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Red Clouds Dancing (MFMM)

The ShadowDance Club 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 64,875
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, voyeurism, light flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Layla Lang has landed the job of her dreams. Thanks to her friendship, with Tori Bartell’s recommendation she’s been hired by Alex and Zach Lamont as the new manager of the motel associated with The ShadowDance Club. Layla knows moving from Texas to Colorado is her chance to build a new life.

As a teen Layla witnessed her uncle beat a man to death. Her testimony sent him to prison and cost her everything. Unknown to Layla, he has been released on a technicality and plans on seeking his revenge.

Brothers Cash, Collin, and Clay Red Cloud had almost given up finding a woman to share—until they meet Climax’s newest citizen. The blonde bombshell captivates everyone she meets and she is perfect for each of them despite the wide differences in their personalities and varied preferences in women. Now they just need to keep her safe long enough to convince her.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This is one of my favorites of the ShadowDance Club series. I love that all the people come and go throughout each book. I have everyone of these books and enjoy reading them over and over.

- rhondavb

Loved it!!! Way hot and sensual, this author is so good. I could read a book of her's everyday. I wish she wrote faster!! LOL

- ckkdbollinger

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The drive to Layla’s small apartment hadn’t taken long and when they parked in front of her building, Cash had seen Collin’s eyes darken as he’d taken in his surroundings. She’d sworn it was a typical Friday night in her neighborhood but he still shuddered every time he remembered the events of that evening. Once they’d made their way inside her tiny apartment, Cash had looked around and known she was nearly finished packing for her move. Cash watched as Collin looked around then asked, “How long will it take you to finish packing with our help?”

She’d shrugged her shoulders and then finally admitted it would probably only take an hour or so before she’d asked why they wanted to know. Collin had simply told her to get to work. He and Collin had started moving things to the door. After Layla had moved down the short hallway and into what Cash had assumed was her bedroom, he looked at Collin in silent question. Collin had been much too quiet and Cash was sure his mega-wealthy brother hadn’t been in a neighborhood like Layla’s in years.

Cash had almost laughed out loud when Collin had finally regained enough composure to start swearing under his breath. “I can’t fucking believe our woman lived in this place—a ground floor apartment in this part of the city? Christ, it’s a miracle she survived long enough for you to find her. ” The words had barely left his lips when they’d heard a gunshot from the apartment above. He and Collin had both taken off toward the small room that Layla had disappeared into.

She’d looked up startled by their sudden appearance, but oddly enough hadn’t uttered a sound when the gun had fired above her. “What?” When they had both stared at her in disbelief she seemed to catch on and said, “Oh, that?” pointing to the ceiling. “Never mind that, he used to do it a lot, but I made it clear he can’t shoot at the floor anymore so it’s not a big problem now.” And then she had turned back to the small bag she was filling as if her words had been perfectly reasonable.

Collin had dropped his face in his hands and shaken it back and forth. “Un—fucking—believable. ‘He can’t shoot at the floor anymore’? Are you serious? Christ, almighty. I’ll be in the living room.” Then Collin had turned to Cash. “She’s all yours, big brother. I was going to stop you if you started with her tonight, but not now.” Cash would have laughed at the absurdity of the situation if he hadn’t been so utterly astonished.

Collin had stormed from the room and he’d been left watching as Layla’s baffled expression had quickly transformed into a wall of defense Cash had been sure she was accustomed to calling upon. Deciding that he needed to pull together every bit of tact he could manage if they were going to get her out of there that night, he smiled and purposely softened his tone. “Love, we are concerned for your safety. Let’s get your things together and move them tonight.”

Just as he saw her start to protest he heard a loud knocking on the front door and as she tried to push past him, she’d called out, “Don’t answer that, Collin, please. If you do—” but her words had been too late. Collin had pulled the door open and a very drunk man stood in the doorway wearing boxer shorts, sandals, and nothing else.

“Hey, who are you and where is that chick that lives here? There’s never anybody else here. Oh, there you are, chicka, how’s about a date?” The man’s words had been slurred and his gaze locked on to her chest.

“Jimmy, go back to your wife, you know you aren’t supposed to be here. Don’t make me call her.” Layla stepped forward and shook her finger in the drunk’s face and then she had closed the door with him still standing there. Then she had turned to Collin. “Now, don’t open that door again, you hear me, mister? This happens sometimes and it may happen again before you and Cash get out of here, so just…well, just…don’t.” And then she turned and flounced herself right back into her bedroom.

Cash had watched her walk away and then turned to his brother. “I can’t fucking believe this shit. How on earth has she managed this? And she managed to study in this insane place? Hell, she must have an I.Q. to rival yours. Tori said she had a 4.0 average. How could she do that living in this loony bin?” That had probably only been the second time in their lives he’d actually seen Collin completely speechless, hell, the guy had started talking in full sentences at eighteen months and had barely come up for air since. There had been a small part of Cash that wanted to whip out his phone and video the whole scene because he was sure neither his parents nor Clay were ever going to believe it.

Finally Collin’s mouth had closed and Cash had watched as the man’s brain had come back online. “I have no words—honest to God—there are no words that would tell you what I’m thinking.” And then he had turned and walked back to moving boxes.

