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Suzanne's Sexy Shifters (MMF)

Shy River Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 41,127
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, shape-shifters, HEA]

Suzanne doesn’t know where her life went off track. She’s stuck in the middle of “boring,” but that’s all about to change.

Gideon knows Brigden is his mate, but living in a pack that won’t tolerate alternate lifestyles means curbing his instincts just to keep the man safe. When an assignment puts them under the same roof, how will he hide his need for a man he loves but barely knows?

For three decades Brigden dreamed of loving his mate openly. He knows it won’t happen, but the search for a lost child brings another mate—for both him and Gideon—into their lives.

Is Suzanne the answer? Can she adjust to life as a purple-hued werewolf, learn to love both Gideon and Brigden, and give them a chance to love each other?

But as a mystery unfolds around them, keeping their secret could be harder than they ever dreamed.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
This was a great read! I really loved it, I just didn't really understand the purple hue bit!

- AussieGirl

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Speechless, frozen to the spot, Suzanne stood watching a young child play tag with a black bear cub. The cub was very young but more than capable of fatally injuring a human child. Suzanne’s mind raced with scenarios, none of them good. Undoubtedly momma bear was close by, and even though black bears weren’t known to attack, Suzanne knew a mother’s instinct to protect her offspring could lead to unexpected and out-of-character behavior.

She moved as quietly as possible, circling the small clearing in the hopes of getting close enough to run in, snatch up the child, and run away as fast as she could. As workable scenarios went, it was a disaster but it was truly the best she could do. If she took her eyes off the child and the cub he played with, there was a very real possibility that the child would never be seen again. Calling to the child would likely have him running from her, perhaps into even more danger. Calling for help would have the same effect. Even if she used her two-way radio, it would take time for others to arrive—time the child probably didn’t have.

Nervous as hell but determined to do everything she could, Suzanne sprang into action, leaping into the clearing and running flat out. She grabbed the child around the waist, hoping he’d wrap his arms and legs around her as she sprinted all the way across the clearing and ran toward the walking track.

The child cried out in terror, his little body squirming against her stomach as he fought against her hold. She didn’t dare slow down, tucking him against her as she worked her way through the thicker parts of the forest that would lead her back to the camping area. When his voice grew hoarse, she glanced at him, worried that he was hurt, but it was the sharp pain on her abdomen that made the experience surreal.

Squirming against her wasn’t the young child she’d been aiming for, but the bear cub he’d been playing with. Confusion gripped her. She’d grabbed the child, she was certain of that, but the squirming black bear cub in her arms disproved that quite thoroughly. Shocked, she dropped the cub, falling to her knees as she finally understood the pain.


* * * *


“I smell human blood.”

Gideon quickly morphed back into his wolf-shaped form and charged through the forest. Brigden followed more slowly, both encumbered by his awkward human shape and the memory of that embrace.

For over three decades he’d imagined what it might feel like to be held by his mate. The reality had surpassed anything his own mind had provided. Brigden could almost still feel the weight of his mate’s arms, still smell his unique scent, and heaven help him, he still hungered for more.

He tried to push the emotions aside, knowing they had a job to do.

He almost fell over the other wolf, the one they’d sent back to warn the others. But instead of being annoyed, the silver wolf gave him a wolfy version of a grin. Surprised by the friendly greeting, Brigden smiled back nervously and then followed the wolf as he headed in the same direction Gideon had gone.

It didn’t take long to find the source of the blood.

In human form, Gideon had already torn off the woman’s shirt and was pressing it against what appeared to be very deep claw marks.

“What happened?”

“She found our missing youngster.”

“I sorry,” a young voice whispered with a soft sob. “I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay, little one,” Brigden said as he took a tiny step closer to the child half hiding behind a tree. His humanoid face was covered in dirt and wet from crying. “We’ll make sure she’s okay.” Brigden glanced at the man he’d arrived here with. “My friend is going to show you the way home. Do you remember how to change back into your bear shape?”

The child nodded. In human terms he was probably less than four years old, but it seemed a safer option than trying to carry him. Even with their superior strength and healing abilities as shifters, the cub could still cause them enough damage to make life uncomfortable, and Brigden didn’t want to risk frightening the child again. He’d been through more than enough for one day.

The other man turned back into a silver wolf and waited for the boy to change into his furry form before slowly heading back the way they’d come. Brigden immediately turned his attention to Gideon and the woman he held in his arms.

“We’ve got a problem,” Gideon said as he lifted the wadded material from the woman’s stomach. Blood immediately oozed to cover the gashes. “A lot of these are quite deep. Even if she gets to medical care, the chance of infection is extremely high. There’s a good chance these injuries could kill her.”

“The humans will investigate a death so unusual,” Brigden said as fear for the safety of all shifters in this area clawed at his throat, “especially if she has stories of children turning into bear cubs.”

“It might even launch a hunt for a rogue bear or two.”

Brigden watched as his mate leaned over and touched the woman’s face gently. Jealousy gripped him until he realized the woman was awake and staring at them both. She tried to say something, but the words were garbled and obviously pain-filled.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” Gideon said in a tone of voice that Brigden had often hoped his mate would use on him. “We’re not going to hurt you.”

