longer the pretty party boy he'd been before a bolt of lightning carried him to Bear Mountain.

Who would want someone like him, disfigured by the very lightning contained within him?

Confronted with monsters and magic, he has to come to terms with who he is now, learn to accept the image in the mirror, and face a future he'd never have imagined in a million years.

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Head over heels…

Barrett opened his eyes, completely disoriented. Above him was open sky. He drew in a breath, his lungs aching. His back was on the cold ground for some reason and he hurt… all over. He felt like he'd been hit by a speeding Mac truck.

Rhett's face moved into frame above. "You okay, man?"

Barrett frowned, unsure how he made it on the ground.

And then he remembered the electric bolt that had slammed into him. Groaning as he sat up with a little assistance from Rhett, and then saw medics rushing his way.

"I'm okay," he said, lifting a hand.

Not far away, he saw a couple of medics hovering over someone else. The source of that bolt.

"What the hell hit me?" Barrett asked Rhett.

"Who. Not what. It was that new elemental. The lightning one," Rhett said, helping Barrett to his feet. "Looks like he bore the brunt of it, though."

Barrett frowned and took a few steps forward, the scent of burning flesh and something else mingled in his nose.

"Get him inside," one of the doctors roared as he rushed outside.

The medics lifted the guy on a stretcher and carried him past Barrett. Another whiff of something… hit Barrett's nose. Sweet? No… it was more than that. Spicy… masculine… warm.

Barrett inhaled, his body growing aroused. Tingles like little explosions coursed through him… and namely in one spot in particular.

A shiver raced down his spine, an uncompromising need taking hold.


Barrett froze, the single word echoing in his mind and making nothing else important.


He stared at the man being treated on the ground, concern growing.

Oh shit…

Barrett's heart began to beat a staccato, his hands shaking at his sides. Mouth dry, he battled back the need. His gaze followed the scarred and burned human inside. Barrett's feet moved before the thought hit to follow them even entered his brain.

He's going to be okay.

He has to be.

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