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Rissa's Recovery (MFMM)

The ShadowDance Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 67,731
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA for M/F/M]

Rissa Murphy’s escape from slave traders two years ago was pure luck. She moved back to her hometown, seeking the safety of the small, tight-knit community with its overabundance of former Special Forces operators. But she’s been found again, and her enemies aren’t planning to let her slip away again.

While operating the spa inside The ShadowDance Club, a widely popular BDSM club near Climax, Colorado, Rissa has caught the eye of Doms Mitch Grayson and Bryant Davis. Mitch is a gifted empath who has tried to build her trust while waiting for Bryant to return stateside. Mitch knows Rissa is the woman they’ve been searching for, and as soon as Bryant meets her, he agrees.

But can they keep her safe and convince her that she is one they want to share their lives with? That she is everything they’ve dreamed of? Is Rissa brave enough to let Mitch and Bryant heal her heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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What can I say, I love this whole series and can't wait for the next book to come out.

- rhondavb

Excellent story!

- siovahn

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“We’ve talked about it a thousand times…Hell, we have always known it would take a very special woman, one who ignited electricity in both of us to make a long-term ménage work. Christ, I’d almost given up ever finding that woman until…” And without even finishing that thought, they both knew that woman was lying in the bed right between them.

“Letting her walk out that back door of The Club alone will haunt me until my last breath, brother.” The sadness in Bryant’s voice had Mitch looking up at his friend. When Bryant looked up, Mitch’s eyes held nothing but compassion. Bryant Davis had been a geeky college freshman trying to find his way around a campus larger than his entire hometown when Mitch Grayson had seemed to materialize out of nowhere with answers to questions Bryant hadn’t even had the courage to ask. Bryant had laughed to himself many times about how he’d wondered that day if the other man could read his mind, and as it turned out, that wasn’t all that far off from the truth. “Her beautiful green eyes sucked me right in. God, what a bonehead mistake! Christ, Mitch, I fucking know the rules, I knew what all was going down, all the extra security that was in place for the night.” Sighing in frustration and running a hand through his hair he studied the battered woman lying too still between them. His deep voice mirrored his attraction to her. “I nearly fell into her gaze, all I could think about was how much I wanted her and that she obviously belonged to someone else. Fuck.” Mitch understood how Rissa could scramble a man’s thinking. Hell, she’d been wreaking havoc with his for nearly eighteen months.

Rissa had been shot in the shoulder when she’d stumbled upon a clusterfuck unfolding behind the ShadowDance Club a few nights before. While the mess hadn’t directly involved her, in her haste to leave the BDSM club owned by her friends, Alex and Zach Lamont, and that housed her spa, she had wandered into another operation that involved a woman she had obviously recognized and tried to assist.

The undercover DEA agent who had saved Rissa’s life had been shot also, but it was the head injuries they had both suffered, from their fall to a concrete surface several feet below, that had really been the larger issue. Damn it all to hell, she needed to wake up soon because the longer she was unconscious, the more grim the outlook.

Mitch didn’t want Bryant to know how truly worried he was. Keeping his tone light, he said, “Hang on…She’s going to be fine. Even though the bullet is out, she’ll have to do some rehab on her shoulder, but we’ll have fun helping with that and the massages afterward.” Smiling down at Rissa, he was struck by how small she really looked lying there. Her personality was always so large that it was easy to forget how truly tiny she was. He knew some of the staff referred to her as Tink, short for Tinkerbell, and it was an appropriate nickname.

“I have to tell you though, when she is all healed up, we’ll be having a serious session with her ass nicely peaked over a spanking bench. She’s racked up some rather significant punishments.” His soft expression and warm voice were a contrast to his words. Oh, he’d make her pay all right, but it wasn’t going to be as much about punishment as it was about getting his hands on her sweet body.

Leaning down right near Rissa’s ear, Mitch’s voice was pitched low and full of authority. “Clarissa, you need to wake up and face the music, baby. You have some serious explaining to do. Master Bryant and I are waiting to hear what you have to say. Alex and Zach are also waiting for your explanation. If you don’t come back soon, I’m going to let Katarina in here, and you don’t want that do you?” Smiling up at Bryant, he said, “You haven’t met Alex and Zach’s pregnant tornado yet have you? She’s their wife and sub, well, at least she lets them think she’s a sub.” He chuckled to himself, and then his eyes widened and his grin spread clear across his face as he watched Rissa’s grass green eyes flutter open and her mouth twitch into a smile.

Her mouth felt like she’d eaten all the stuffing out of a good-sized sofa, blah! She blinked at the bright rays of the setting sun that were streaming in through the window of her room. Bryant immediately closed the shades and dimmed the room lights so the bright light wouldn’t aggravate the headache he was sure she’d have after that nasty fall. The goose egg on the back of her head had been so bad old Doc Woods had brought in a donut pillow for her.

