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Siren Beloved (MMF)

Texas Sirens

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 86,122
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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, Consensual BDSM, spanking, public exhibition, voyeurism]

Aidan O’Malley left his fiancée, Lexi Moore, and their best friend, Lucas Cameron, after a night of passion left him shaken to his core. Years later, Aidan is back and he knows what he wants. He wants Lucas and Lexi forever.

Lucas has always been in love with Lexi, but he knows they need something more. They need the perfect Dom to complete their family. He never expected Aidan would be the Dom of their dreams.

Lexi is hiding a secret. She knows she’s drowning and the time has come to heal, but her anger at Aidan holds her back from moving on with Lucas.

When Lexi’s life is in danger, Aidan knows he’ll do anything to win them back—and keep them alive.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sophie Oak is a Siren-exclusive author


NOTE! Each book in the Texas Sirens series is complete with a happy ending for each respective romance. Any of the books in this series can be read in any order.

User Reviews
Bought this book a year ago and am finally getting around to reading it. As usual, Sophie Oak has delivered an emotional, well written story. The only reason I couldn't give this 5 stars: I found L...

- SoCalReader

Excellent read, great characters and smoking hot

- carolpellman

Professional Reviews

5 KINKS: "Finally, we got the story of Lexi and Lucas!!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for their story since well… they first appeared.  Ok, so I didn’t necessarily want Lucas’ story when he first showed up to blackmail Jack,… but he grew on me.  For those of you who haven’t read books 1-3 of the Siren series, um, go read them.  However, while I think this book is better having read the previous books, it does have enough background that you can start here. Lucas and Lexi. how to explain them?  They have been friends for a while now.  They love each other and Lexi would like more… Lucas would too but he is determined to wait until she’s “ready.”  Yeah, it goes over about that well with Lexi, too.  Lucas tries to give Lexi what she needs as a sub, and while he’s a switch, he is definitely more a sub who can top with a strong Dom backing him up.  Once, they thought they had a chance for what they both needed.  They had one wonderful night with Aiden, Lexi’s fiancé, before he let worry over society’s expectations overrule his heart.  He left them both and they have been feeling that loss ever since. Without a strong Dom giving her a release valve, Lexi has become self-destructive and is pulling Lucas down with her.  When she goes into a friend’s BDSM club completely drunk and obnoxious, breaking all the club rules, her family decides it’s time to step in. Their version of help, however, may just backfire and drive Lexi further away. Wow, explaining that one took a bit of time. But this story is so worth it.  I have loved all the Siren books and this one is definitely no exception.  I read the whole thing in less than 24 hours, including sleep time.  The characters are great.  Lexi can be funny and sarcastic, I loved the scene at the fair… you’ll see, but she’s also free-falling and bounces back and forth. I’m sure most of us can relate to her feelings.  Lucas is so sweet.  You can feel his relief once he realizes he can lean on someone else in protecting Lexi, even from herself, and his joy when he realizes he may get what he needs, too.  Watching Lucas once he’s backed by Aiden is like… **fans self** I’ll take two please!  Aiden is strong but not the silent type.  He has spent a year learning what he needs to know in order to step into the position he’s longed for since the day he walked away.  I felt his hope, guilt, and determination to do whatever it takes to make this work. The storyline is interesting and flowed so well I had to force myself to put it down and go to sleep.  It was great seeing Jack, Abby and Sam, plus Julian, Dani and Finn again! After this book, I am hoping there is a book in the works for the Wonder Twins… and one for Bo. I definitely recommend this book… ok, so I recommend this series but this book is a very strong addition. I honestly have yet to find a book by Sophie Oak that I DIDN’T like." -- Riane, Kinky Book Reviews

