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Beautiful Liars 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 37,602
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense]

Carrington’s strength and dominion bring Alicia to her knees in submission every time he brands her body with his own. His passion for her is like fire on gasoline, and the fire he possesses cannot be quenched. The thing is, Alicia can get him killed in the game.

Dirty secrets and scandalous lies are told repeatedly in the name of winning the one prize that started it all. Alicia and Carrington fight to keep their secret affair alive, stealing kisses and brief hugs as a close friend plays the devil and angel in the midst of it all.

Many nights of passionate sex bring Alicia to the one path she thought she’d never cross, making it that much harder for her to choose. Alicia and Carrington adore one another and will do anything to stay together. The only problem is, Alicia isn’t a player, she is the game.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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This is an awesome read! If you are looking for suspense, explicit details, and hott romance, BUY IT! Because of the ending, I absolutely cannot WAIT for the sequel! Kudos to the author. Truly lookin...

- 3T

Professional Reviews
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4 TEA CUPS: "Mind Games, Sexual Tension, Revenge…There was only on thing in the mind of Carrington and that was to find the person that killed his father. He was just waiting to finish college and there was a job that he needed to do and find justice. There was only one problem a young woman named Alicia. Alicia was a sweet young woman that had fallen in love with a young man that made her stomach quiver but no matter how he treated her she loved him. She went through some emotional situations with Carrington but no matter how deeming he made her feel she still could not turn him away. There was one character that seemed out there and I did not understand how he fit into this story but after reading further into the story I realized that she was a beautiful little liar. Jordan had his own agenda for Alicia and I never saw it coming. It seemed weird that she did not brush him off when he came close to her or touched her. Carrington and Alicia were very emotional towards each other after they finally gave into their emotions. They both declared to each other that they loved each other but no matter what there was still something about their relationship that was unnerving. Maybe because Carrington still had his vengeance against his father’s killer. The only thing that I never saw coming was that Alicia was the one that ended their some what relationship. It was a total shocker and Carrington is the one that stayed with his heart broken. I enjoyed reading this story it is full of mind blowing games that they leave you breathless. You will be totally surprised with how the story ends. I never lost interest in this story and I recommend you to read this story and see who in reality killed Carrington’s father and see if that person is exposed." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Alicia convulsed and nearly closed her legs. The feeling was electrifying.

Carrington pulled his index finger out of her ass and leaned forward to hover over her for a moment, looking deep into her eyes. “Alicia, I can’t hold off much longer. I need you now. I can be gentle or rough, just tell me what you want.”

“Start off gentle and then make it rough,” she whispered, clutching onto his shoulders.

Carrington lowered himself onto her, never taking his ultraviolet eyes off her. They held the most sincerity and love she had ever seen.

“Ally, I will love you until the day I die,” he whispered as he penetrated her slowly and smoothly.

His dick was thick and long, filling her warm mound as he pushed her boundary. He inhaled and closed his eyes for a moment.  Alicia could see the appreciation splayed across his face. He exhaled deeply, and his eyes meshed with hers again.

The feeling was new to Alicia and like nothing she’d ever felt before. It was lovely, sweet, sincere, and honest. Her pussy felt full. He was very large down there. 

“Carrington,” she whimpered as she squeezed his shoulders. He was grinding her slowly and thoroughly.

“How does it feel, babe?” His voice was soft.

“Ah-amazing.” Alicia was breathless and in awe. She never knew making love could feel this good.

Carrington buried his head in her neck, and she could feel him breathing heavily against her warm flesh.

“Damn, you’re tight,” he grunted.

The fire Alicia felt and the desire she had was stronger than ever. She clutched his hair and closed her eyes as Carrington satisfied her craving. He was moving his hips a little faster against hers. She inhaled. Exhaled. Inhaled, and exhaled.

Carrington bowed his back and almost completely withdrew himself from her, before he smoothly pushed his dick back inside her. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, giving her the same warm gaze he had given before.

“I meant what I said, Ally. I’ll love you until the day I die.”

Alicia’s heart melted, and she felt tears burn her eyes. “I know. Baby, I’ll always love you too.” She swooned.

Carrington’s smile was genuine and sweet. He kissed her lips gently while bowing his back and almost completely withdrawing. He slid inside of her again.

“How does that feel?” He soothed.

“Good,” she rasped, “so good.”

“How about this?”

“Ah!” She cried out.

He added more force and began to thrust his dick in and out of her, never taking his eyes off her, challenging her to meet his rhythm.

 “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Alicia clutched his shoulders and gladly allowed him to do as he pleased with her.

“Come on, baby, meet my rhythm,” Carrington demanded. “Come on. Faster! Faster!”

Alicia squealed as she submitted to her lover and met his rhythm. It was then that he quickened his pace. His breathing rate mirrored the rapid speed of his eager hips.     

“Mm. Mm. Ugh—Alicia. Alicia! Oh God. Oh God, your puss feels so good.” He groaned, and at that moment Alicia was his territory. He pinned her hands back above her head. You belong to me, his eyes said.

Alicia wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed him with her thighs. “Harder, Carrington,” she panted, “harder! Fuck me harder!”

Carrington obeyed her command and caused her to sob uncontrollably. Indeed, he was strong.

“Ah!” She screeched.

“That’s right, babe, feel me,” he said hoarsely. “Mmmm. That’s it. That’s it, baby. Deep inside…”

Alicia was on another planet. Bound by pleasure and trapped by the strength of Carrington’s hold, she entered the place of no return. She arched forward and buried her head in Carrington’s neck, as her peak was fast approaching. She squeezed Carrington harder with her shapely thighs, and then relaxed before spreading them apart, surrendering all of her pussy to him. The feel of his dick surging in and out of her was mind blowing, and she didn’t want it to end.

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