Relief flooded Mitch as he spoke softly to her. “Ahh, sweetheart, welcome back. We’ve been mighty worried about you.” He was speaking to her so sweetly, and his knuckles softly caressing her cheek were the most soothing thing she thought she’d ever felt.

“C–can I have a d–drink? My mouth is so dry, and my throat hurts.” She felt tears stinging her eyes, damn her throat was so sore, and her head was throbbing. “What happened? Where am I?” She turned her head just slightly, and when she made eye contact with Bryant, she gasped in surprise. Bryant just stood perfectly still and watched as her mouth formed an O, and then her face flushed bright red. Oh yeah, babe, you know exactly who I am and that you are in big trouble. Oh, little one, this is gonna be a mighty fine ride, indeed.




Rissa stiffened when she felt the moist cloth, but then remembered their earlier explanation that it was not only their responsibility, but also their pleasure to care for her. And while it seemed embarrassing to have him washing her so intimately, she didn’t want to insult him by pulling away or insisting she could do it herself either, so she just tried to relax and enjoy being coddled. Rissa could feel the air around her shifting and knew Mitch had moved so that he was lying alongside her, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. They were so sure she wouldn’t know who was who if she couldn’t see them, but she had already learned the differences in their touches and scents. As Mitch rolled her onto his chest he whispered in her ear, “So our sweet sub still knows who’s touching her, hmmm? Well, we’ll have to figure out some creative ways to limit your sensory perceptions of such things when we start playing in earnest.” When he felt her tense, he continued, “I’m just teasing you, baby, don’t worry. Actually I’m glad that you are so in tune with us that you know us apart by our touch and scent already. That just proves you truly do belong to us both.” His hands were slowly tracing up and back down her back, almost like a sensual massage intended to ignite rather than relax. “Get up on your knees, baby, and put your sweet pussy over my cock. Ride me.”

Rissa was eager to be on top, and as she sheathed herself on his sex, she marveled at the fact she could literally feel his pulse beating inside her channel. As she began sliding up and back, she could feel him grow impossibly larger with each stroke. “Oh God, it feels so amazing this way. You are so deep inside me…oh my God!”

Just as Mitch knew she was getting close to the point of no return, he reached up and drew her shoulders toward him, flattening her against his chest and stilling her frantic movements. “Shhh, hold still, baby. Bryant has a surprise for you.” Just then Rissa felt the drizzle of lube sliding down the crack of her ass and then a finger start to rim her hole.

“Oh God, what’s he doing? I don’t know about this. I don’t think I want to do this. Please don’t do this…” Even to her own ears Rissa sounded panic stricken.

Mitch’s soft voice filled her ear. “Quiet now, he’s only starting to prepare you. We won’t fuck you together until we know you are well prepared. While a pinch of pain can bring great pleasure, we would never want to truly harm you, and torn rectal tissues would not be anybody’s idea of pleasure.” Rissa was listening, she really was, but everything was starting to swirl together in a lust-filled haze and even though she could still hear his voice and feel his breath against her ear, she was starting to feel like she was floating, and before she even realized what she was doing she found herself pressing back against Bryant’s probing fingers, trying to get him farther inside.

Bryant chuckled softly. “Stay still, sweetness, I’ll get there, you’ll have plenty of time for pressing that sweet ass back into us, but for now, I just want to make sure you are good and ready for the small gift we’ve bought for you.” She knew she should answer, but all she could do was moan in pleasure. “Actually, it’s the first in a series of gifts. Are you curious, love?”

“Ohhhh…it feels soooo goooood…oh, yes…oh, please…series?” Rissa knew she wasn’t really making any sense, but mercy, how was a girl to think with Mitch’s hot cock pulsing inside her pussy and Bryant toying with her ass? Oh Lord…I had no idea there were so many nerve endings there. No wonder the women all rave about being ass fucked by their Doms…

At Mitch’s quick nod, Bryant started to push in the smallest of the butt plugs they’d bought for her. While it wasn’t nearly as big as either of their cocks, as a virgin to anal play, Bryant was sure she was going to feel like he was shoving a missile up her ass, and with Mitch buried in her pussy it would feel even tighter. With her ass basically sticking up in the air, she was completely exposed to him, and he’d watched her arousal dripping from around Mitch the more Bryant had worked to coax her tight rosebud to open up to his probing fingers. He could hear that she was starting to pant out her breaths, but she wasn’t exhibiting any signs of being in pain or overwhelmed, so he pushed and retreated, fucking her ass with small strokes, gaining a bit of ground with each pass until he was finally able to seat it fully. “Good girl, sweetness. God you look so hot. I can hardly wait until we’re ready to fuck you at the same time. We’ll give you the most amazing orgasms you can imagine.”

Mitch had grabbed her hips and was starting to move in and out of her again, and he felt her quickly spiraling out of control. “Don’t you come yet, baby. You need to wait for me. I want to go over that ledge with you.”


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