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Second Chances (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 27,686
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Magan’s been alone a long time. When she is coerced to socialize with the world, she discovers why she hadn’t bothered before. She’s too old, people are rude, and she likes the safety of home sweet home. 

Jariko spots the sultry goddess and wants nothing more…besides the handsome stud across the room who too is eyeing up the goddess. Second thought, perhaps they both can have her? 

Magan is bombarded, controlled, and sucked into sweet seduction by two totally different men. Two men who have the power to make her melt and do things she didn’t think were possible. Life rears its ugly head and all three are confronted, not only by Magan’s grown children, but by reality of a life and death realism, cancer. Can Magan, Jariko, and Kendal handle all that is thrown at them and make it out on top?

A Siren Erotic Romance





Mag rested her head against the steering wheel, inhaled a slow breath, and then released. Fuck, she was a pussy! How could she chicken out? She was old enough to handle any of those young pups! She inhaled another breath, this one sharper as the image of Tall, Grumbly, and Sexy entered her thoughts. Her pussy clenched. She whimpered. Her hand itched to reach between her legs and give a few much-needed strokes.

She exhaled. Don’t think of him! Think… cookies. Have to bake four dozen for that stupid event… fuck! She slumped back in her seat, a scream rending her as his face hovered at her window. Her hand flew to her throat and she swore her heart just leapt out her throat and out the back door, leaving her to fend for herself!

She grunted, calming. Tell her she has no manners? What fucking idiot stood outside a girl’s car and waited like some freak! She pressed the button on the side of her door, her window lowering. “Yes, I have manners, and for your information maybe you should learn a few of your own!” she snapped before he even got a word out to chastise her on whatever he was going to! She was sure she had done something for him to chastise her for. Breathing came to mind.

Jariko’s lip twitched. Did she just snap at him like some harpy! Huh, he had ways to get that out of her. He licked his lips, still tasting Ken doll’s cum there. “I came to apologise,” he murmured, voice robust and thick.

Mag’s legs clenched and goodness if her pussy didn’t weep at the sound of his voice. Oh holy heaven it had been too long since she’d been with a real to God man like this one standing outside her car.

Jariko smirked and saw the leg clench, the way her hands white-knuckled the steering wheel. He’d guess early forties. Her hormones were probably out of whack and all she wanted was to get fucked. His cock sprang to life.

Mag couldn’t take her eyes from his glistening lips, beautiful full lips. His pink tongue darted out. Yup, pussy weeping. Her nipples even tightened. Oh she was in trouble. Her nipples never puckered!

That stupid pink vibrator she had jokingly ordered from her daughter’s sex party was going to be put to good use later… maybe that butt plug, too! She closed her eyes and couldn’t believe she’d just had that thought. “Look, sir, I have to go.” She started reaching for the keys in her ignition.

Jariko laughed. It was thick and licked her whole body up one side then back down the other, even the intimate parts in between. “Look, ma’am… I would like to apologise.” He glanced at his watch. “It’s only nine. I know of a club down the street, nothing like this bright loud place… I should not have…hmm…made the remark on your manners… I’m sorry,” he murmured, eyes on hers the whole time.

Mag stared. Did he just apologise to her face? The only man to do that to her was her dead ex, oh rest his soul.

Jariko shifted his left arm, resting it carelessly on the roof of her car. “Just a drink,” he tempted.

Mag considered him for a moment, finally giving her head a curt nod. She could do this. The man apologised to her face. He couldn’t be that bad, and it was just a drink. What could she lose?

Jariko beamed. “I’ll lead, I’m the black truck,” he murmured. Mag glanced around the parking lot, spotting the pickup. Her eyebrow arched. It was the only truck in the parking lot. She nodded, turning her keys, and her car hummed to life.

She grabbed her cell as soon as he walked away. Hey, love, going for a drink. Call you in the morning, she texted to her daughter real quick. She jumped when the thing binged to life. A smile came to her lips.

Who, what, where, when, and how? Was sent back.

Mag’s furrowed her brows. What the hell did that mean?

Don’t know? Drink club down the street right now. What the F do you mean? She laughed as she sent her response back, the flash of bright lights catching her attention. Tall, Dark, and Handsome… Shit! She didn’t even know his name?




Kendal brushed his lips across hers. She dipped, her mouth taking his hungrily. Her hands slid up and buried into his neatly done hair, sighing when she didn’t feel heavy product. She hated that, when men used heavy product, making their hair stiff and untouchable.

