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Stefan (MM)

Marius Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 37,238
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, bondage, public exhibition, sex toys]

Stefan Marius learned early on that his desire for men was not only frowned upon, but forbidden, so he hid it from everyone until he believed it himself. When his brothers both find male mates and receive the full support of their family, Stefan begins to question what he knows.

Deciding that he needs time away to come to terms with himself, Stefan takes a road trip. Along the way, he checks out the gay scene looking for answers. But Stefan never thought he'd find his mate, Patrick, inside of a gay club. He certainly didn't think he'd find the man chained down to a table performing public sex acts against his will. Stefan could care less that Patrick is trapped in a situation not of his own making or that the sadistic man holding him hostage will want him back. Stefan just knows he has to rescue his mate. 



A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Ok I admit I bought this one just for the cover and then fell in love with Stefan!!!!

- Keara

a good read

- a_dream_on

Professional Reviews

BEST BOOK: "I give Joyee Flynn two were-paws up. With a great cast, plot, and writing style this story gives any reader exactly what they are looking for in an m/m paranormal erotic story. Patrick has suffered every type of abuse and abandonment imaginable yet he still manages to open his heart to Stefan. He is able to recognize that Stefan is not like the others in his life and genuinely wants to help him. The fact that Patrick is able to put his trust into someone after everything he has been through is commendable. It shows that he has been able to maintain some semblance of hope even when things seem to be at their worst. I also like that he becomes possessive over Stefan because it shows how desperately he needs his knight in shining armor. Stefan is a sweetie who only wants to help his mate. Even if Patrick does not accept him as a mate, Stefan just wants to know he did everything he could to help Patrick escape his controlling master. This makes it clear to the reader that Stefan has a big and open heart, but after meeting the rest of his family in this story I can see where he gets it from. The connection between Stefan and Patrick is breathtaking. It is amazing the lengths they go to in order to make each other happy. Not only does their love grow because of this but they are able to embrace who they are as individuals and grow. When reading this story I felt drawn into the relationship and hearts of the characters. I just wanted to yell “group hug” so we could all embrace and just hold on another. While I do not want to spoil the story I felt that something needed mentioning. There is one particular life changing event that Patrick must face and the results for me were just too funny. I could read that and the following few scenes over and over again and still not be tired of them. They are probably some of the most memorable ones I have ever read and with the amount I read, that says a lot. I have labeled this story with BDSM and forced seduction. That is because when Stefan finds Patrick he is forced into having sex with men. He has agreed to be used for sex but he still does not like it. These forced sexual acts take place in a BDSM club. So these labels in no way reflect Patrick and Stefan’s relationship. This story did have a few antagonistic conflicts. We are presented with the club owner who wants his property -- a.k.a. Patrick -- back. Also Patrick is not welcomed with open arms from all of the werewolves in the story. These conflicts helped demonstrate the lengths that Stefan and Patrick go to protect one another. Though I will say I would have loved this story without these additional conflicts, because these two men alone are enough to keep anyone interested. I have not had the pleasure of reading the previous stories from this series but after falling in love with Stefan and Patrick, as well as Stefan’s family, I plan on picking up both previous stories as well as any future stories and I would suggest to anyone else to do the same." -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews

"In this third installment in the Marius Brothers series, Stefan bursts with charming characters that make this an entertaining and sexy story. The lovers are captivating and so sweet readers can’t help falling for them. The secondary characters are equally enchanting. It did seem, however, as though Patrick dealt with his sexual slavery a little too easily and quickly. Extreme difficulties are glossed over rapidly in this storyline instead of being examined to keep the plotline more lighthearted. Bottom line, the focus of this story is a very hot romance with lovely characters and that totally works here for Stefan." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Patrick kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Stefan was sweet, understanding, and protective. He had saved Patrick, after all. Stefan had bought him food, loaned him clothes, and gotten a hotel room with two beds just so Patrick felt there wasn’t any pressure for sex. So why did he feel there was a lot more to Stefan than he was saying? Is that why he was so quick to avoid Patrick’s question about the chains?

Just then Stefan hopped back into the car with their room keys. He drove them to the back side of the hotel where the car wouldn’t be visible from the street. After they parked, Patrick put Stefan’s coat back on, and Stefan grabbed a couple of his bags. He unlocked and held the room door open for Stefan, walking in after him.

Patrick turned on the lights, locked the door, and drew the shades closed before turning back to Stefan.

“Look, Stefan,” he started to say, trying to choose his words carefully. “I appreciate all you’ve done for me, I really do. But I can’t help shaking this feeling there’s something you aren’t telling me?”

