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Souls Pass (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 62,352
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Amy Gordon is a very sought-after model who has been busy traveling the globe. While away, she learns that her mother has passed away. Only a few months later, her father dies. While home for the funeral, she falls in love with a ranch manager—again. Is it déjà vu?

Amy and Rick share several heated encounters, only Amy pulls back each time before it gets too intense. This frustrates Rick to no end, and he discovers that he has to have her in every sense of the word.

Amy runs from her emotions and returns to New York. Feeling vulnerable after the death of her parents in the previous year, she becomes susceptible to the advances of Jack, an ex-boyfriend who convinces her to take him back. Her family instantly despises Jack. Rick is convinced he knows Jack from somewhere…but where, and how do they convince Amy that he is up to no good?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "SOULS PASS is the first published book for Charlene Penfold, and I must say that it has a very interesting storyline. The passion that the two characters feel for each other is hot and enough to make you want a man just like Rick. Their heated fantasies that they explore are so yummy. SOULS PASS centers on a super model and a ranch manager that fell in love at first sight. Only, Amy was confused about her feelings about Rick, and after he ignored her, she tried to move on. She decides to give her ex-boyfriend Jack a second chance. But Rick is not ready to let her go and kisses her with so much passion, it was lovely. Amy can't resist his kisses and can't believe she is in love with him when she didn't even have sex with him yet. A secret is revealed about her new "friend" and everything changes for Amy and Rick. But Rick has his own secret and he's scared to let Amy know because it might bring violence to her family. The main characters were passionate and sensual. I loved the other characters that came into play--her sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I do have to say that it was a little hard to get into the story at first, but after a couple of chapters, it came alive and I could not let go of my Nook. It was a little hard to follow the dialogue of the characters, I guess, because I am used to breaks where each character has his own thoughts. I loved how the characters expressed their feelings about each other and how you actually saw their relationship flourish. Rick was a very passionate man that was able to express his feelings for Amy, especially writing her special notes. Amy was different, and even though she was a top model, she never acted snotty or conceited. She tried to help everyone possible and protected what was hers. Readers, give this book a chance and be prepared to get wrapped up in the love between Amy and Rick. See how Amy is able to over come the deception of her ex-boyfriend and also her reaction to Rick's secret. See how their world becomes one and their extremely happily ever after." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews




Amy invited him into her bed. This time, he would undress her, admiring her beauty, taking it all in. It still bothered him about being in the witness protection program and that he hadn’t come clean in telling her, and their little bit of lifestyle difference, but he was confident that they could overcome these obstacles. His contact at the FBI hadn’t called him back yet. He needed to talk to them, to find out what information he could tell her.

He would think about what kind of life they would share later. Right now his body was telling him to shut up and pay attention to the growing desire that he felt for this amazing woman. He caressed every inch of her body, photographing it to his memory as he slowly, seductively undressed her.

She lay there in admiration as her own desires were welling up inside her. He blew softly across her taut nipples, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. He was taking his time exploring every inch of her magnificent, firm-in-all-the-right-places body. He slid down her as he approached her womanhood, her warm, sensuous, sweet-smelling mound. His fingers found their way amongst her trimmed auburn curls, and he toyed with her swelling clit. She moaned, she squirmed under his touches, and he pressed his nose closer. His tongue took a short swipe…Yum, tasty, sweet. Another lick, longer, more as he continued to rub her clit. He inserted one finger, two, and three…She was moaning and squirming with the thrusts of his fingers, calling out his name. He believed on his first touch that he found her G-spot.

If this is just what his fingers can do to me, I can’t wait for the real thing, to have his cock thrusting and pounding inside of me. How much longer is he going to make me wait? I need to tell him now, before…“Oh, my Goddddd…Yes, oh, sweet yes,” she huskily pronounced, one orgasm down as she bucked beneath him and tightened her muscles around his fingers. Several more to come, she hoped! A series of yeses in between, finger thrusts, and more groans of pure pleasure were telling him that she was very close to another orgasm, and then, without another word, her thighs tightened again and she let go.

“Why don’t you, umm…come up here?”

He quickly obeyed her command, and his tongue probed her mouth to find hers waiting eagerly to dance with his. They shared hot, sensual kisses, his hands roaming her body again. She broke from the kiss. “Someone is wearing too much clothing.”

He quickly undressed himself, not wanting to stop pleasing her as it was giving him so much pleasure…Before he could get back on the bed, she sat up to the edge of the bed. Staring back at her was his cock. She had never had oral sex before, but what he just did to her was awesome, and now it was her turn to give some of that pleasurable feeling back.

She reached out and placed one hand around his enormous erection and the other cupped his balls, and she gently started to rub them. She started to stroke his erection, sliding her hand up and down. She watched his face, and he quivered as she leaned forward and her tongue licked its way around him like an ice cream cone. Then, in one quick swoop, she engulfed his cock into her mouth, suckling up and down, making slurping noises and moans as his hands found their way to the back of her head, helping her motion, not quite sure how far she was willing to take it.

He thought it was only fair to warn her of his impending release. “Ummm, Ames.” There were slurps and lip-smacking actions as she lifted her eyes to listen to him. “Hon, I’m about to explode…” She continued, ignoring his comment. “Oh, sweet Jesus…yes, oh, yes.” As he helped her, he thrust forward, sending his cock deeper into her mouth. It happened, her first oral orgasm. He came. He was still coming. She licked her lips, surprised at its sweet yet slightly salty flavour. Its texture was sticky.

Still watching him, she took what was on her hands and rubbed her crotch. “Baby, you turn me on fire…” He pushed her back on the bed and parted her legs wider. He fell into position, not wanting to waste any more time. She helped guide his cock into her, not that he needed any guidance. She just couldn’t wait any longer. He pumped, in and out, slow thrusts, hips moving in circular motions, her rhythm in tune with his. The pumping action quickened. Thrusting harder, trying to get deeper, he couldn’t get close enough to her. 

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