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Stolen Kisses (Black Hills Wolves #61)

Black Hills Wolves

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 30,000
Available Formats

A woman looking for a connection
Following her grandmother’s death, Sadie Burrows-King leaves the only pack she’s ever known in search of family ties. Crashing into Los Lobos, literally, she finds herself face-to-face with a man who calls to the lonely wolf inside her.

A man on the fringes of society
Orphaned wolf, Easton Quaid, survived the cruel years of Magnum’s reign by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of others, of the pack, but not really part of it. His world turns upside down when a new wolf blows into town. It will take every ounce of patience to claim her as his mate.

Stolen kisses
Set a task in the scavenger hunt, Sadie and Easton must work together. Proximity and attraction lead to stolen kisses and more between the pair. The mating call is strong, but is it too much for her to handle?

Secrets and celebrations
A new family, a new pack, and the temptation of a new mate. Sadie had everything she ever dreamed of, right? As the Winter Solstice celebrations get into full swing, old secrets are revealed. Sadie faces the decision of her life. Is she a solid, reliable Burrows, or a flighty, untrustworthy King? It’s not only her heart at risk if she makes the wrong choice.


One of those old Hollywood movie kisses where the hero tips the heroine over his arm. She’d never been kissed like that. Most of the time kissing had been a stepping stone to other things, hotter things. What would it be like to have a man focus his whole attention on the intimate exploration of mouths and tongues? The first tentative press segueing into wet heat; learning the taste and touch of each other—


Startled out of her reverie, Sadie blinked, then blushed at the sight of Gee’s retreating back. She’d been so busy thinking about kissing, she hadn’t even noticed him taking his leave. Hopefully, the dark would shield the heat on her cheeks; she clenched her fists in her pockets to stop herself from drawing attention to the rosy flush. “Sorry. I was just thinking about….”

Easton stepped closer, the crisp crunch of snow beneath his boots the only sound in the silent evening. With gentle hands he lifted the collar of her jacket to shield her face from the sharp edge of the wind, and she tilted her head to bring her cheek into contact with the backs of his fingers. Keeping hold of her collar, he pulled her closer, forcing Sadie to catch her wait on the balls of her feet.

His lips were softer than she expected, warm and dry, thank goodness. One potential boyfriend had never got past a first, unpleasantly wet kiss. “If you’re thinking about something else then I’m not doing this right,” he murmured against her mouth.

She didn’t have time to formulate a response because he took possession of the kiss, wiping every thought from her mind. Opening eagerly to the insistent press of his tongue, Sadie let his hands take her weight and leaned into him. He swept inside, leaving nothing untouched in his thorough exploration. The fresh bite of his natural scent swirled around her head, enhanced by the crisp cold air, the perfect accompaniment to her own vanilla sweetness. A tugging sensation built low in her belly and she whimpered when he broke the kiss with a wrench of his head.

Hot breath gusted over her cheek, matching the breathless sawing of her lungs. “Sadie, Sadie….”

There was a question in the way he said her name, and she had only one answer for him. “Yes.”

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