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Reluctant Mates - 21 Paranormal Erotic Romance Stories (Werewolf, Vampire, Minotaur and Monster collection)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 190,000
Available Formats

From Top 100 Erotica author Francis Ashe comes the most mind-blowingly huge value you’ll find in paranormal romance or erotica. Twenty one of the hottest alphas, the steamiest scenarios and the biggest, wildest ménages you’ve ever experienced. Each story will leave you satisfied but gasping for more!

And of course, every story from Francis Ashe always has a happy ending.

In this incredible bundle, you’ll find werewolf alphas, seductive vampires, rough minotaurs and half-human beastmen engaged in the most frantic, urgent, savage, emotional acts you can possibly imagine.

This collection of 150,000+ words of male-female erotic romance and 40,000+ words of male-male erotic romance is, in total, almost FIVE HUNDRED pages (193000+ words) of the most kindle-melting storytelling you’ll find anywhere. And you can have it all for less than the price of a medium pizza!

M/f stories:

Wolves Love Her Curves
Brutally Bred by the Minotaur
A Virgin for the Minotaur
Bred by the Beastmen
Mate to the Beastman
Slave of the Beastmen
Beastmen’s Breeding Mare
Claimed Before Dawn
Under a Breeding Moon
Bought by the Wolf King
The Wolf’s Breeding Lair
Fang Fanged

M/m stories:

Jungle wolves
Vampire invasion: Jungle Wolves 2
Alpha’s revenge: Jungle Wolves 3
Vampire’s Boy Toy
Vampire Alley Surprise
Rescued by the Wolf
Learning to Howl
Becoming the Wolf
The Wolf Inside


“Lacy, get away. As soon as the moon...” his breathing was ragged. Rock, I was convinced, was dying right before my eyes. “The”

Suddenly, I saw what I thought was impossible. Rock pushed himself to his hands and knees and stumbled forward into a beam of moonlight.

Hair? He’s covered in hair? No way. No way is this happening. Not possible. And – what is that? Oh my God he is actually bent over like he’s a...

He howled again.

And then he charged.

“Run! Get away!” He screamed, even as he tore at my shirt. I twisted away from the enraged beast and slapped his hand, or his claw or whatever it was, and escaped with only a rip in my shirt. For a moment we stared at each other, but he lunged and I dodged underneath. Deeper into the woods I ran, looking back every so often to see Rock behind me, almost at my heels.

“What are you?” I cried back, hoping he had enough sense to respond. “Rock! What’s happened to you? I can’t keep running forever.”

Just then my lungs started burning. The end of my little marathon was coming a lot quicker than I expected.

“Car,” he grunted. “”

I couldn’t figure out what he meant, but then the keys in my pocket stuck me in the leg and I spun on my heel, running back in the other direction, avoided another of his clumsy lunges, and bee-lined for the Mini.

As terrified as I admittedly was, that same bizarre feeling from earlier came back over me in between expert jukes of the grabs Rock attempted. The warmth that I felt when his skin sweltered under my palm, the scent he carried that made my legs feel a little tingly, and made my tits ache just a bit, it struck me full in the face whenever he thrashed at me and fell past my dodge, and his hair – or fur – brushed against my face.

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