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Rebel Angel (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 34,957
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, angels, demons, HEA]

During an uprising against Satan, a fallen angel escapes Hell, dives into a vortex, and hurtles toward earth. Now disguised as a mortal man, he meets a handsome jack-of-all-trades, Phenex Webber. Although he tries to resist him, he finds himself watching Phenex and wanting him sexually. He doesn’t know that in reality Phenex is X-Tilla, the most feared of Satan’s assassins, sent all the way from Hell to kill him.

One day, the two of them succumb to the attraction between them and wind up in bed. Knowing Satan will be after them, they look for a place to hide. It’s then that Phenex accidentally stumbles upon the mysterious world of bright colors, costumes, and weird makeup—a world they call Burlesque. Will this world provide the hiding place they’re looking for, or will Satan win this victory when he sends in a secret weapon—from out of the grave?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Kelly Conrad is a Siren-exclusive author.


Story Excerpt


The four winds swirled with fury as The Black Raven traveled in the chariot as fast as the huffing horses would carry him. His eyes bored into the murky mists until he at last was riding the edge of the River Styx. Even here at the edge of Hell, he could hear the tormented cries of those who were trapped in the Lake of Fire. Trying to ignore the horrible sounds, he reined in his horses, took the charm from his pocket, and while standing on a tall rock, he pulled his arm backward, and then with a mighty heave, he threw the charm forward into the black water. Just then Cerberus, the hellhound that guarded the river, began running toward him to attack, but at the moment the charm hit the water, and a snake of magical smoke rose into the air, the hound suddenly stopped, and his growl turned to a whimper.

That was the proof he needed.

With a feeling of relief, he turned and jumped back into the chariot and shot out of there like a bat out of hell. Before long, he saw the vortex in the distance ahead, and with renewed energy, he lashed his horses’ backs and headed toward it as fast as he could.

The demons of Hades fought him with bolts of lightning that lit up the murky darkness. Not letting it slow him down, he surged ahead, getting closer and closer, zooming so fast the chariot could only be discerned as a streak of color to the naked eye. While traveling faster than the wind across the fiery rocks and planes, the chariot sped along the highways and byways of Hell’s most dangerous surfaces, the shimmering vortex getting closer and closer. It sparkled with many colors, and he began to hear the rise and fall of voices coming from the other world. Feeling encouraged, he continued until he looked up ahead and saw something that caused fear such as he’d never known to rise up in him. Firestorms, wind, and thunder began buffeting him about, almost forcing him off the burning path. He tried to slow down to find another path around what he saw, but he was traveling so fast, he couldn’t make a sharp turn without putting himself in danger. He finally realized he could do nothing but face the horror he saw before him, so he bravely lifted his shield against the balls of fire that came to him from every direction while he turned this way and that. Suddenly he noticed that the fireballs were setting small fires in his chariot, so between dodging the fireballs, driving his chariot, and trying to stamp out the flames, he barely managed to stay on the road.

Even though the electrical storm was raging all about him, he heard another chariot behind him and looked back to see X-Tilla’s Chariot of Fire gaining on him. It was an awesome sight. Fire leapt from the wheels of the chariot as it bore down upon him. Inside, he saw the assassin’s dark, mountainous figure at the reins, his ugly, monstrous face determined to overtake him. With desperate fear churning inside him, he yelled to his horses as he cracked a whip over their backsides. “H-a-a-w!” Just then he heard a sizzling sound and discovered that a burning bolt of lightning had struck his chariot. Making a split decision, he dove out of the moving target and discovered that he was almost at the mouth of the portal, but X-Tilla’s blazing chariot was close behind.


* * * *


X-Tilla tugged on the reins with all the strength he had. He was close behind, but when the vortex came into view, he saw The Black Raven had already jumped out of his burning chariot and was running toward it. He quickly reined in his horses, jumped out, and began chasing his enemy on foot.

The Black Raven was several yards from the vortex when he stopped and turned. “It’s too late, X-Tilla. You’ll never take me now. All I have to do is jump in, and I’m gone.”

“You’ll never make it,” X-Tilla growled, lifting his sword for action. “En garde!”

The Black Raven quickly pulled his sword from its sheath and held it up threateningly. “You have me at a disadvantage. I have lost my shield, and my armor is destroyed.”

