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Saving the Date

1Night Stand

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 15,000
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After a vicious gay bashing, Morgan has spent the last three years working hard to survive and thrive. His latest plan? Using Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service, 1NightStand, to take the anniversary of the worst night of his life and replace it with a good—and maybe even sexy—memory.

Zach, a police officer with the Hate & Bias Crime Unit, is still coming to terms with his divorce and struggling to move on with his life. Using a matchmaking service is so very not his style, but sometimes a guy has to trust his friends—even if they don't know everything about him, and he's not sure they ever will.

Face-to-face, however, it becomes clear that despite an attraction, there's a problem. Morgan and Zach have already met—three years ago. But with some courage, a couple of pairs of skates, and a leap of faith? Morgan and Zach have a shot at saving more than one day. Together? They might just make a future.


“I think I have a plan,” Morgan said.
Morgan’s therapist, Theresa, smiled her Cheshire grin. He’d come to love and hate that grin. He loved it because it meant she listened.
He hated it for the same reason.
“For the fifteenth?” she said.
To say Dr. Macedo had his number would be understating things a bit. He’d have gotten nowhere without her, but that didn’t make her ability to figure out what he meant from thin air any less disconcerting. She’d helped him through a ton in the last three years—not the least of which had been the first and second anniversary of his bashing—and he’d learned when she pulled out the Cheshire grin, she was open to hearing his plan.
And ready to point out any potential flaws he hadn’t considered.
“Yes,” Morgan said. “I was thinking about the whole Christmas for Misfit Toys party thing my friends do.”
“Christmas for Misfit Toys?” Theresa raised one eyebrow. “Do we need to have the don’t-refer-to-yourself-negatively discussion again?”
“It’s tongue-in-cheek, I promise. It’s the party we take turns throwing for us queerlings who haven’t got a family holiday to welcome us. Have I never called it that before? That’s what we named it. It’s evolved into a pretty big party. And it occurred to me I’m ready for that.”
“You’d like to have a party? On the fifteenth?” Theresa’s tone had softened, which gave him confidence.
“Yes,” Morgan said. “Well, no.” He shook his head. “Not a party. But…I want to go out. I want to do something else. I don’t know. Basically?” He leaned forward, knowing he wouldn’t shock Dr. Macedo. “I’m ready for a date. Preferably a sexy date.”

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