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Prince of Passion (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 38,976
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA]

Prince Savanne of Casmir, a dark, handsome, mysterious man, shows up on Val Kingsley’s doorstep with an astonishing tale of abduction, danger, and thrones in a parallel world of fairy tales. Val’s well-ordered life doesn’t include strange characters except those in the novels he writes, and he doesn’t believe this absurd tale of whimsy.

Finally, after getting their differences straightened out, they can’t deny their attraction to each other, and wind up in bed together. Later the prince finds the elusive doorway back to his world, and the two men begin the harrowing journey back to the land of make-believe where they engage in a battle against an evil queen and a mad magician.

Will this bizarre adult fairy tale have a happily-ever-after ending, or will it break all the rules and go down in defeat from an evil that is too strong, a magic too powerful, and a love that is caught in between?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Kelly Conrad is a Siren-exclusive author.




“So who are you, and where do you come from?” Val asked.

“I…” He hesitated. “I can’t seem to remember,” the stranger said.

Val didn’t want to question him, so he watched him for a moment. The man moved like a predator as he sat up on the side of the bed, his long hair hanging down past his shoulders, and a light beard shadowing his face. Val discerned a mysterious aura that seemed to surround the man. His eyes were unsettled, almost animal-like as they continued to shift around. “So, what happened?” Val asked. “Were you being chased? Do you know who shot you? Did you lose your way in the dark?”

The man looked back at Val, his gaze dark and defensive, but he said nothing.

“Okay, look, do you have any identification on you?”

The man began feeling around on himself, digging in one pocket and then another until he suddenly seemed to remember something, reached up to his neck, and found a chain. He pulled it out, and on the end was a medallion with a crown trapped inside a thicket of briars and two swirling initials, SC. “Now I remember. I am Savanne.”

Val took it out of his hands and looked at it. “How do you get Savanne from this?”

“It’s my identification.”

“A crown and briars?”

“This medallion was given to me at my birth. My mother slipped it around my neck the moment I was born, and I’ve been wearing it ever since.”

“The briars. They look as if they are trying to overcome the crown. What does it mean?”

“It is a prophetic message, but I’m not sure what it means. The SC means Savanne of Casmir.”

“It seems odd that you would remember that, but you don’t remember anything else.”

“Ever since I found myself here, in this…world, my memory comes and goes. But I do know about the medallion. I mean, Cinderella had her glass slipper, Snow White had her poisoned apple, and I…I have this.”

Val looked down at the medallion he was holding, and then up at the stranger. “I don’t understand. These were people in fairy tales. What do they have to do with you?”

“I don’t know what they were to you, but to me they were people that lived in my world.”

“And your world is…?”


“Casmir,” Val repeated. “That sounds like an Indian name. What part of India are you from?”

“I do not know this…India as you call it. I come from Casmir. It is part of the Sinio Islands in the Unknown Ocean at the End of the World.”

Val just looked at the stranger, wondering if he was off his rocker. “Whatever,” Val finally mumbled.

“But it’s true. All of it.”

“Yes, well, good to know you…Savanne. As I said earlier, I’m Val Kingsley.”

“I heard you,” Savanne said grimly.

“By the way…the crown there. Does that mean you’re royalty?”

“I was…am. A prince and heir to the throne.”

As Val’s eyes raked over his body, he could almost see beyond his ragged clothes to a garment that included crowns, sashes, and buckles. With this thought still in mind, he looked at Savanne, and with a curious gleam in his eyes, he asked, “So, where is your kingdom…Savanne? Where do you reign? Is it this…Casmir you mentioned?”

“Yes,” Savanne said shortly.

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“And I had never heard of your world until…”

“You keep calling this place a…world. What the hell are you talking about?”

“You think I’m lying?”

“I don’t know, damn it. But I’ve lived in this country all my life and have even traveled extensively. If there’s a place called Casmir anywhere on this planet, I’ve never heard of it.”

“Who said it was on this planet?”

“Oh, I see,” Val said sarcastically. “You’re one of those little green men, are you?”

Savanne, clearly insulted, stood up slowly, his face dark and angry. “You will not insult me again,” he whispered threateningly. “Just because I’m a little different from the other people in this…this…world of yours doesn’t mean I’m not as good. I am a prince, and if we were in my world, I could have you flogged within an inch of your life.”

Slowly, Val stood and faced Savanne, their gazes meeting in confrontation. They didn’t blink or look away, but each one followed the other as a silent war was waged between them.

It certainly did seem as if this man had lived his life in command. He walked like royalty, talked like royalty, and had a lofty way about him. Still, for all his confidence and self-assurance he tried to assert, Val could tell that underneath it all he was lost, alone, and afraid. That was when he knew that this man, royalty or not, was just trying to put up a brave front. Hell, maybe he was a king, a prince, or the president of some country he’d never heard of. He was ready to believe he came from a place called Casmir until he began spouting off words like “Unknown Ocean” and “End of the World.” Still, he didn’t seem crazy—or did he? He only knew one thing for certain. Until he knew just what this man’s story really was, one thought lingered in the back of Val’s mind.

Who the hell have I just brought in off my doorstep?




Savanne jumped up and went into a little room, and when he came out he was naked—and shocked. He said nothing, only stood completely still as he stood at the door watching Val.

Val was masturbating. Totally nude, he was leaning back against the plush cushions with his eyes closed, his fingers wrapped around his thick cock while slowly stroking up and down the long, hard length of it. Savanne watched, unable to take his eyes off the most electrifying sight he’d ever seen. It wasn’t just the overwhelming eroticism of the act itself, but the beauty of the man performing it. Savanne had seen Val naked on several occasions, but now he looked so beautiful he could have been a Michelangelo painting. Val’s body was art and music and poetry come to life. The arrangement of skin, muscle, and bone was a prime example of perfect manhood. Looking at him not only made Savanne’s cock ache, but his heart as well. He longed to reach out and touch him, and yet to disturb the flawless beauty of this scene would almost be like intruding upon an artist while he created his masterpiece. Yet this art lived and breathed and moved. Heat burned through Savanne’s veins, and pleasure electrified his body as he watched, the scene producing a husky groan that passed through his parted lips. Savanne continued to watch as Val’s movements became faster, his hand twisting as it stroked, concentrating on the upper half of his cock.

And then, almost without thinking, Savanne began to move toward him, creeping, not wanting to surprise him, but moving gently as he sat on the bed beside him. “Let me,” Savanne whispered, and took his cock and began a hot and frenzied movement. When he saw Val’s response, he leaned over him and kissed Val’s lips, his tongue loving the moist warmth inside.

“Fuck me,” Val whispered. “I’m ready. I tried to wait, but just the plush feel of the bed brought out all of the erotic longings, and I couldn’t wait.”

While still fondling his cock, Savanne pulled Val’s thighs apart, lowered his head, and took the tip in his mouth. While moving his hand slowly up and down Val’s stiff cock, he lavished all his attention on the head at first. His lips, teeth, and tongue sucking, nibbling, and licking until he tasted the tangy sweetness of dribbles of cum in his mouth. With that, he moved up and mounted Val, his cock pressing against his, allowing their cocks to kiss and mingle together and exchange dribbles of semen. While the lubrication spread, he pressed the thick, fat head of his cock against Val’s hole and began to push ever so gently. Each push raised a sensation so strong, he moaned until he broke through, and Val’s hole sucked him in, welcoming him with a tightness that Savanne luxuriated in before he began plunging in and out, causing a melody of moans and groans to rise in the air all about them. By now they were enjoying each other to the fullest. Fucking, kissing, arms and legs tangling together while their cocks enjoyed each other.


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