5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Reading a series like The Texas Sirens makes me so happy that there are writers like Sophie Oak. Ms. Oak knows how to create characters that are vulnerable yet strong while still being relatable despite the genre of the book. They are like real people with real emotions and baggage that anyone could have. Siren Beloved, the fourth in the series, does not disappoint. Lexi Moore is a broken woman who is on a downward spiral. She needs not just a strong man, but a strong Dom to help her find herself and forgive herself for her past. Even though Lucas Cameron tries his hardest to be the person that Lexi needs, he just can't be. Aidan O'Malley has a lot to deal with as well. Besides becoming comfortable with his sexual preferences, he needs to prove to both Lexi and Lucas that he is the man they need even though he left them before. While the threesome tries to work things out emotionally and sexually, there is a danger to Lexi that has to be dealt with as well. I love that the characters in Siren Beloved work so well with each other. The minor characters actually play a huge role in the way that they force Lexi, Luke and Aidan to stop and take a look at what going on around them, so that they might make the right decision not just for themselves but also for the ones they claim to love. I also love the fact that the characters are not perfect and that they are able to recognize it in themselves. It makes them more believable and lovable." -- Honey, BlackRaven's Reviews

5 HEARTS: "When your mom is married to two men, one who is the richest sexiest Dom in Texas, and you are in love with his kid brother, life can get a little complicated. Just ask Lexie Moore. She finds herself in more trouble than normal after a drunken night in Julian Lodge's BDSM club where her stepdad and boyfriend are members. For years she has been trying to lead a life that she can't quite wrap her arms around. All because Aiden, the man she knew who would make the perfect third in her love triangle with Lucas, dumped them. Faced with a set of rules she has to follow in order to not totally embarrass her family or Lucas, she sets out to prove she can handle what the newly returned Dom Aiden can dish. What she hadn't planned on was him dishing out his entire heart on a platter. The one thing I love the most about Sophie Oak's books is that she continues to keep the characters that you have fallen in love with from her previous ménage stories fresh in your mind and in your hearts. Whether you are a devoted Sophie Oak reader or a rookie, Siren Beloved will touch your heart. Ms. Oak develops strong characters with believable plots that draw you in and refuse you to let go until every single word has been read. Lexie and Lucas have been calling for their own story since we met them two stories ago. What they needed was a Dom to call their own. Enter Aiden O'Malley, former musician, military hero turned sexy rancher. Ms. Oak lets the reader into this tough guy's thoughts causing numerous sighs to escape from the reader's lips. Ms. Oak is a master at interweaving story lines and bringing characters full circle and this delightful novel is no different. I was impressed with the strength she allowed her heroine to exhibit in the end and was very excited to be able to look into that tough character's inner self and see a hidden sensitive character hidden within her soul. I loved Ms. Oak's humor that was clearly wrapped in Lexie's little sister's realistic dialogue. I can't wait to eventually read the fiery redheaded and spirited Olivia's story that will eventually bubble to the surface. Whether you are a fan of the Texas Siren series or a first time reader, you will find yourself enchanted by Siren Beloved." -- Susie Q, The Romance Studio