“There is,” Stefan replied. “I just didn’t want to tell you in the car. Will you come over here and sit by me?” He patted the bed next to him. Patrick went and sat down, turning to face him.

“Okay, spill it,” he said, taking off Stefan’s jacket.

“This is going to sound weird,” Stefan explained, “but just hear me out, okay?” He waited for Patrick to nod before continuing. “I think we can both agree if I wanted to harm you, I could have already, right?”

“Right,” Patrick answered, a little confused. “You’ve had more than enough chances to. I don’t think you want to hurt me. You’ve been nothing but nice to me, Stefan.”

“Just remember that, okay?” Stefan replied before opening his mouth. Patrick sat there watching him, wondering what he was supposed to be seeing. Until he saw fangs extend in Stefan’s mouth.  Then he got it.

“You have fangs, Stefan,” he whispered.

“Yes,” Stefan said, retracting his fangs. “I’m not going to hurt you, Patrick, but I don’t want to lie to you, either.”

“So, you’re telling me you’re a vampire, right?” Patrick asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.”


“Yeah, pretty much,” Stefan said again chuckling. “Are you scared?”

“No,” Patrick answered honestly. It just came out before he could stop himself. But he realized he was telling the truth. He wasn’t scared of Stefan.

“I don’t know what to say now,” Stefan said, looking confused. “I’ve never told a human what I was before. And you’re taking it really well, so I’m a little lost at what happens next.”

“Yeah, this is a first for me, too,” Patrick said, laughing. “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure, I won’t lie to you, Patrick. I swear.”

“Do you drink blood?”

“Yes, but I eat food, too. I need both to stay healthy and survive,” Stefan replied. “My family owns a couple of blood banks, so we have accounts set up with all the covens in the U.S. It’s actually against our laws to drink from humans, unless it’s an emergency.”

“Have you ever drunk from humans?”

“Yes, before blood banks were around, but I’ve never killed a human.”

“But you have killed.”

“Yes, but can we go back to that explanation later?” Stefan asked. “It’s kind of a long explanation I’d rather shelf for now.”

“Fair enough,” Patrick replied. “What else can you do? Besides the fangs, I mean. Is that rude to ask?”

“No,” Stefan answered, laughing, “I don’t think there are rules for this situation. Just ask whatever you want.”

Patrick watched as Stefan’s fangs extended again, his hands grew into claws, and his eyes turned a really dark green, almost black.

“Cool,” Patrick said. “Wow, this is really some night. I get freed from that hell hole, only to find out my rescuer is a vampire.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t really planning on rescuing anyone tonight, either,” Stefan replied, chuckling.

“Wow, I kissed a vampire,” Patrick said with a giggle.

“Are you grossed out?” Stefan asked, turning back to his normal self.

“No, Stefan, not at all,” Patrick said, grabbing Stefan’s hand. “You’re the first person I’ve ever kissed, ever wanted to kiss. I enjoyed every second of it, I swear.”

“You’re the first man I’ve ever kissed,” Stefan confessed.

“Really? How come?”

“That’s a really long story, but the short version is I’ve only recently embraced I was gay,” he answered.

“How old are you?”

“Six hundred eighty-three, you?”

“Twenty,” Patrick answered, not knowing what else to say.

“Do you like older men?” Stefan asked. They were both quiet for a minute before they both burst out laughing.

“What about sunlight?” Patrick asked when they stopped laughing and wiped away the tears in his eyes.

“Myth. Granted I’m more sensitive to it than you are, but nothing sunglasses won’t cure.”

“So, were you turned?”

“No, that’s a myth, too. Vampires are born what we are. You can’t be turned into one.”







“Okay, I’m out for now,” Patrick said, laughing again. “So what are you still not telling me?”

“Um, well,” Stefan started to stutter.

“Come on, Stefan,” Patrick urged, “I’ve been doing pretty well taking this all in. Just tell me.”

“Vampires mate for life,” he explained, starting to fidget. “Our mates have a certain scent to them. When we smell it, we know it’s the person fate has chosen for us.”

“Seriously?” Patrick asked in surprise. Wow, mating for life. That could be a really, really long time for a vampire.

“Seriously,” Stefan answered.

“Okay, what else?”

“When I saw you at the club, what I said earlier was true, every word of it,” Stefan told him. “What I didn’t say is I also smelled that scent, the scent of my mate. I was also following that scent when I walked over to see what they were doing to you. The scent was coming from you, Patrick.”


“Yeah,” Patrick replied, thinking it was an understandable request. “But will you shower with me? I know I’m a chicken, but I don’t want to be alone. Plus, I want to erase the memories I have of the asshole touching me. I’d much rather have the feeling of you touching me.”

