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Siren Enslaved (MMF)

Texas Sirens

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 89,948
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[#336 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, Consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Julian Lodge has everything a man could want. He’s rich, successful and owns the most exclusive BDSM club in Dallas. But something is missing.

Finn Taylor has worked his way up in the world from humble beginnings in Willow Fork, Texas. The only thing he still loves in his hometown is Danielle Bay. He never told her he was actually bisexual, and he never confessed his love for her. Now she’s getting married, and Finn is sure he’s lost his chance with the only person he’ll ever love.

Julian’s vacation to the Barnes-Fleetwood ranch brings them all together. After Dani jumps into Julian’s car while fleeing her wedding, Julian knows he has to have her. But nothing is easy in Willow Fork. A danger from Julian’s past threatens them all. Julian will have to convince both Dani and Finn that being his will be the best decision they ever made.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sophie Oak is a Siren-exclusive author


NOTE! Each book in the Texas Sirens series is complete with a happy ending for each respective romance. Any of the books in this series can be read in any order.

User Reviews
Another wonderful book by Sophie Oak!!! I loved it.

- rhondavb

Awesome read... I got involved into their world with all their doubt and pain.

- Jadelotus

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Oh wow! Just when I thought she couldn't keep getting better, Sophie Oak has blown me away with the latest installment of the Texas Sirens Series, SIREN ENSLAVED. I laughed, cried, cringed, shouted, and everything else in between as I watched Master Julian's nice and orderly world come down around him--and I loved every minute of it! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I found out that this book was about Master Julian and two unknown characters. I wasn't quite sure that I would be invested enough in the characters, and boy, was I ever wrong! I should have known better than to doubt Ms. Oak, the new queen of the menage, as she not only made me interested in the characters, she also made me care about what happened to them. This is the story of Master Julian, aka the owner of The Club, aka Mr. "Every Sub has to know his or her place". This is about four years after SIREN IN THE CITY, the second book in the series, and Julian has given his last sub over to a permanent master. He now has no sub and he's restless. He decides to take a vacation in Willow Fork, the town where Abigail, Jackson and Sam live (the triad from the first two books in the series). While he's there, he decides to go through the applications he's taken for the next two subs he will put under contract (really, applications?!?). On his way, he happens upon an interesting scene of a woman running away from her wedding, and who Julian thinks is her groom since he's in a tuxedo. The bride, Danielle, gets in his car and orders him to drive away, and his life will never be the same. Danielle is an untrained sub who makes Julian long for things that he knows he can't have, and when her best friend Finn is added to the mix, he gets a taste of what could be. However, Julian is scared of the feelings they all have for each other and tries to push his two subs away. And when Julian's past comes back to haunt them all, he may realize too late that the one thing he's been running away from may just be what he needs the most. This book was incredible. The characters were very tangible and three-dimensional. Master Julian, who I thought was a bit cold and detached in the last book, had so much depth and longing that he made my heart ache more than once. For all his money and success in business, he only had a few people that he could truly count on. He kept himself firmly guarded due to a very traumatic childhood. Danielle, on the other hand, had many disappointments in life as well, but she continued to love because that's what made her happy. It made her complement him quite nicely. And Finn, poor guy, finally gets the nerve to tell the woman he loves that he's actually not gay, and he finds out she's getting married. And when she runs away from her wedding, it's not into his arms but the arms of an uber Dom, mega billionaire, sex god! Talk about bad luck! But watching Finn come to terms with his own sexuality and dark desires was a fascinating process. The plot was very riveting and and very well paced. I just couldn't stop reading. There was a good amount of suspense to the story even though we knew who the bad guy (or guys) were. We also got to revisit some favorite characters from the previous books in the series. Abby, Jack and Sam are very prevalent in the book as well as Abby's older daughter Lexi and Jack's brother Lucas. It was especially nice catching up with all of them, but I'm very intrigued and what's happing with Lucas and Lexi. I'm sure there's more to that story, I just can't wait to read all about it. Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the smokin' hot lovin' that is in this book. Very erotic but also very emotional, I was taken aback by the depth of feeling that this seemingly cold character (Julian) displayed through the act of making love. This is a M/M/F menage so there is M/M interaction as well, but all of it was sizzling, making you sweat and fanning yourself hot. There are some BDSM elements but they were surprisingly mild. And everything just came together to make a phenomenal, highly suspenseful and wonderfully erotic read. Sophie Oak has made quite the name for herself with her erotic romances that have great plots. She's an automatic buy for me, and I continue to be impressed by the amazing work she's done with this whole series. If you haven't tried them out yet, go ahead a take the change. I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed!" -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Sophie Oak has done it again. Her magic wove a story that was difficult to put down as you find yourself cheering on a Dom who is as difficult a challenge as the small town life Dani lives in. Ms. Oak's characters are so full of vibrancy, realism, and uniqueness that you don't want the story to end. Julian is a tough Dom who is in reality an ass. But his character is written so well, that you are able to care about him and anticipate that he is able to become the ultimate Alpha Male capable of giving his submissives everything they need. Seeing Abby, Sam, and Jackson from the first two Siren novels living their HEA, definitely played on Julian's mind causing him to question who he was. While the sex is blistering, the BDSM story elements were pretty tame and would not interfere in a non-BDSM reader enjoying this magical story. It truly is the story line that has the reader falling in love with Siren Enslaved. I look forward to the next Sophie Oak release knowing that I will definitely be getting my monies worth!"-- Susie Q., The Romance Studio

