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Second Chance Cowboy

Cook County

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 30,000
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Chance Masters was her hero…

He held her the night her mother died, taught her how to defend herself, and saved her from a raging bull. But when Kenzie Calhoun confessed her love for Chance just after her eighteenth birthday, he broke her heart and fled.

Now ten years later Chance is back… He ran away to spare Kenzie a mistake she would always regret, but he never forgot the pain in her eyes. When he learns her ranch is in trouble, his guilty conscience prompts him to help. But now the girl is a woman…and Chance can't forget he’s just a washed up bull-rider from the wrong side of town.

Can Kenzie convince him that every cowboy deserves a second chance?

User Reviews
Great love story! Wished it had been longer with a bit more meat to the plot, but it was nicely rounded and satisfying for the HEA.

- Liz C.


“Kenzie?” He’d stilled with eyes open wide as they’d found her, but he quickly recovered, scowling as he crossed over to the dresser and opened a drawer. “You just barge into people’s bedrooms?”

The bitterness in his tone snapped her out of the fantasy brought on by his nearly nude state. She managed to lift her eyes from his terrycloth-clad rear. “Last I checked, I own this building, which means I’m stepping into my bedroom.”

He stiffened for a moment, but twisted his upper lip into some semblance of a grin before extracting a pair of clean blue-jeans out of the drawer. “Don’t worry, Boss Lady. I haven’t forgotten my place.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

He moved toward the bathroom, but she intercepted him, stopping him with a hand to the chest. Not the best move considering sparks of desire shot straight up her arm, but Kenzie had enough frustration inside to keep her mind where it belonged. “What’s with the attitude?”

“Move out of my way.” Chance stared straight down into her eyes. “Kenzie…I can put my pants on in the bathroom or I can drop the towel right here. It’s your choice.”

Flashbacks of ten years ago fluttered through her mind, and she removed her hand from Chance’s chest, but didn’t make any effort to move out of his way. He’d embarrassed her then, but he wasn’t about to do it now. She held his gaze with steely determination. “Go ahead. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

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