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Sunlight's Kiss (MF)

Demon Runners of Unearth 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 50,699
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance, HEA]

When a man of ice meets a lady of Light…

Like a common criminal, the good girl librarian is thrust into the harsh realm of Limbo with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Alone with no knowledge of why she’s been banished, Calysta has nowhere to go and one to turn to. She wants nothing more than answers and peace until a gruff, sexy-as-sin male gives her a taste of the real world.

Cyril, loner and demon hunter, is sent to track and detain an unknown misfit. Filled with suspicion, the last thing he expects to find is an amber-eyed beauty tattered and unconscious. There’s no denying when he discovers her true nature that she sparks a desire like he’s never known. And how much trouble could one sweet, sexy librarian cause?

When danger haunts Calysta, Cyril will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But what’ll happen when his only ally is a sworn enemy?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. You’re wearing a plastic smile. You might as well be pouting. You’re unhappy. Tell me what’s wrong.” He wanted her to tell him so he could fix it. Yep, there was more of that stuff those dreams were made of.

“I am pouting. I’m bored. I’m stressed. I have no idea what’s going on or how long whatever it is will continue. Comfort-wise this island is a million steps above Limbo. I have excellent company and every luxury I could ask for. You’ve shown me pleasures I’d given up hope of ever experiencing. I have everything except answers. I’m still in Limbo.”

“If you could go anywhere or do anything right now, what would you do?” He came to stand at her back and trailed a fingertip up the curve of her upper arm. A soft nuzzle brushed the back of her ear. His efforts at soothing her weren’t working.

She let out a broken laugh. “I’d love nothing more than to simply experience life. As long as I can remember I’ve been the good girl and done nothing except what I’ve been told. And now that I’m away from home, I can’t enjoy it.

“I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. You’ve done nothing but go out of your way to take care of me. You’ve tried to make this bearable and all I’ve done is complain and dump on you. You must be tired of it, of me, by now.” A perfectly balmy breezed blew a strand of hair into her face. She tucked it behind her ear when really she felt like taking handfuls of the stuff and yanking it out.

“No. You’re wrong, very wrong. This is the easiest and most pleasurable job I’ve ever had.” He kissed the curve of her shoulder, but that didn’t take the sting out of his words. She tried to make herself thankful that he’d said it. She needed another reminder that’s all she was to him, a job. She wasn’t much more than one of the rogues he tracked. Sure, she was prettier, but that was the only thing she had going for her. She couldn’t let herself forget what she was.

She pulled away and paced. He followed and waited where the path met the sand.

“That’s my point exactly. I’m nothing but a burden or a job or a troublemaker. I just want to be me!” She turned and flung her hand. Equal parts pain and pleasure began in her heart, swelled, and raced through her shoulder and down her arm. Amber light shot from her palm and struck the base of a palm tree. With a thunderous boom, the base exploded into a storm of splinters. Frozen by shock, she stood and stared as the top half came crashing down directly over Cyril’s head.

“No!” In a panic, she put both hands out in a stopping motion. The tree’s remains stopped midair.

Cyril seemed as stunned as she felt. He just stood there, staring.

“Move!” Dear gods make him move. She didn’t know what she was doing. She hadn’t known she could levitate objects, let alone how long she could hold something so big. She’d die if she hurt Cyril.

Cyril blinked, shook his head as if clearing a haze from his mind, and then disappeared. Then he stood directly behind her, with his front touching her back. She was so rattled her teeth chattered and not even the reassuring warmth of his touch settled her.

“It’s okay. You did good. I’m okay. Let’s see if we can set this down”—with a loud crash the tree dropped like a stone on the lounge chairs, smashing them both—“gently.”

With her pulse racing and her muscles quaking, she threw herself into the only safe place she had, his arms. Then she burst into tears.

“What am I?”

“Not what. Who. You are Calysta, you’re my Caly. We’ll get this figured out soon. Okay?” Firm, steady strokes rubbed up and down her back in a soothing rhythm.

“No, I’m your charge, your duty. I’m a task to be marked off your list at the earliest convenience.”

“Bullshit. You are so much more than anyone has ever given you credit for. This is your opportunity to prove it. Baby, you can set the worlds on fire. This is your chance to blow your mother away and show her you are so much more than an obedient little daughter. As for me? I’m not your warden, I’m your slave. I–I’d do anything for you.”

“Then let me go. You said I can’t jump realms with the anklos on, right?”

“Ah. Yeah, I said that b—”

“Then remove it. Let me go.”

“I wish I could, but it’s not safe. I won’t release you to an unknown danger. Something is hunting you.”