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Sophie Oak’s writing is quite lovely. She brings her characters to life and brings her readers into each vivid scene all the way through the novel. I’m certainly going to have to pick up books one and two in her Texas Sirens series as soon as possible. For those of you out there that haven’t read anything by this author, I can certainly say that I didn’t feel left out by not having read the first two books. There are overlapping characters but Ms. Oak does a nice job of wrapping everything together for this story alone while giving a smidge of backstory for the recurring characters that has certainly enticed me to find out more. The erotic scenes were absolutely smokin’ hot, and that’s even before we add Finn to the mix part of the way through. If you haven’t read anything by Sophie Oak yet, what are you waiting for? If you love tantalizing BDSM plots mixed with suspense, stalkers, golddiggers and more, then Siren Enslaved is sure to please. I will most assuredly be on the lookout for more books by Sophie Oak in the future." -- Jae, Dark Divas Reviews

5 CUPS: "Whether you are a longtime fan of Ms. Oak or just reading her for the first time, I can guarantee she will definitely steal your heart and have you craving more. Siren Enslaved is no different as the various subject matter throughout the story gives testament to the talent this amazing author has. Each character has emotional obstacles they need to overcome in order to reach the level of love this book promises. As the tantalizing tale continues, we see three characters in varying degrees of poignant moments that make up the heart and soul of this book. Every time I read a Sophie Oak novel, I know I am going to be reading a story full of heart, emotion, pitfalls, and steamy sex!" -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

