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The Bed, the Blindfold, and the Belt A Christmas Eve Game

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 5,862
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“Now pay attention. I will only tell you the rules once.”

Natalie was no stranger to games with her husband, Michael. She liked his games. Even when she lost, she somehow won.

When Michael buys Natalie some gifts for Christmas, a game of denial ensues on Christmas Eve. Can Natalie submit and follow directions? Or will she be left on the edge, without an end in sight?

Romantic, fun, and sexy, the wait for Christmas to come has never seemed so long.


“Mmmmm, Natalie. You look like you want something,” Michael teased as he came out of the shower in only a white towel wrapped around his waist. He stood predatorily in the doorframe of the adjourning bathroom and tilted his head to watch Natalie, already squirming on the bed. His black hair dripped moisture down his neck and across his chest.

Natalie’s intent gaze towards him embarrassed her. She could never tire of looking at him. His lean, muscular abs, his seductive, dark blue eyes that melted her every time, his smirk that screamed sex and sin. Her breath hitched, and his smile widened. He always knew the effect he had on her. She liked that. His control. His dominance. His confidence.

Michael stepped through the bathroom door and made his way over to her and sat down on the bed next to her. “Lie back,” he ordered. “Let me take you in.”

His hands slowly and wickedly began at her mouth, and she opened her lips to allow his fingers in.

“Suck,” he said softly, authoritatively.

Natalie sucked his fingers into her mouth and did as he bid. Moans escaped her mouth. She couldn’t control her reaction to him even if she tried.

“I’m glad you like the presents I got you for Christmas,” Michael said and delicately removed his fingers from Natalie’s probing mouth.

She sighed.

“I don’t know how long it will be before I allow you out of them either.”

It was their very first Christmas together as husband and wife. And tonight, Christmas Eve, they exchanged a few presents. Natalie was wearing hers, handcuffs and a spreader bar that Michael had firmly and securely put her into before taking his shower. Otherwise, he had completely discarded the black lace lingerie she so fastidiously had chosen and rendered her completely naked. She watched as Michael admired the rise and fall of her breasts. “I never tire looking at the way your hair falls over our pillows, baby. The color of it, a brown I can never quite describe, is so beautiful. Perhaps I will fist it later. Yes?” The longing to suck her sensitive nipples was clear in his eyes, and he stared. If she didn’t know him so well, his intensity might even frighten her.

“Michael,” Natalie whined and rose up to find his lips, pushing with her cuffed wrists. She tried to push her pebbled nipples into his firm chest. She craved contact.

“Down,” he ordered. “I have a game tonight.”

Natalie was no stranger to games with her husband. She liked his games. Even when she lost, she somehow won. It was her masochistic nature. She felt the wetness between her legs dripping out of her, unable to pull them together—forced apart and vulnerable by the spreader bar. Her face flamed with the humiliation of her predicament. She loved to feel helpless and at his whim. And she did as he ordered melting into the fabric of the comforter.

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