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Saving Shelby Summers

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SWEET
Word Count: 53,005
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Australian Shelby Summers struggles with traumas from her past. She’s rescued from death by a mysterious stranger, but is her luck about to change or will the past prevent her from living a life filled with love?

Widower Nathan Monroe hopes to get a fresh start for himself and his young daughter when he leaves his rural veterinary practice and moves to the city. Dealing with the challenges of a new job, a new home, and a traumatized four-year-old are more than he can handle alone.

Maybe a dramatic meeting will be just the catalyst each needs to heal from the scars of the past and work together to build a new life.


Shelby was so sure Nathan would be waiting. A mob of strangers hung around the exit point as she emerged from Customs. She scanned the crowd, searching for the one familiar face. All around her, reunited families and children were hugging and kissing. She’d pinned her hopes on this moment, yet she was walking out alone. So what had she expected? The Hollywood finale, with romantic music building as the lovers fell into each other’s arms? She’d pushed him away, and he’d responded as any normal man would. Nathan was just getting over one disaster. Why would he walk straight into another with a neurotic woman?

Pride made her swallow the pain at the back of her throat. Her stomach churning, she stepped aside from the crowd, setting her suitcase down as though she needed a rest. People jostled her. Loud voices and squealing children jarred her nerves. Squeezing her eyelids shut, she willed the tears not to spill. No way would she stand in a public airport, bawling her eyes out. She would need to catch a taxi bus to get back to Newcastle. First, get a coffee, settle down, then find the booking counter.


Relief rioted through her body as she saw him pushing through the crowd. “I thought you weren’t coming!” She didn’t want to conceal her relief. It was time to let him see how much she’d missed him.

“I’m so sorry. There was a holdup on the freeway.”

She simply gazed into his eyes, seeing uncertainty.

“I’ve really missed you. So has Caity.”

“You didn’t bring her?”

“She’s at Lexi’s, with the dogs. I thought we might stay in Sydney overnight. That is, if you want to?”

Her heart picked up pace as she guessed what he had in mind. Across that vast stretch of space, he must have sensed the change she’d undergone. She’d dropped her inhibitions and her fears like an out-of-season coat. Laying them out, voicing them to Nathan, had shown her she was ruled by shadows from the past. In reality she was a woman, and she was ready to admit she wanted a full life as a wife and mother—to Caity, now, and perhaps one day to a baby of her own. Of their own. She’d even slipped her parents’ attention to shop for lacy lingerie in that Park Lane boutique. Apparently tonight she’d have a chance to flaunt it! Her eyes were misty with emotion as she reached out and slipped her small hand into Nathan’s.

“That’s a great idea, Nathan. I’ve missed you, too.”

He gently detached his hand and picked up her suitcase. “Let’s grab a coffee. I had to skip lunch. How about you?”