5 CHERRIES: "In a move that would have impressed Burt and Sally (think Smokey and the Bandit circa 1977), Danielle “Dani” Bay literally launches herself into the car of the Master of Masters, one Julian Lodge, in an effort to escape a loveless union and finally take control of her destiny. Welcome back to Willow Fork, Texas, the old biddies are still small minded, the gossip mills are running strong and the richest family in town, the Barnes-Fleetwoods, are still in league with the d-e-v-i-l. This reviewer was thrilled to return for an exciting new story that had me losing sleep rather than putting down my eReader. In the third installment of the Texas Sirens series, we go where no man or woman has gone before, into the past and the heart of The Club owner, Julian Lodge -- you may call him Sir. We were introduced to Julian in book 2 of the series when Jack, Sam and Abby travel to Dallas to clean up a family problem. How to describe Julian Lodge??? In a word he is INTENSITY personified. Have you ever known anyone who had so much charisma and stage presence that people stop and stare when they walk into a room? That is Julian Lodge. Ms. Oak does an amazing job of building up this powerful, self-confident, aloof man in the minds of the readers as well as the characters and then literally brings him to his knees for the love of a woman who manages to carve out a part of his seemingly impenetrable heart. Actually, it isn’t just any woman who wins over Julian. Dani’s best friend and secret love of her life, Finn Taylor, is the other corner of this beautiful triad. Again, Ms. Oak works her magic of character building when we meet Finn. He’s completely in love with and loyal to Dani and is willing to be a slave to Julian if it means being by her side. The reader gets a glimpse into the hellacious teen years after Finn realized he was attracted to men as well as women. Like Finn, we are treated to a screen shot of Dani’s painful years of growing up as poor white trash in Willow Fork. Watching the changes in both Dani and Finn once they become involved with Julian were truly breathtaking and poignant. I could go on and on about the many layers of this amazing book but you really just need to read it to understand. You don’t have to have read the first two in the series to enjoy Siren Enslaved but it helps to get to know the secondary characters that are present. One of the aspects of the story I really enjoyed was that it smoothly shifts POV from Dani, Finn and Julian. It was easy to become emotionally invested in the story when I could better understand the characters motivation. Since starting reviewing I have been “introduced” to a lot of terrific writers but there are a dozen or so that I consider truly outstanding story tellers. Sophie Oak is one of those. No matter if she takes you to Bliss, Colorado, a private island, a secluded ranch or Willow Fork, Texas you walk away knowing you have been a part of a fantastic and well developed adventure. If you look for stories that tug at your heart strings while stealing your breath you will love Siren Enslaved. I know I did." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4.5 RAVENS: "Siren Enslaved is book three in the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak. I have anxiously awaited and thoroughly enjoyed each book in this series. While a relatively new author, Ms. Oak clearly has the skills, imagination and creativity necessary to continue to offer her readers excellent stories. While there are many wonderful characters in this book in addition to the three who are central to Siren Enslaved, this is really Julian’s story. He is a man of great finesse and power and, as is so often the case in life, he knows what everyone else should do about situations in their lives but is a tad clueless about his own. At a very difficult time in his life, Julian accidentally rescues a young woman and then is entangled with the young man who has always cared deeply for the young woman but was not the man she was going to marry. See, it’s intriguing already, isn’t it? Let’s just leave it that all three main characters come with baggage that must to be sorted through before they can continue their life’s journey. In addition to doing a fabulous job with characterization of individuals, Sophie Oak also has the dynamic of small town life down pat. From the religious zealots, to the women who seem to make it a hobby to judge everyone and share their opinions with others of the same ilk, to those sweet souls who try to be supportive and kind whether they understand the situation or not as well as those who really don’t give a hoot who knows or says what, this is a masterpiece of small town interaction. The plot of the story runs the gamut from hysterically funny in some places to quite heartwrenching and poignant in others. As well as the great story line that includes the background on Julius, who has been a bit of a mystery man up to this book, there is a person from his past who means to harm him and those he cares about. Folded into the scenes of Siren Enslaved are issues all of us can relate to. The need to let go of things from the past in order to discover our future, the importance of being honest with those we love whether we think it will please them or not, and accepting our gifts and talents whatever they may be are just a few of the points made in the course of Julian’s story. There are also some very interesting insights about marriage and child rearing that come from the amazing triad of the former books in the series. Siren Enslaved is both interesting and enjoyable. Obviously there is a level of BDSM presented and there are interesting toys, terrific sex scenes and an HEA ending. Have at it. You won’t be sorry!" -- Lea, BlackRaven's Reviews

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“On the bed, little one. We need you.” Julian’s rasp filled her with desire.

