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Tempted by the Tycoon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 50,449
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Valerie Tucker finds her boss Dell Lexington’s dark, brooding good looks just as sexy as every other woman who lays eyes on him. Too bad for her he can’t even stand to be in the same room with her. Yet when the opportunity to pretend to be his girlfriend presents itself, she shocks everyone, including herself, when she volunteers. Now all she has to do is keep her true feelings for him hidden until their charade is over.

Dell Lexington has serious trust issues due to his ex-wife. He’s dealing with it, but when he finds himself attracted to Valerie Tucker, he knows he’s in trouble. The fact that she can’t stand to be around him for more than a few minutes should help, but it pisses him off. No matter how many times he tries to fix things, he just makes them worse. Now that they’re spending time together he hopes he can show her another side of him.

Note: This book contains adult language used as profanity.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance




The man who haunted her dreams—good and bad—had just thrown her out of his office. Not that she had even wanted to be there in the first place. And okay, maybe he hadn’t physically thrown her out, but the look in his eyes had said it plain enough. He’d wanted her gone, and anyone who knew Dell Lexington knew he got what he wanted.

The whole incident could have been avoided if her sister, Nancy, hadn’t promised their boss, Marshall, she’d have Valerie drop off the stupid files Dell wanted before going to lunch. Now she was sitting there trying to find an excuse to take the rest of the day off just so there’d be no chance of running into him again today.

Valerie had hoped to leave the property appraisals and comparisons with his secretary, but according to the note on her computer she’d already left for lunch. Marshall had said Dell wanted them brought right up. Otherwise she would come back later. She couldn’t help but hope that Dell was out as well, and then she could just leave the files on his desk and get out of there without having to interact with him at all. As she quietly inched down the hall toward his office, her heartbeat quickened. When Valerie reached his office, she found the door open. He seemed to be engrossed in whatever it was he was reading. Then Dell smiled, and Valerie’s stomach took a tumble. He was even more handsome when he smiled. Thank God he didn’t do it very often, she thought.

Seeing him there in his private space made her wary. He always looked so ominous and unapproachable, and for some strange reason it made him all the more appealing. She had a job to do and not even “The Stud,” as most of the secretaries called him, would stop her from doing it, she reminded herself. Lightly tapping on the door, she half hoped he wouldn’t answer.

“Come in.” His deep husky voice that always made her go weak in the knees didn’t fail this time.

She hoped her legs were steady enough to get her in and out without him noticing how nervous she was. She slowly crept inside. He’d turned the big leather chair he was sitting in toward the window and had his back to her now. Relieved, Valerie allowed herself to look around the spacious room, taking in the all of the pictures of Dell and his cousins, Shane and Marshall. The three of them were the most handsome and formidable men she knew. They all had dark hair, bright green eyes, and sculpted bodies sexy enough to make any woman drool.

A quick look at the furniture confirmed what she already knew. His style, like the man himself, was very masculine. He was definitely a man with good taste, she thought, heading for the desk. Carefully she placed the files on his desk and turned to leave.

She heard the chair creak, and when he spoke his voice sounded even more venomous than it usually did. “What’s this?”

Valerie stopped and turned around to explain. “Those are the appraisals Marshall wants you to look over.”

“Marshall,” he repeated angrily, his hand lying on the closed folders.

“Yes, Mr. Lexington. He said he wanted you to have them right away.” Valerie couldn’t ignore the way her body trembled with fear and desire, and she didn’t want him to notice, so she edged toward the door.

“And you’re so willing to do Marshall’s bidding that you risked yourself by being alone in my presence?” He got to his feet and moved toward her.

“No, I was willing to do my job.” Her voice came out strong and clear, which surprised her.

“I’m sure Marshall praises you for doing your job.” Dell’s voice held an edge she’d never heard him use with her before.

Valerie took a deep breath. He looked angry, but she sensed there was something more going on here. His deep green eyes sparkled with danger and had locked on hers. Being alone with him sent her pulse racing. Dell narrowed his eyes and practically growled. She knew she had to go now before she did something stupid like throw herself into his arms and beg him to have his way with her.

“I’m sorry I bothered you. I’ll be on my way.” Before he could say another word, she turned and bolted for the door.

Back at her desk she decided it was useless to try to get any work done. She needed to clear Dell from her thoughts, which was no easy feat. Valerie grabbed her lunch and headed for the common. A group of coworkers waved her over, but she shook her head, preferring to be alone for a little while.

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