Jariko sighed, tugged her panties down, and parted her cheeks, felt her resist, and heard her whimper. His tongue trailed from asshole to slit. His tongue thrust in, tasting her cream. He sighed with contentment, dipped, and licked Kendal’s fingers, and then was back up lapping up her cream. His finger teased her asshole.

Mag shot forward when his finger slid into her ass. A sweet squeal escaped her.

Kendal chuckled. “Hello, sweet asshole,” he murmured.

Mag grunted. “Asshole is right!” she snipped, glancing back at Jariko.

He smirked at her.

Her cheeks flushed. She never had a man shove anything up her ass. And right now she stared into the deepest green eyes of a man who had his finger in her ass. “Oh don’t play coy with me woman… I know a well-used asshole.” He purred, his finger thrusting.

Her cheeks flushed. He knew she played with her ass! Shit, she wanted him to kiss her, wanted his mouth on hers, taking her mouth hungrily. She slid her tongue over her lips.

Jariko sighed. His finger in her ass, he leaned forward, mouth capturing hers.

Kendal suckled at her breasts.

Jariko pulled her up until she knelt over Kendal. Kendal pushed her arms up and guided her hands around Jariko’s neck. His fingers trailed fiery trails, followed by goose bumps down her torso. His face buried in her breasts. His hand returned to strum her clit.

Foreign tremors rolled through Mag. Her mind flew away as waves of unknown swells grew and over flowed.

Jariko moaned into her mouth. He pulled his finger out, inserting two, and she easily took him. Shit, what had she been playing with! Obviously not a man. This was virgin to a man’s touch, and she would not have jerked so much, but he entered her with ease. Fuck, he wanted to shove his dick in and pound her ass vigorously. “Give me your name, woman,” he demanded.

Mag rolled her hips, hands tangled into Jariko’s shoulder-length hair, and pulled. “Magan,” she gushed. Her hips rolled harder, her breath caught in her throat.

“Let us fuck you, Magan,” he ordered.

Mag’s mind reeled. Did he just demand to fuck her? What the hell where they doing right now!

Kendal shifted beneath her, and out of nowhere appeared two condoms on the table.

Jariko nibbled her ear. “Say it, Magan… tell us you want us to fuck you… right here, right now,” he ordered.

Magan whimpered. Oh shit, she wanted him, them! to do that right now. She nodded.

Jariko bit her ear and she cried out at the sting. “Say it, Magan… Jariko and Kendal, I want you both to fuck me!” he ordered, his deep voice hard and thick. His hand circled her, cupping her breast. The loss of Kendal’s warm mouth was agony.

Mag shivered. “I… Jariko and Kendal…” Oh shit, what had he said next. She panted, eyes squeezing shut as rolls of excitement and what felt like a tidal wave of electricity rolled through her. Jariko pinched her nipple painfully. She tensed. Kendal was quick to relieve the pain with a warm kiss.

“Fuck me…please,” she pleaded.

Her pussy wept to be filled. Too long she had gone. Her ass wept to be filled not by a stupid butt plug, but by this man who had his fingers shoved up her ass. Said finger disappeared and both men shifted. Kendal’s lips still teased and tasted her. She could not feel Jariko anymore and she whimpered.

Mag jerked at the cold feeling in the crease of her ass. Her head whipped around and Jariko dribbled lube down the crack of her ass.

His eyes met hers. “You will feel me,” he replied deeply.

Mag’s eyes darted lower and widened. Oh goodness. That wasn’t going to fit. She squirmed away.

Kendal caught her hips, holding her in place. “Magan,” he said whispering her name. She looked down at him. He offered her a melt your heart smile and she relaxed. “Let me free.” he urged.

Magan looked down between them, not that she could see anything past her heaving breasts. She rose slightly, reaching down, and started on Kendal’s pants. A yelp squeaked past her lips when they tugged out of her grasp. She felt Jariko’s hands wrapped around Kendal’s cock. Her eyes darted to Kendal’s then back at Jariko’s.

She swallowed. She was actually going to do this! She was going to have sex with these two strange men! Her heart thudded. Her hand tugged down as Jariko wrapped it around Kendal’s thick shaft.

Jariko squeezed his hand over hers. “Him or me in your ass?” he asked.

Mag whimpered. “Someone in my ass,” she whined.

Jariko’s’ heartstrings pulled at the whine. Shit, she had never had a man in her ass and obviously had wanted it. He leaned over her, his body hugging hers. With his mouth on her ear, his hot breath caressed her. “If I’m too much, tell me,” he ordered.

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