4.5 STARS: "This is the fourth book in the "Texas Sirens" series and continues on with characters found in the preceeding novels. Alexis is the daughter of Jack & Abigail Barnes, who together with the "third" has their story told in books one and two. Lucas is Jack's half brother. Aidan is briefly mentioned but really doesn't come into his own as a main character until this book. Lucas and Lexi have had an extremely close friendship/relationship for several years. Lucas knows all of Lexi's hurts and trials, has stood with her when Aidan walked away, brought Lexi into his world of BDSM at Julian Lodge's swanky "Club," Dallas' most infamous BDSM clubs and one where the membership fee would beggar most people. Because of their relationship to Jack Barnes, Lucas and Lexi have been experiencing this world weekly for quite some time but both know that they are only biding their time. Enter the mysterious Master A, a new and highly trained Dom who has agreed to work with Lexi and Lucas under contract and who is prepared to administer Lexi's "punishment" for her inappropriate behavior when she was drunk. But all does not go well, and just a little thing like noticing an old scar on the Master's face clues Lucas in to the fact that Master A is really Aidan. Talk about the "spit hitting the fan!" All Lexi's old hurts, all her sense of rejection and betrayal because of Aidan's leaving her just three weeks before their wedding, all her subsequent years of feeling unworthy of love, of putting aside her dreams to be a novelist, of knowing that Aidan was probably the love of her life and wondering how she can go forward -- all come back to swamp her emotions and unleash her anger. Lucas isn't far behind. He, too, had loved Aidan as one of the two people he loved most in life. Aidan's rejection of them both hurt him as much as Lexi. Now what shall they do? It is only when someone begins to shoot at Lexi as she stomps out of her apartment that she reluctantly accepts Aidan's presence as he and Lucas take her away from Dallas to Aidan's ranch about several hours away. This story is about three people who all share common hurts, who all love each other and are unwilling to acknowledge that love (with the exception of Aidan who is very up front in expressing his feelings), and who still struggle with the past. Aidan is scarred and broken in many ways because of his choice to go into the military and to come back home nearly dead. Yet now he will do whatever it takes to win his two loves back. He no longer cares what family or his small rural community might think of a polyamorous family. It's who he is and what he wants. Much to their collective surprise, the violence against them continues only now it is thought it is the work of a former girlfriend who seems intent on winning Aidan back, even though he has been very clear about not wanting her in his life any longer. This novel is also about owning up to one's needs and being willing to seek the remedy that addresses those needs. Lucas is better at this than Lexi. There are some hurts in her past which Lucas has been trying to get her to acknowledge and address verbally, but she is like many of us when we think that stuff like that will go away if we just don't think about them or talk about them. Lexi was so 'stuck' but she just couldn't seem to face her fears and her pain. This story brings these people forward with all their wounds and brokenness and I think the author has used them to address some common kinds of problems many have, regardless of the kind of relationship may be in question. Obviously, not all individuals seek a remedy through the practice of the BDSM lifestyle , but for these three, the giving up of their closely-held personal power meant that they also opened themselves to one another at a level that was healing and restorative. And in whatever relationship one may find themselves, the bottom line is just that: being willing to be fully available in spirit, emotion, heart, mind, and soul. It means giving up the pain and sharing the joys; acknowledging one's need to submit or dominate, being honest and taking responsibility for mistakes, causing hurt, or failing to act wisely. Human living and loving is messy, and in many ways this is a messy novel. When writing about life, the honest author acknowledges that fact and doesn't back away from the mess. Ms Oak is so many things as a writer, not the least of which is her innate honesty in addressing the realities of living and relating. All the characters in the novels in this series are connected with the BDSM lifestyle to some degree, but whatever the remedy people seek, being honest about the need and faithful in apply the remedy is ultimately the resolution. I found all these books to be so very well written. The characters really come alive and in all Ms Oak's work that is a quality she brings to the writing task. This is most definitely a menage relationship and that may offend some. But any reader of romance fiction today has to realize that the menage is gaining in popularity in all sorts of romantic settings and genres. Not at all rare as it once was. But if one has difficulty with that family configuration, there is still the underlying message in this book: open and honest communication, loving one another to put the other's needs before one's own, being faithful in one's willingness to accept one another as they are, and always willing to take the risks of loving fully and deeply without regard to the future eventualities. When considering those qualities of relating, Ms Oak has "hit one out of the park" with this book. I highly recommend all the novels in this series." -- Dr. J's Book Place

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“Please. Please. Aidan, you’re killing me.”

“What do you call me, Lexi Moore?” He was playing dirty, but it didn’t matter. He wanted to hear her acknowledge his place in her life.

“Sir,” she tried.

He backed off. “Not good enough. Any Dom is Sir. I don’t want to be a Sir.”

There was a pause. Aidan worked his fingers in and out, but it was a slow tease that would take forever to get her off. Lexi’s face bunched up in apparent frustration.

