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What are StrandBucks?

Need to buy a book that costs less than $4.99 using StrandBucks? Follow these easy steps.


1. Add StrandBucks to cart: $5, $25, $50, or $100.
2. Remove any titles from your cart if necessary. Only StrandBucks should be in your cart.
3. Checkout using credit card or PayPal.
4. StrandBucks credit will now be deposited to your account. You can check your StrandBucks balance at any time by visiting your Bookshelf.


1. Once your StrandBucks are sitting in your Bookshelf, you can use them to purchase books.
2. Simply add books to your new shopping cart.
3. At checkout, you will be given the option to use your StrandBucks to pay for your order.

Example: You want to buy a book for $2.99 but the cart will only allow you to purchase it using StrandBucks.
1. Add $5 in StrandBucks to your empty cart.
2. Checkout using credit card or PayPal. You now have $5 in StrandBucks credit sitting in your Bookshelf.
3. Add the $2.99 book to your new cart.
4. Checkout. Select "Use StrandBucks" to pay.
5. After paying with StrandBucks, your $2.99 book is immediately placed in your Bookshelf and is ready for download.
6. "Available StrandBucks Credit: $2.01" is displayed in your Bookshelf for future purchases.

GET MORE:  Maximize your purchasing power using StrandBucks!

There is a minimum order for credit card and PayPal purchases of $4.99. There is no minimum order when using StrandBucks to checkout.

Purchasing StrandBucks reduces credit card processing fees. We pass those savings on to you by giving you an instant bonus (up to 12%) on your StrandBucks purchase. Your payment and bonus dollars are immediately deposited into your StrandBucks account and can be used right away. Please see the chart below for bonus dollars.

GET IT FASTER:  One-click payment when using StrandBucks

When using StrandBucks at checkout, just click "Use StrandBucks" and your books are immediately available for download.  No need to enter credit card numbers or log into PayPal. One-click Payment.

Terms and Conditions:

* Your current balance is always displayed in your bookshelf and at checkout.
* Account balances never expire.
* Balances can only be used at the website.
* Purchases are non-refundable.

Please Note: StrandBucks can be used on orders that are less than or equal to your StrandBucks balance.

Example: Your StrandBucks account balance is $5.00.
   a. If your order is less than or equal to $5.00, you can use your StrandBucks to pay instantly.
   b. If your order is greater than $5.00, you have two options:
       (1) You can add to your available StrandBucks credit with the purchase of additional StrandBucks OR
       (2) You can use an alternate form of payment to pay for the order.
You can use only one form of payment: StrandBucks, PayPal, or a credit card, to complete your order. However, you cannot combine different forms of payment in one transaction.