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Special Delivery: A Bride

Rose Petal

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: No Rating
Word Count: 1,090
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Josh Harding had a special delivery - one he was not prepared for in the least. Seems his daughters had taken it upon themselves to find their father a wife!


“I’m here for a package, Mickey. My girls said they’d ordered something from back East, and it came today.” Josh Harding glanced around the depot. No strange packages filled the corners. He caught the gaze of a young woman seated on a bench. She quickly lowered her head to the book clutched in her hands. He pulled off his Stetson and ran a quick hand through his hair.
Mickey nodded at the woman, giving Josh a wink. “She was the only thing on the last stage, Josh. Reckon your girls ordered you a bride.”
Josh turned slowly, realization dawning. No wonder Sarah had insisted he comb his hair and Rebecca had urged him to change his shirt before heading into town. He shook his head as the woman looked up, an expectant, though tremulous, smile on her face.
“There’s been some kind of mistake,” he said.
She rose from the bench and walked to him, her hand extended. She held a folded paper. “I answered your letter, Mr. Harding. I was under the impression you were expecting me.”
Josh stared down into the widest, bluest eyes he’d ever seen. Her cheeks blushed a pale pink, like the underside of a rose. Dark brown ringlets skimmed her narrow shoulders, the remainder tucked beneath a simple bonnet of homespun cloth. The top of her head barely reached his collarbone. He swallowed to moisten his dry throat.
“I’m afraid I know nothing about it, Miss—”

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