“Are you sure, Patrick?” Stefan asked, “I don’t want to rush you.”

“No, I’m not sure,” he answered honestly. “But I want to.”

“Okay, then I’d like that,” Stefan replied, smiling at him. They both got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. Stefan turned on the shower as Patrick got undressed. “You are so beautiful.”

“Me?” he asked, not believing Stefan. “I’m short and scrawny.”

“You’re little.” Stefan chuckled as he pulled off his shirt. “But everyone’s little to me. And you’re not scrawny, you’ve been underfed. Once we get you eating normally again, you’ll fill out.”

Patrick watched in awe as Stefan bent over to take off his shoes and socks. The man was one large, continuous muscle. There wasn’t an inch of fat on Stefan. Patrick felt his mouth water as he watched Stefan undo his belt, and then his pants. When he finally pushed his pants and boxers down his hips, Patrick couldn’t believe the sight before him.

Stefan had to have at least nine inches of thick, glorious cock and not a single hair on his body. Patrick licked his lips, looking over the sexy man standing in front of him.

“Patrick,” Stefan groaned, “you can’t look at me like that and expect me to behave myself.”

“Sorry,” Patrick replied, feeling his face flush, “I’ve just never seen anyone as sexy as you before. The idea you want me for the rest of my life, and I can touch you every day, makes me hard.”

“I noticed,” Stefan said, subtly pointing to his now hard cock. Patrick knew his cock wasn’t small. It was actually pretty big for his size. Completely hard, like he was now, he had a good eight and a half inches and thick around. He watched Stefan turn around and get into the shower. Oh my, Patrick thought the view from the front was good. Stefan had broad shoulders, a completely ripped back, and the firmest ass Patrick had ever seen.

He quickly got into the shower with Stefan, reaching for the soap. Patrick lathered up his hands and reached up and started to wash Stefan’s back. He worked the soap well, shaking with desire by the time he reached Stefan’s ass. Letting out a moan as he caressed the firm globes, he then moved his hands over Stefan’s hips.

Getting the idea, Stefan turned around to face him. He watched Patrick soap up his legs, working his way up. Patrick completely bypassed his groin and worked the soap over his wonderful abs. Stefan let out a moan as he reached his chest and took his time with Stefan’s pecs and nipples. When Patrick reached up to wash his shoulder, Stefan leaned down and mashed his lips into Patrick’s.

Stefan wrapped his body around Patrick, his hard cock rubbing Patrick’s abdomen. Patrick squeaked as Stefan lifted him up and held him under his ass, his back against the wall of the shower.

“You’re going to have to tell me when to stop, Patrick,” Stefan whispered, sucking on his earlobe.

“Don’t stop,” Patrick answered, groaning. He wrapped his legs around Stefan’s waist and his arms around his neck. Stefan moved his hips back and forth, their hard cocks rubbing against each other. “Don’t stop, feels too good.”

“I never thought it could be like this,” Stefan hissed in his ear, kissing his way down his neck and back up to Patrick’s lips. The kiss was wild and passionate, but demanding at the same time. He felt like Stefan was asking him for everything Patrick was with that kiss. He didn’t want it to ever end.

Patrick started to thrust his hips into Stefan’s, grinding their cocks harder together.

“Oh, baby, just like that,” Stefan moaned against his lips. “Fuck that feels good.”

“Yeah, it does,” Patrick replied, moving his hips faster. He loved the way Stefan’s cock felt against his. He had never experienced anything like it ever.

“Fuck, you’re so amazing, Patrick,” Stefan said. “I’ve never wanted someone so badly in my life.”

“You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, Stefan,” Patrick stated, lifting his head to look into Stefan’s eyes. He wanted Stefan to see how much he meant what he said.

“I’m going to fall for you so hard,” Stefan whispered as they kept grinding their cocks. “Please don’t break my heart, please. I don’t think I could take it.”

“I won’t, Stefan” Patrick replied, knowing right then he wanted Stefan forever. He tilted his head to the side. “Bite me, Stefan. Make me yours.”

“Are you sure? There’s no going back once I do this, Patrick.”

“I’m sure,” Patrick answered, kissing Stefan again. “I only want you. I want to be yours. I want you to be mine.” He tilted his head to the side again, the invitation to bite him clear.

“Mine, always mine.” Stefan growled as he licked Patrick’s neck before sinking his fangs in. Patrick let out a cry of pleasure before shooting his seed over both of them. He’d never come with anyone else, ever. He’d masturbated when he was younger, but it felt nothing like this. Lights flashed behind his eyes, the orgasm so intense it overwhelmed him. He heard Stefan roar out his release and felt his seed mix in with his own before all he saw was black.

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