Dani shimmied out of her jeans and practically threw herself on the bed. Her muscles ached, but it was nothing compared to how much she needed them. She scooted back to give them plenty of room, but when she looked up, Julian had his hands on Finn. She watched, completely transfixed, as Julian pulled Finn’s clothes off. His hands ran down Finn’s muscular chest toward his straining cock.

“Let me kiss you, Sir.” Finn was still under his hands. “I want to taste her on your lips.”

“She’s on more than my lips, Finn.” Julian’s mouth hovered above Finn’s. “I can still taste her on my tongue.”

He devoured Finn. Their heads slanted as they kissed, and Dani caught a glimpse of their tongues playing, exchanging the juice of her cunt between them. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other. Julian held Finn’s head still as he plundered his mouth. Though dominant, the hold was gentle. She felt the growing love and trust between the two men. After a moment’s sweet play, they broke away and turned to her. Two hard, enormous cocks pointed her way. Dani felt a pulse deep in her pussy. If they didn’t fuck her soon, she was going to die. Her muscles ached. Her skin was bruised, and none of that mattered because she wanted them inside her. She needed the reassurance that came with making love. She would know she was alive and wanted and loved.

“Finn, you take her pussy,” Julian said.

Finn leapt onto the bed. He covered her with his body, spreading her legs. His fingers parted her, playing in her juices. “You’re so wet for us, baby. Do you know how crazy that makes me?”

If the size of his erection was any indication, she could guess that it made him really crazy. Dani sighed as he pushed his fingers into her cunt. It felt so good, so right, to have him inside, and it would feel even better when Julian joined him.

Julian chuckled at the end of the bed. He held a tube of lubricant in his hands as he watched them play. “Finn, I think you’ll find I need you in a different position. Let Danielle be the sweet cowgirl she is. Let her ride you.”

Finn growled as he flipped her around. He reached to the nightstand and picked up a condom. “Put it on me.”

A little thrill went through her at Finn’s dark command. He sounded rough and demanding. It did all kinds of things to her pussy. She took the packet out of his hands, but wanted him in her mouth before she did anything else. She leaned over and licked at the head of Finn’s weeping cock. She sucked, drawing the salty pre-cum into her mouth, and was rewarded with Finn’s deep groan.

“Lift your ass in the air, little one,” Julian commanded. “I’ll prepare you while you prepare our Finn.”

Dani felt Finn’s fingers tangle in her hair as she moved her ass up, wiggling it invitingly. Finn grunted as he spread his legs and thrust up into her mouth. He didn’t seem to need the same things from her that he needed from Julian. From her, Finn seemed to need softness and submission. Perhaps he was really closer to being a switch than he thought he was.

“God, Dani, suck me. Take my cock all the way in. I want to feel the back of your throat.” Finn gently guided her head down, helping her swallow his cock inch by inch.

Dani whirled her tongue around his dick, enjoying the salty taste of him. She sucked him in deep, long passes, taking him in until her chin bumped his balls.

“You two are beautiful, you know,” Julian said. She felt him get on the bed with them. His big hands cupped the curves of her rear. “I enjoy watching you. I never liked that before, but I believe one of the things I’ll have you do regularly is put on a show for me.”

Dani shivered at the thought, and her mind took it one or two steps further. She could see herself at The Club, making love with Finn for their Master’s pleasure while everyone watched. It was inconceivable, but she felt beautiful enough to do it. Julian chuckled as he slipped two fingers into her pussy.

“You like that thought, little one. There’s an exhibitionist in there.”

Dani felt his hands worshipping her curves. Julian’s lips kissed the skin at the small of her back. She could feel the soft sweep of his hair on her hips as she licked and nibbled on Finn’s cock.

Dani groaned when Julian parted the cheeks of her ass.

“No one’s taken you here before?”

“No, Sir.” Oh, he was going to do it. Dani shivered in anticipation. He was going to shove that huge cock up her ass while she rode Finn.

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