“You’ll keep me safe just so I can wither away in a pretty prison? How can I set the worlds on fire in a fucking prison? Please don’t make me beg.” What did it matter? She had no pride. She had nothing that wasn’t given to her. A tight ball of frustration gathered and fisted beneath her sternum.

She flattened her palms on his chest and pushed with all her might and stumbled, almost falling into his lap. What the hell?

He’d landed on his ass in the sand. What was going on? This was Cyril. He was a brick wall. He was an immortal, a Runner for gods’ sake, and she’d knocked him on his ass?




“You’re playing with fire, princess.” She slid around, trailing those delicate kisses over his shoulder and then to the hollow of his throat. Gods, was that her tongue? Warm, damp silk trailed down the center of his chest, then hooked a right.

“I have you to thank for showing what the heat has to offer. I never want to be cold again.” She swirled her tongue around his nipple and he lost the ability to speak. When the light fingers of one hand dipped below his waistband and the other popped the button loose, he forgot his very name.

All he could do was tangle his hands in her hair and hold on for dear life as she sank to her knees before him. Fingernails scraped his hips as she drew his jeans down, baring his cock and balls. She gripped his sac in one hand and licked him from root to tip in a slow, lethal slide.

“Calysta, honey, I know what you’re trying to do and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, but you don’t have to.” She answered by sucking the head of his cock into the bliss of her mouth. It was all he could do to stand still and take what she offered. She looked up at him with the glitter of arousal in her eyes and swirled her tongue around the head’s ridge. His balls drew into concentrated knots of pleasure. Every muscle in his body followed suit, hardening with anticipation. “Fuck, where did you learn this?”

“I watched others, through the Book. It was the only window I had to the outside world. Does this mean I’m doing okay?”

“Uh. Yeah. Perfect, you’re fucking perfect.”

A storm of ecstasy brewed deep inside, stealing his will. She took over half his length inside her sweet mouth and then hummed. Each vibration cranked his desire higher. He swept what he hoped was a light caress over her jaw, awed by the beauty before him. He wanted to see more. He wanted to see her everything. He looked at the tie of her miniscule top. Child’s play.

He untied the knot at her neck and peeled the strings from her shoulders, spilling her breasts into view. His mouth watered at the sight of all that creamy flesh and peaked, berry nipples. Flushed a pretty peach in the sun’s warmth, he heartily agreed that the cold should never again take her. Heat and desire complimented her on every level.

“Enough. Gods, that’s enough. I’ll lose every last vapor of control if you keep that up.” He stripped, knelt to face her, and took her mouth with his own. Pure heated sin. How could someone so sweet and pure taste so damn decadent?

“Down, lie down.” She did as he told her and lay down on the large towel. Something that looked a little like curiosity and a lot like trust sparked in her eyes. Lush, satiny skin, kiss-reddened lips, and a shy smile waited for him. Had he died again? No, he wouldn’t have gone to a heaven this perfect in his most vivid dreams. She outshone them all.

He pulled the strings on her bikini bottoms and peeled them away, baring the last of her flesh. He split her thighs with his hands and ran a finger down her slit, dipping into her moisture.

Parting her labia, he took the sight of every dip, hollow, and fold. Flushed and swollen with arousal, her pussy waited for him. He scooped his hands under her ass and tilted her to his liking. Fine tremors rippled in her inner thighs and he felt each of her hushed whimpers all the way to his cock.

He licked her from bottom to top in a long, slow sweep. Heaven never tasted so good. As he tongued her clit, he watched her breasts bob with each shuddering breath she took. Dipping a finger into the tight, wet heat of her pussy, he knew he’d found the golden spot when her back arched and her fingers tangled in his hair. She could pull out every last strand and he wouldn’t care.

He wanted, needed to be inside her and he wanted it hard, fast, and deep. Satisfied she was ready, he tore his mouth away from her flesh, gripped her hips, and turned her over. She tossed her head and the silk fall of her hair flirted with her spine. Sunlight sparked in the amber tresses. The alluring arch of her back led straight to the finest ass he’d ever seen. Round and soft, it was perfection.

He tucked one hand under her hips and angled her pelvis. He carefully fitted the head of his cock to the tight inferno of her sex. He fought the urge to drive and rut like a crazed beast. The thought of her near-innocence was the only thing holding him in check.

He’d die if he hurt her.

But, gods, how could someone that defined light and purity have a body designed for sex? Not only sex, but hot, raw, turbulent sex that ruined you for anyone else?

It was a question that only the gods could answer, and he’d had enough of them to last ten eternities. There was nothing for him to do but enjoy. He’d give her everything he had and enjoy the ride while it lasted.

In one agonizingly slow thrust, he entered the tight grip of her sex. It was both the most exquisite pleasure and darkest torture.

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