“You have your wits. Let’s see what you can do with them.”

“Very well,” The Black Raven said as he held the blade of his sword up between his eyes and shouted, “En garde!”

X-Tilla laughed. “This is going to be child’s play.” Moving quickly, X-Tilla came at him with a thrust and parry, forcing The Black Raven to defend himself.

Unafraid, The Black Raven lunged forward into a clash of steel that lasted for several minutes.

X-Tilla finally retreated and jumped upon a rock.

While X-Tilla was getting his bearings, The Black Raven ran toward the vortex until he finally threw his sword down and shouted, “Good-bye, X-Tilla!” With that, he dove into the vortex, and he was gone.

It happened so suddenly that X-Tilla couldn’t believe it. “Oh, my God, he’s escaped!”

But X-Tilla was so determined that The Black Raven would not get away from him, he quickly threw down his shield and sword, ran toward the vortex, and without wasting a moment, he lunged in. The two men swirled around, their bodies taking on the dimensions of normal human beings and their minds being washed clean of Hell, fallen angels, and death as they entered Earth’s third dimension.


Adult Excerpt


He could hear Phenex in the shower, but the sound of running water seemed to go on and on until it wasn’t in the bathroom anymore, but was hitting the window of their bedroom, ushering him into a deep sleep…


Falling water. Steady and constant. Never ending. Ceaseless. Relentless—until he found himself in the bathroom and saw steam swirling throughout. The sound of the running water fell into the background as he felt the warm vapors caress his naked body. Anticipation tingled his skin at the thought of joining Phenex in the shower.

Now, as he paused near the frosted shower door, a light shiver slithered over him. Why did he hesitate? For some reason Adam had begun feeling weird vibes, and knew something was wrong. And then suddenly the shower door opened, and a long arm shot out. He gasped as long, thick fingers grasped the wrist on his right hand, yanking him inside. He looked up, and as hot water instantly pounded his body he got a look at the nightmarish face of X-Tilla! He turned to run, but not before X-Tilla grabbed Adam and slammed him against his naked, stunning physique. When Adam got a good look, he discovered that there was one thing about him that didn’t quite match. His eyes. He found himself captured by the bluest indigo eyes he’d ever seen. He could swear he saw tiny sparkles of crimson flickering in those eyes—like tiny flames of fire. Adam stepped back, but he didn’t try to leave. Instead he let his eyes travel from X-Tilla’s soaked sandy-blond hair and down his taut, wide chest. Adam’s tongue brushed over his lips at the sight of the impressive cock pointing at him. It was much thicker and longer than he expected.

Just as Adam reached for the thick shaft, X-Tilla brushed his hand away and softly demanded, “Give me that ass.”

Adam’s excitement escalated, a strong hope of wild, forbidden sex entering his mind. His lids lowered as X-Tilla brought his lips closer to his and felt a wicked thrill the moment the assassin claimed his lips. When he felt X-Tilla pull his eager mouth away, he lifted his lids just in time to feel X-Tilla’s rough hands grab his shoulders and turn him, making his feet slide on the wet floor as his body swung around. Facing the blue-and-white tile, he leaned his cheek against it. Needing something to hold on to, he rested the palms of his hands on the wall. He could feel X-Tilla’s thick cockhead sliding between his ass cheeks, and his body tensed.

“Come on, Adamas. Relax,” he growled.

He could feel the assassin’s warm breath on the side of his face, and felt a chill dance up his spine. He wanted to, but the tension continued to flow through him, and no matter how hard he tried, relaxation wasn’t working.

“Open up, damn it,” X-Tilla ordered. He waited a short moment, and then finally, he said, “Sorry about this, Adamas, but—”

“Ow!” Adam cried out as the thick erection plowed into him. Tears welled in his eyes when he felt X-Tilla’s cock plunging deeper.

“Oh, yeah. Nice and tight,” X-Tilla said as he pulled his cock back, and then pushed it in hard, and then out again, making their bodies rock in unison.

Adam clenched his teeth tighter from the swift movements, but despite X-Tilla’s forceful actions, he could feel himself enjoying the forbidden moment with sounds that were whispers at first, and then escalated to a level of almost crying out in the hottest joy he’d ever felt.

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