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Reborn as Bree (MFM)

The ShadowDance Club 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 60,832
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, exhibitionism, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

After being kidnapped by terrorists, Sabrina Gillette is rescued by a Navy SEAL she only knows as her Cajun Angel. Jamie Creed can’t forget the battered woman he carried out of hell, even after he hears she died from the injuries she’d sustained. Now, nearly a year later he feels a strange familiarity in the beautiful Bree Hart when she appears at The ShadowDance Club as a guest of the club’s owners.

Jamie and his best friend and former fellow SEAL Ethan Jantz have been looking for a woman to share, and watching their friends find their own women has only made them more anxious. Jamie and Ethan vow to protect Bree from multiple threats, including those from her own family. But will they be able to convince Bree to stay at ShadowDance so they can protect her? And can the two Doms show her the pleasures she seeks are real and within her grasp?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Another great book with the ShadowDance Club gang,

- rhondavb

Another great book for this series. Bree was a surprise but I still loved her story.


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Sitting in the Lamonts’ office, Bree glanced around the room and was astonished to see how many people had made their way inside. She noticed that the only other woman in the room was the pregnant woman they had introduced as Mia Marshall. Ethan had explained that Mia and her husband were both former DEA agents and that Dylan Marshall was now the Climax County Sheriff. Bree had wanted to hide behind Ethan when they’d been introduced, the man was huge. But the minute he smiled his whole demeanor changed and watching him dote on his wife had won Bree over in a matter of minutes.

Alex stepped forward and spoke to her first. “Bree, I see you have noticed that there are quite a number of people in this room. I’m guessing there are more than you had expected. I also want you to notice that Katarina and Jenna were not allowed in since they do not have the appropriate clearance levels for this conversation. Rest assured, everyone here has or recently had a clearance level far above whoever you are working with in your protection program.” She watched as he visibly stiffened then added, “And I use the term ‘protection’ loosely because it took Grayson about ten minutes to find out your identity was created and another thirty minutes until he had your real name.”

Bree’s gaze snapped to the man who had been introduced to her earlier as Mitch when he stepped forward and laid a file folder on the sofa table in front of her. Sitting down, Mitch spoke directly to her and even though she could tell he was a Dom, there seemed to be an underlying compassion in his look and voice. “Bree, this is everything from several different agencies that have or are still tracking you as well as a fairly extensive dossier on your parents.” She knew he had to have heard her gasp, it was humbling how quickly they’d been able to gather information she’d been assured was secure. He refocused her attention when he took her hands in his own before continuing, “Did you know they put a tracking device in you?” It felt like her entire body had suddenly been encased in ice. She started trembling and shaking her head back and forth, even she didn’t know if it was in denial or in answer to the question. “It’s just under the skin on the back of your right shoulder. Do you experience a tingling sensation in that area?”

Stunned that he would know about the tingling she regularly experienced, she nodded then said, “Yes, how did you know about that? Is it in my medical records? The doctors said it was the consequence of some minor nerve damage stemming from the beatings.” When her mind finally caught up, she looked frantically from Mitch to Alex and Zach before turning her gaze to Jamie and Ethan, she needed the reassurance she found in their strength.

“Wait! Did he say a tracking device? Do you mean they know where I am at all times? Oh my God, don’t they have to get my permission to do that?” She felt just like she had the first time she’d been seasick, but this time it was as if she’d just been tossed overboard. Damn, I didn’t even know I was still on the flippin’ boat and now I’m fighting the waves—again. When is this nightmare ever going to end?

Mitch held on to her hand when she’d tried to pull back. “Stay with me here, Bree, we knew about the device when you came through the front gate. We have very sophisticated detection equipment and we’ve been jamming the signal since you got here, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know where you are. They would have had you up until you passed through the main gate.” He gave her hand a squeeze before he placed it in Ethan’s outstretched one before he stood and moved back.