There had been two more incidents with knocking at the door before they had managed to get all of Layla’s belongings loaded into his truck. It had taken a long time to load because he’d made Collin stand guard so that nothing was stolen while he moved the boxes and they’d left Layla cooling her heels in the truck’s cab. She hadn’t been pleased by what she termed their “steam-rolling tactics” and he’d assured her she hadn’t begun to see “steam-rolled” yet. He’d known she must have called Tori to complain about how things were working out because he’d gotten a text from Alex Lamont that had simply read: Do what you need to do to keep her safe.




When Collin had positioned her on his lap after telling her exactly how he planned to run his fingers over the wet lips of her labia and fuck her with his fingers right here at the table she’d felt her face heat and had been worried the blasted thing would actually start to glow it felt so hot. Then he’d pulled her back against his chest and parted her thighs with his own and slid his hands up under her skirt. She noticed the other women at their tables sitting in similar positions during the evening and was just now realizing why they’d suddenly gotten quiet for long minutes. Holy fucking moth balls in Memphis, if he’d just slide those fingers a little further forward… When she tried to shift her hips forward he spoke against her ear, “Hold still, sweetness. This is my show, you’ll get your release, but on my timetable, not yours. Now be a good girl and just lean back and let me play a bit.”

Feeling his fingers over the top her lacy thong had been enough to make her completely soak the lace with her cream, but when he pulled the lace aside and they were skin to skin, she barely contained her moan. Watching as Cash and Clay shifted to block the view of her spread legs from the tables surrounding theirs she realized just how incredible it could be having the three of them working together for her pleasure. She was starting to lose herself in the sensations when Collin asked, “Would you like to come, sweetheart?”

All she could do was pant out a quick, “Yes…please.”

“Because you have been such a good girl and you asked so sweetly, I’m going to give you exactly what your body yearns for.” When someone at the next table shouted a greeting to a friend walking by she was brought back to the reality of where they were and she started to struggle to sit up. Knowing she must look wanton she was suddenly self-conscious. “Stop. You are beautiful and you are doing exactly what pleases me. Look at Katarina—look carefully, sweetness. See how she is sitting? Where do you suppose Zach’s cock is at this very moment? I can tell you, it’s buried deep in his wife’s sheath. She doesn’t care who sees because her entire focus is on pleasing him.”

Layla knew she’d let out a small gasp, partly because she could clearly see that he was right, but also because watching the two lovers fuck right in front of their friends was about the hottest thing she’d ever seen. She hadn’t realized she’d spoken out loud until he’d responded, “Yes, it is hot to watch, but while everyone at our table knows what they are doing, she’s being protected from the view of outsiders by Alex and Colt. You’ll soon learn that the Doms at The Club work together to ensure their women’s safety and pleasure. And even though Colt isn’t touching Kat directly, he’s contributing to her pleasure just the same.”

Layla felt herself begin to relax back against his chest once again. Now his words were even more intimate feeling because they were spoken against the sensitive spot just behind her ear. “See how she trusts her Doms? She knows without looking that they are protecting her even while they provide for her pleasure. See how the muscles in her arm are flexing in a rhythmic pattern? Those flexes are in time with her pussy’s contractions, she is milking Zach’s cock with a strength you can be sure is going to bring them both to a breath-stealing release. Watch and you’ll see the depth of their love for each other and their commitment to one another’s pleasure wash over their faces.”

Just as his words moved through her mind, Layla saw Kat’s head fall back against Zach’s shoulder and Alex leaned over and sealed his mouth over hers in what looked like a kiss but Layla knew was to capture Kat’s cries of release. Zach’s body went perfectly still and then his forearm tightened under Kat’s breasts and Layla was sure he’d found his own release buried in his wife’s softness. It was one of the most erotic things she’d ever witnessed, and for just a moment she was jealous of the love she saw shining in the eyes of all three of the Lamonts.

Layla lost herself in the feeling of Collin’s touch and when he began circling her aching clit she wanted to cry out with her need. “Relax for me, sweetheart. Let me take you there. Trust me to give you what your sweet body craves. Don’t come yet, hold it off for me. It’ll be sweeter, I promise you.”

She thought he’d lost his mind, how was she supposed to delay what felt like a wave of desire so deep it was threatening to pull her out to sea. She could only nod her head, because it was taking every bit of her concentration just to keep from crying out. When he pushed two fingers in deep she was grateful Clay had leaned over and taken her lips in a heated kiss because she’d lost the battle she’d been waging to keep quiet. He pumped his fingers in and out of her soaking heat and she hoped others at the table weren’t able to hear the sound of him fucking her with his fingers and just as she was starting to worry, Collin pinched her clit and whispered “Come for me, sweetheart. Come all over my fingers, lose yourself in your pleasure. Clay will catch your cries and lock them in his heart.”

That was all she needed and the minute he’d told her to come she had let go and been grateful that Clay had indeed captured her keening cry. Collin’s groans sent her pleasure higher again and she felt a second flood of cream leave her body in a heated rush. As she started to come back to earth she heard Collin’s growled words, “Christ, let’s get her home before I fuck her on the table in front of God and everybody.” And suddenly all three men were moving. Collin had moved her skirt back into place and she was once again sitting on his lap in what looked to be an affectionate, but not particularly intimate way. When he lifted her to her feet she was thankful Clay had pulled her against his side when she wobbled and her knees threatened to give way.


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