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SEALed for Pleasure

Pleasures Series, Book Three

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 16,000
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Mia is on the hunt for an alpha hero to play the starring role in her next book. Looking for some inspiration, she finds just that with three of the hottest men she’s ever met. They exude confidence and authority, and she wonders if they are the same in the bedroom. But to be with them is to submit in ways she’s not sure she can. She’s never been much for obedience.

Tris, Brent, and Mick have been to hell and back together as SEAL teammates, and chances are they’ll take the same trip again. So when they get free time, they like to play hard. And they like to share. Once Mia hits their radar, only she will do. They want her naked, bound, and on her knees, ready to submit to everything they desire.

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Love the whole Pleasure series

- rhondavb

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Mia hit the door of the bar with teeth gritted and a “don’t give a fuck” expression clear on her face. She’d just talked to her sister Mandy. Apparently while she was sitting at home clacking away on her computer keys, her sisters were out having fun. While Mia wrote the most amazing sex scenes in the world, her sisters lived them.

It was such bullshit. She only wrote about one woman being worshipped by multiple men; her sisters experienced it firsthand. Both Mandy and Ash were involved with three men apiece. Mandy had slipped up and spilled the beans about her relationship with three men, cops no less. Once that cat was out of the bag, Mandy had thrown Ash under the bus too, admitting their older sister was also in a ménage relationship with three firefighters. Mia didn’t know how long they’d kept her in the dark about their relationships.

It’s the most amazing sex you can imagine. Hell, you can’t imagine it. Not the way it actually is. The intensity. The passion. It’s…the most incredible experience in the world. Mandy’s words played over and over in Mia’s mind.

She didn’t want to imagine it anymore. She wanted to know, to feel, to indulge. She didn’t want a relationship like her sisters. She wasn’t sure she was cut out for a long-term commitment. The last two guys she’d dated had left saying they couldn’t compete with her imagination. Boo-fucking-hoo. Funny thing was they never had to.

She was always so horny when she finished a smoking hot sex scene. Whoever she was dating at the time reaped the benefits of that lust. They didn’t have to compete. They only needed to indulge. She was hot, sexy. Hell she was a fucking goddess in the bedroom. Wasn’t her fault that once wasn’t enough. She wanted more and more. Maybe her sisters had the right idea. Three men.

She let her gaze roam around the bar, scoping out the men present—a few familiar faces with knowing smiles.

Shit! It couldn’t be! But one glance at the “Welcome Home” sign hanging over the bar proclaimed it was. The one time she should have avoided the bar, here she was, and the local boy coming home to spend his last tour of duty on home ground would be, as well. Shit!

“Hey, Mia!” someone called out as she stood, trying to decide if she should stay or make a hasty exit. “Mick’ll sure be surprised to see you here to greet him.”

“Seem to recall you weren’t so friendly when he left.” A snicker followed this comment.

Yeah, she hadn’t been so happy when he’d left at the end of his senior year of high school. Could be because she’d lost her virginity to him the night before. She’d been young, naïve and fancied herself in love. He’d dispelled that quickly with a husky chuckle and a brush of his fingers on her cheek as he told her he’d enjoyed her “good-bye gift”. Asshole. Even worse was several of his buddies had been around to witness her tears.

On second thought, she settled on a barstool and waved at the bartender, maybe this was just what she needed to change her mood. Maybe she’d give Mick another shot to show her his skills. If he was single, then maybe they’d hook up. Not to pick up where they left off, which was nowhere as far as she was concerned. But to expend some of the sexual energy she couldn’t seem to release with her vibrator during solo play.

Would he look as good as he had back then? She remembered green eyes, so much darker than hers and a long lean frame that she’d wanted to lick from head to toe. She’d started out with that intention but stopped when she got to that delicious appendage in the middle.

Damn, he’d had the best cock she’d ever fucked. Perfect size, perfect shape, and the man had serious moves when it came to fucking. They’d only been kids back then. She could only imagine how good he would be now.

Maybe she could pick his brain about his time so far in the Navy. She was curious to see if the rumor was true and he’d become a member of a SEAL team. She wondered what that would be like. Her mind was already thinking of all the questions she needed to ask. Since she was writing a series about men in uniform, it would make sense that some of them wore a military uniform. And who was sexier than a Navy SEAL? No one.

If her questions led to sex, who cared? They were all grown up now. She had quit equating sex with love long ago.

That thought reminded her once more of her earlier conversation with Mandy. She still couldn’t believe her sisters had kept their relationships from her. Who knew when they would have told her if Mandy hadn’t slipped up.

Mia had been pissed off, and damn it, a little jealous, as well. Who wouldn’t be? Mia couldn’t keep one guy in her life. Her sisters had three each. It was enough to make a girl want to drink the night away.

“What can I get you?” A feminine voice interrupted Mia’s thoughts, and she smiled at the bartender.

“Shot of tequila and a beer.” Maybe she’d just ignore the fact Mick was having a homecoming here and get shit-faced drunk instead.

The woman was quick, and soon, the liquid gold of a tequila shot sat on the bar in front of Mia. Tonight, she was getting drunk or laid. Judging by who was going to be here tonight, drunk won. You could always count on alcohol. She’d just have to pace herself, so she was still sharp when Mick and his entourage arrived.

Christ, she hoped he would just ignore that she was here.

She laughed. Now who was arrogant? He probably wouldn’t even remember her. That thought helped her to finally relax. She threw the shot back and embraced the burn as it traveled down her throat to start a low fire in her belly.

“Two more shots,” a masculine voice called out next to her. “Mind if I join you? A gorgeous woman should never drink alone.”

Mia sighed and turned to deliver the scathing comment on her tongue, only to find herself captured by a piercing set of blue eyes. He was familiar, but she just couldn’t place him at the moment. She was anything but subtle as she let her gaze sweep him from head to toe and then slowly, very slowly, back up again.

Holy shit, he was fucking gorgeous.

Very short hair. Military short would be her guess, probably from one of the local bases. Deep tan, broad shoulders tapering to a trim waist. She bet if his shirt was off, she’d find a six pack of abs and pecs begging for the flick of her tongue. He had a nice bulge in his jeans, and God help her, she wanted to reach out and cup him, give it a squeeze.

He cleared his throat, and her gaze bounced back up to meet his.

“Shot?” He nodded toward the two shots of gold on the bar before them.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Her voice was husky, low, already in the bedroom with her mind. She wanted to pour her shot over his skin and suck it off. Damn! She really needed to get laid, which meant she should probably back off on the alcohol. She wanted to remember every moment with the guy beside her.

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