Bree felt like she had fallen through Alice’s looking glass again and suddenly the room felt very hot and things started to spin. She startled when Mitch Grayson was instantly back kneeling in front of her speaking in soft tones, “Breathe with me, sweetie, come on, let’s slow it down.” He gently turned her so she was facing Ethan. “No! Focus on making your breathing match Ethan’s.” She felt Ethan put her hand on his chest. He was giving her a point of focus and she recognized that it was his voice that replaced Mitch’s.




Jamie’s eyes hadn’t left hers from the moment she’d first started explaining how she’d come to be bare and smooth under his tongue but now his cock was demanding its due and the need to explore was just too much to ignore. “Fuck! I have to see it all, chère. Lift your legs. No keep them apart.” Jamie knew Ethan was watching each of her reactions as he lifted her legs and saw that there wasn’t a hair to be found, hell she’d even done her legs. “Unbelievable. Well, I have to say this is a most welcome surprise, sweetness. Your skin is so very beautiful. You look like the angel that my grand-mère kept in her reading room.” Smoothing his hands down and then back up her smooth legs, he exerted just enough pressure to make sure she understood his need for the touch. “She saw you, you know? The last time I was home she told me you were on your way to me. Her gift of ‘the second sight’ has always been particularly accurate when it comes to me. I can hardly wait for you to meet her.”

Jamie knew Bree was trying to track his words but he also knew she was failing in a big way and that was exactly as he’d intended it to be. He had never let his hands stop moving, he was using a technique similar to tantric massage that Doms often used with newbie subs who were having difficulty focusing during their first foray into public scenes. He wanted her so lost in the sensations he and Jantz would be providing that her mind finally let go and just let her body take over. That moment of surrender would be sweet for all three of them.

A true submissive was easy for Jamie to read and Bree’s submission went bone deep. The caretaker portion of her personality and her desire to please those around her were the core of who she was and those were traits usually found in true submissives. “Chère, I want you to keep your eyes open and on mine. I want to look into their depths as I fuck you. No matter what Master Ethan does, I want you to keep your eyes open and on mine, do you understand?” Even though they had already started the scene earlier, he knew she’d hear the shift in his voice from lover to Dom.

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” At her words, her eyelids fluttered open and he was enthralled with the desire he saw reflected in her eyes. Un-fucking-believable—I can’t believe God’s grace—she is an answered prayer.

He quickly rolled on the condom that Ethan handed him and then moved between her thighs and used the tip of his cock to tease her slick pussy lips. When she moaned and started to close her eyes he growled and her eyes opened wide and locked on his. He slid in balls deep and didn’t waste any time setting a fast pace. Just as he felt her nearing the point of no return he rolled to his back, taking her with him. She seemed startled by the move and he knew he’d brought her back from her impending orgasm.

Jamie watched as Ethan laid the lube and a small butt plug on the bed and then spoke close to her ear. “Love, lie down on Master Jamie’s chest. I’m going to start stretching this beautiful ass so that you’ll be able to take us both. You’ll feel a small pinch and a bit of a burn. But I’m going to go very slowly so you won’t be in any real pain, but I want you to remember that you have a safe word. If you use it, everything stops and we discuss things, understand?” She was already lying over Jamie’s chest and he’d banded her tightly to him with one arm while he massaged slow circles over her lower back with his other hand.

Jamie had to hold back his chuckle when she gasped and noted the lube was cold. He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You aren’t going to be cold for long, sweetheart, I promise.” He could feel Ethan’s finger through the thin membrane separating them and was pleased to know he’d been able to breach her tight ring of muscles without her crying out. The plug Ethan had brought to the bed was small enough the hard part was over.

Ethan nodded to him over her shoulder and Jamie immediately started sliding in and out of her sheath and he’d raised her up enough that he was able to see her eyes were glazed with desire. Suddenly she became much tighter and Jamie knew Ethan had begun inserting the plug. Bree’s eyes rolled back and she groaned, lost in the pleasure. Jamie was so overtaken by the sweet sounds she was making and the way her body was responding to his that he couldn’t even correct her for closing her eyes.

“Chère, I want you to let yourself fly, reach for the stars, baby—Come for me.”

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