“Give it to him, Lexi.” Lucas stood behind them with a tube of lube and a couple of condoms in his hands. Aidan groaned at the thought of what Lucas was going to do with that lube. “You know you want to. And deep down you know he deserves it. We wouldn’t be here without him.”

“I don’t know about that, but you did sign a contract, and I go with you.” That was his Lexi. She wouldn’t give an inch without qualifying it. “Fine. Please, Master.”

He had to be content with that. Aidan leaned down and sucked her clit into his mouth.

Lexi went off like a firecracker. She pushed against his hands, and he felt her cream start to coat them. She was so wet, and he tasted every ounce of it. He felt Lucas’s hand on his back, caressing.

It was time.

Aidan got to his feet, licking the cream from his lips. He took the condom from Lucas’s hand and forced it over his cock. He looked down at Lexi, the world narrowing to just her. There had been women before her, but he hadn’t loved before he met Lexi. She’d been his first love. Lucas had come later, but she’d been the first time he’d felt his world open. His heart had filled with her, and he’d become a different human being. If only he’d followed that man—the one loving Lexi had created—they would never have separated. He would never have hurt her.

“I love you, Lexi.” He pressed his cock against her pussy and pushed in. He didn’t wait for her to reply. She wouldn’t. Her mouth would remain stubbornly closed because he hadn’t earned it yet, but he would. Aidan believed he would win her back.

Her eyes drifted close, and she sighed. It was a breathy little sound that told him he’d pleased her. She pleased him, too. More than she could imagine. Her cunt was tight and hot around him. She squeezed him, making him groan.

“Lucas, hurry.” Aidan wasn’t sure how long he would last. “She feels so good.”

“I know she does, Master.” Lucas didn’t seem to have Lexi’s problems with using his proper title, but then Aidan had always known Lucas would be the easy one to get to. Lucas understood what it meant to really fuck up and need a second chance.

Aidan groaned as he felt Lucas spread his cheeks and dribble lube on to his asshole.

“Cold, huh?” Lexi was grinning, a devilish little smile.

“Don’t tease me,” Aidan begged. He was nervous suddenly. Everything he wanted was right here. What if he wasn’t good enough? What if he failed them again?

“Hey.” Lexi pulled at his neck, dragging him down so they were face to face, inches away. “It’s going to be all right. It’s only uncomfortable. At least that’s what Lucas says. From what I understand, Lucas has lots of experience. Seriously, we could take a poll in several states, and they’ll tell you Lucas Cameron knows how to fuck an ass.”

“Thanks, Lexi,” Lucas said, sarcasm dripping.

But it had the effect Aidan thought she’d intended. He laughed, the nervousness slipping away. One of the things he loved about her was that she always made him laugh.

Lucas’s hand smoothed over his lower back, as though trying to soothe the scars he found there. “Aidan, we don’t have to do this. This position could be uncomfortable.”

Never knowing what it felt like would be more uncomfortable. “Do it, Lucas. Don’t make me tell you again, and don’t you dare hold back.”

He immediately felt something pressing against his lubed anus. The pressure wasn’t pain exactly, but it wasn’t pleasure. He tried to relax as Lucas rimmed his asshole. Lexi’s hands found his hair.

“Kiss me,” she said.

He wasn’t going to deny her that. He kissed her with everything he had. His dick pulsed inside her, but he held still. His tongue plunged in a naked imitation of what he wanted to do to her pussy. Over and over he slid his tongue against hers as Lucas pressed his fingers into his ass. He’d taken a plug there before. He wouldn’t ask anything of his subs he hadn’t tried himself, but warm flesh was different. Warm flesh moved and made him ache in a way no bit of plastic could.

“There it is,” Lucas said, his voice breathy with wonder.

Aidan gasped as something utterly amazing happened deep in his rectum. Lucas rubbed a magic spot that had him ready to lose control.

“Prostate. I think he just found your prostate,” Lexi explained with a wink. Her face quickly turned to a sweet little grimace. Her hips pumped up. “God, Lucas, get this bus moving.”

“Your wish. My command.”

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