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Remus (MM)

Marius Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 34,143
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Demons]

Remus Marius, a demon warrior, grew up knowing he had the full love and support of his family. It defined who he was. Discovering his mate, Noah, on a mission to rescue kidnapped vampires, he finds that he will need everything he learned growing up to convince Noah he's worth the love Remus wants to give him.

Noah Dragos always knew he was a huge disappointment to his family. He wasn't a warrior like his father and brothers. He wasn't even a good vampire. Hidden away and ignored by his family, Noah learned not to rely on anyone. When he's kidnapped by demons, he knows no one will care.

Being rescued by Remus and mated to him, Noah has to decide if he's willing to drag his mate into the hell he's lived in his entire life or let Remus find someone more deserving of being a warrior's mate.



A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
First one of the series I read, and I've re-read it half a dozen times!!

- Clover

Professional Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Kidnapped, abused and left for dead was exactly what Noah experienced. You would think once he was rescued from the demons he would be safe, but for Noah the demons are nothing compared to facing his family. Noah is definitely damaged goods and he has every right to be. Even when his life is in turbulence he is still able to appreciate what others to do for him. He may not care for himself but it is clear that he cares for those whom help him. He definitely has a heart of gold, which has room for all of those who care to get to really know him. Remus is a big strong warrior who turns into a fluffy bunny when his mate is around. I love it! The Marius family has always been known as fierce warriors but who would have thought the huge man would be so compassionate. The immense amount of emotion Remus has for his mate as soon as he sees him is amazing. The story was full of conflicts which this developing couple, as well as the Marius family, faces without flinching, and these serve to show how much they care for one another. This family sticks together no matter what and now that Noah is part of it he gets to see it full force. While all of the main conflicts were wrapped up neatly in this story I did question the conclusiveness of a few minor situations, one being the conflict with the demons that kidnapped Noah to begin with. There was a semblance of a conclusion but I just would have liked to a little more follow up once Noah was found. Because these conflicts were minor in the grand scheme of the story the plot was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Plus the conflict between Noah and his father really trumped everything else. I think all-in-all this was a really good story with some great notable characters. Not only will the main characters remain with me for a while but so will the supporting cast, which I know I will see much more of in the future. " -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews

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“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Noah cried out every time he thrust in rubbing his prostate. Remus barely had a thought in his head besides the need to claim his mate as he lowered his head and sunk his fangs into Noah’s neck.

Remus heard Noah cry out his name as he came again. He could feel Noah’s muscles squeeze his cock as he drank. Raising his head, Remus roared out his release, jet after jet of his seed spurting into his mate. When he started to come back down from his orgasm, he opened his eyes and looked down at Noah.

“That fucking rocked!” Noah exclaimed, kissing him. “That was way more than anything I could have imagined. It was good for you too, right? I mean, I was as good as your other partners?”

“Better, baby,” he replied, still nose-to-nose with his mate. “That was the most amazing sex and orgasm of my life. No one compares to my little mate.”

“Good,” Noah replied, giggling. “I can’t wait to do that again”

“Who said we’re done?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Isn’t it over when we both come?” Noah asked, his eyes sparkling with lust and anticipation.

“Normally, yeah, but seeing how much you loved it is making me hard again,” he said, moving his hips so Noah could feel his cock hardening again.

“Hmm, how can I show you how much I loved you taking me?” Noah purred.

“You could kiss me,” Remus suggested lowering his head back down. Noah met him halfway, opening his mouth to let Remus’ tongue in. Their tongues twisted around, stroking each other, claiming each other’s mouths.

“I think we should try another way this time,” Noah whispered against his lips. “I want you to fuck my tight ass every way possible. Have I mentioned how flexible I am?”

“Fuck, baby,” Remus groaned, completely rock hard again. He wrapped his arms around Noah, pulling him up as Remus sat back on his heels. Remus spread his knees, making Noah’s legs spread so his cock slid in deeper. “How about this way?”

“Yeah, I think I like this way,” Noah moaned loudly. Remus started rocking his hips, Noah moving his up and down keeping his pace. “I really fucking like this way.”

“I like anyway with you, Noah,” Remus said, picking up the pace and nibbling on Noah’s shoulder. His mate started to take over, moving his hips faster. Remus’ cum, still in Noah’s ass, made wonderful lube, making his cock move in and out of Noah’s tight hole more easily. He was close to coming when Noah bit the side of his neck. He still didn’t have fangs so he had to bite him hard. It seemed Remus liked that.

Noah biting him seemed to flip a switch inside of Remus. His hands turned into claws as he grabbed onto Noah’s hips tightly, lifting his mate off Remus as hard and fast as he thrust his cock into Noah. He went wild, loving every second of it. His mate lifted his head and cried out his orgasm at the same time Remus growled out his release.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, completely wrapped around each other. Leaning against each other for support, they were panting wildly, completely spent.

“You okay, baby?” Remus asked, finally speaking

“Fuck, no,” Noah giggled. “That was awesome. You were like a wild warrior.”

“Are you hurt? Did I hurt you?”

“I’m not hurt,” Noah said, kissing Remus before getting off his lap with a groan. “I loved every second of it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the slow, intimate love making we did first. But the second time was hot, wild, kinky monkey sex!”

“Monkey sex, huh?” Remus asked, chuckling and swatting Noah on the ass as he started to get off the bed.

“Oh, do that again,” Noah moaned.

“Do what?” Remus asked, swatting him again. “That?”

“Yeah, just like that,” Noah groaned, sticking his ass in the air, still kneeling on the side of the bed. “I like that.”

“Baby, you’re insatiable,” Remus hissed, getting hard again. “I’ve created a monster,” he said, diving for Noah and narrowly missing him. Noah raced to the bathroom, laughing. Remus grabbed the waterproof lube his mate had ordered and chased after him.

“You like doing that, didn’t you?” Noah purred, bending over seductively to check the water temperature of the shower he turned on.

“I like anything involving your sexy little ass,” Remus growled. “But you ran away from me. You were being a naughty mate, teasing me like that.”

“Tease, me?” Noah asked innocently, looking over his shoulder while wiggling his ass. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Punish my little mate,” he answered, grabbing Noah around the waist and throwing him over his’ shoulder. “I’m going to smack this ass before I fuck it raw.”

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