More pain-filled words rushed from her mouth as she lifted a hand toward him. Brigden fell to his knees, unable to refuse the woman’s mumbled plea. Gideon seemed to understand her better than Brigden had because he held the woman closer and rocked slightly.

“It’s okay, baby girl, I promise we’re not going to hurt you. We’re just trying to figure out the best way to deal with your injuries.” He hesitated, glanced at Brigden, and said softly. “We can help, but it will change your life forever.”




Suzanne gasped as Gideon’s huge cock slowly slid into her pussy. She was wet, way more ready for him than she’d ever been before, but it was the strange emotional connection that made it seem so much more amazing. It was almost like she could hear the thoughts running through Gideon’s head, almost share the incredible feeling of being inside her. How very strange…

Brigden leaned over, claiming her mouth in a sensual kiss that made Gideon move faster, groaning as he slid his cock from her pussy and then hurriedly pushed back in. Over and over he thrust into her body, his large hands gripping her hips as he forced his cock deeper inside. It should have been painful. He slammed into her with more force than any other man she’d ever known, but somehow it didn’t hurt, somehow it didn’t tear her in two, somehow it just felt incredibly amazing.

“You’re a wolf now,” Gideon said with a grin. “Increased durability is just one of the perks.”

She’d never been described as durable before. She laughed softly, despite Gideon moving even faster, fucking her harder, ramming his cock deeper inside her. They were both panting when he pulled out and moved away. She almost growled at his unexpected withdrawal.

“Relax, baby girl,” he said, tweaking her nipple playfully. “It’s Brigden’s turn.”

She smiled and turned her head in Brigden’s direction. He’d gone pale, very pale.

“Brig?” she asked, reaching for his hand.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” he said with a reassuring smile. “I…um…just realized we don’t have any contraception. It’s a little early in our relationship to be making babies.”

“True,” Gideon said with a smile for both of them, “but we have a few days, maybe even weeks, before the change is complete. Suzanne won’t become pregnant to either of us until she’s fully a werewolf.”

“Are you sure?” Brigden asked nervously. Suzanne got the impression that it was more than just contraception that was bothering Brigden, but when Gideon nodded and reached for him he smiled and let their lover maneuver him to the position he wanted.

Brigden braced himself over her prone form, kneeling between her legs as Gideon pressed him forward until his cock slid into her pussy. Both men sighed, Gideon’s hands gliding over Brigden and Suzanne as he whispered how beautiful they were, how sexy they looked together, how lucky he was to have them as his mates. It was the single most erotic experience of Suzanne’s life.

Gideon moved to the side, his hand finding her clit as he encouraged Brigden to move faster, to push his cock into her more deeply. Brigden moaned as she lifted her hips up to meet him, too turned on to lie still. She could have sworn she felt Gideon’s emotional approval as Brigden moved to kiss her frantically.

Brigden grabbed her legs, lifting them up and out, opening her wider, thrusting deeper, harder. She was shaking violently, on the verge of orgasm when Gideon stopped them both from moving. She growled, annoyed as hell to be denied something she wanted as desperately as the orgasm he held just out of reach.

His wicked laugh did nothing to calm her down.

Brigden moved away, his cock shiny with her juices, his hands shaking as he tried to push the hair out of his eyes. “Gideon?” he asked shakily, obviously as confused as Suzanne felt.

“Won’t be long,” Gideon said, again with that wicked smile. “Hands and knees, baby girl.”

Suzanne quickly complied, and Gideon rammed his cock inside her, violently fucking her from behind as she barely managed to stay upright.

He pulled away almost as quickly, playfully slapping her ass as she wriggled in discontent.

“Patience is a virtue,” he said in a teasing tone.

“So is finishing what you started,” she answered breathlessly.

“Almost there, baby girl.”

Suzanne sighed as Brigden knelt behind her, his cock filling her perfectly. He fucked her gently for a while his fingers caressing over her hips and spine as he made love to her. Unexpectedly he jolted forward, his hips moving spasmodically, his cock jerking inside her as Gideon reassured him with soft words.

“What are you doing?” Suzanne asked as possibilities ran through her imagination.

“I’m making love to both my mates at the same time,” Gideon said, his words slightly strained as he caged Brigden with his arms and curled his fingers over her hips. She couldn’t even see him, but in her mind it was almost like she could see it all from his eyes, almost feel the heat as he slid his cock deep into Brigden’s ass. Gideon whispered something to Brigden, the words she thought she heard too clear for the soft sound.

But as Brigden leaned over her, supporting his weight on one hand and wrapping the other underneath her to caress her clit she realized she had indeed heard correctly. Unable to concentrate on the strange phenomenon when her arousal leapt back into the heavens, Suzanne panted as her climax drew closer.

She wriggled, unable to keep still but barely moving under their combined weight. Gideon controlled the pace, fucking them both almost leisurely, his satisfaction very clear in her mind. She sensed the exact moment his control snapped.

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