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The Cowboys' Cure (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 57,581
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

All Austin Caldwell wants is a fresh start. After she puts an end to her abusive marriage, she escapes to the country, only to discover her new landlords have the ability to make her body come alive for the first time in years. But John, sheriff and her ex-husband, isn’t ready to let her go. Divorced, or not, he'll stop at nothing to get her back.

Scott and William know the moment they see Austin, she’s exactly what they’re looking for. It doesn’t take them long to discover her secret, and when they do, they vow to never let anyone hurt her again. In a town where people are quick to judge, and with her ex-husband’s constant threats, will they be able protect her like she needs, or will the magnitude of their trials be too much for Austin to take?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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This was a really good book.

- rhondavb





She knew exactly what he meant. The dam was about to break between them all. It was evident she wasn’t the only one who was having a hell of a time containing her feelings, and William’s warning showed the decision rested solely on her.

“The food is ready.” She cleared her throat and wiggled until William lowered her to stand. “We better hurry before it starts to get cold.”

William nodded. “You’re right. Let’s go eat.”

Food was the last thing she wanted. Austin followed the men next door and went back to heating the tortillas. Damn her lack of courage. Why couldn’t she be like those women who were bold about their desires? Like Claudia Billings back home. She wouldn’t have hesitated to strip down and throw herself at these cowboys. Shit, she probably wouldn’t have even had to take her clothing off. Men naturally just wanted her. She wouldn’t have made the first move. They would have done that.

“Are you okay?” William leaned against the counter as she stared down at the pan. “You seem a little upset.”

Frustration had her closing her eyes. “I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” Austin forced a grin to her face and turned to him. “James asked if we were going to the Wildhorse tonight. I told him probably not since my friends were coming into town, but maybe Grady and Henry would want to go tomorrow. You two up for it?” She glanced back at Scott who was sitting at the table with his head down. He looked just as much in thought as she’d been.

William walked over toward his friend. “I’m up for it if Scott is.”

“I don’t think so.” Scott stood and headed into the living area, disappearing from sight. A door closed and she turned to William.

To say she didn’t know what was bothering him would have been foolish. He wanted her. She knew that. Shit, they both did. So why weren’t all three of them acting on it? It couldn’t have just been because she was leasing their house. Could it? She’d already paid. It wasn’t as though she was going to skip out without paying rent.

“I’m going to him.” She gestured toward the stove. “You’re welcomed to finish cooking these if you want. Or you can come with me. Either way, I don’t plan to leave that room for quite some time.”

“Shit.” William turned off the burner. “Be certain, Austin. If for some reason this doesn’t turn out very well…we’re asking for trouble.”

Trouble. No, she didn’t see how that could be possible. They got along so well. How could anything bad come from intimacy? “I’ll take my chances.” She headed through the living room and paused at the hallway. She had no idea what room Scott had gone into.

Heavy footsteps had her turning around. William stalked toward her like a man on a mission. Austin could feel her eyes go big as he stripped off his shirt and threw it across the room.

“I think I’ll take my chances, too.”

The wall was suddenly behind her back. Pictures crashed to the floor below them, but Austin hardly noticed. On instinct she felt herself wrap her arms and legs around William’s tall frame. His mouth crushed into hers and she drank him with every ounce of desperation she felt.

“What the hell happ—” Scott stepped into the hall from the far bedroom and Austin reached for him as William moved his mouth to her neck.

“Please.” The word poured out of her mouth before she could stop it.

“Ask me what you wanted to before.” Scott pulled his shirt free from his tight jeans, revealing those six packed abs she’d seen the first day she’d arrived. “Tell us what you need, and it’s yours.”

The fear vanished, and Austin knew what she had to do. “Since I’ve met the two of you, I’ve noticed something different with the way I feel. I would like to see if the two of you can stop my mind.” She continued, afraid they wouldn’t understand. “I’ve been numb when it comes to sex, and I’m not sure it’s possible. My mind shuts down and the arousal vanishes. I don’t want that anymore. I’m hoping with both of you it’ll be different.”

A dark smile came to Scott’s face, promising things Austin wasn’t sure she was ready for, but she wasn’t about to back down now.

Scott pulled off his shirt and dropped it to the floor. The room spun as William headed down the hall. With every step the kitchen got further away, and Austin closed her eyes to it. This was long past due. She couldn’t wait to see what these men were capable of, or if she’d even get to experience it full force like she wanted.

“Will, bring her in here.”




Scott moaned as she took him into her mouth. God, how long had it been since the last time he’d been with a woman? Hell, he couldn’t remember. Didn’t care to even try to think back on it. All he wanted to know anymore was Austin. He felt like a high school kid again, which was scary in his mind. It was the only time he’d felt vulnerable, and Shirley Dennison had destroyed his trust in women. But something about Austin, she made it easy to believe whatever she said. He knew his mind was accepting all of this too fast, but he was powerless to stop it.

“You were right.” William paused as he sucked her pussy into his mouth, again. “She fucking tastes good.”

Continuous sounds came from her as she sucked his length in deeper. Scott reached out to the wall for support. The vibrations against his cock were quickly getting the best of him. Accompanied with the constant suction, he was losing his control by the second.

“You know that thing you do.” Scott peered over at him. “Do it.”


“Yeah.” As his head lowered, Scott watched Austin. Her lips paused and the moaning increased until Scott was sure his fingers were going to break through the sheetrock. Gasping followed as she broke away from him and she moved her hips, feverishly.

“Oh, God. Fuck. William.” His name was drawn out as she clutched to Scott’s thigh. Nails bit into his skin as she began to scream. Spasms shook her body and Scott lowered, drinking her in as he pulled at her nipple.

The movement of her hips slowed and she turned to the side, gasping for air.

“How did that feel?” He rose and smiled down at her.

“What the hell was that?” The heavy-lidded expression that masked her face was absolutely beautiful. She lifted her head and glanced down at William. A smug grin was on his face as he rose.

“That, my dear, is my secret weapon. I don’t just use that on anyone, you know.”

Austin grabbed William’s wrist and he let her lead him to the top of the bed. “Lucky me. Now, both you and Scott get beside each other, on your knees. I want to continue what I was doing.” She got on all fours, raising one of her hands to grip around Scott’s length again. As she began to take him in, she swirled her tongue around the width, applying just the perfect amount of pressure to draw him in deeper.

It felt as though his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fought to focus. She moved onto William, who reached out to grip Scott’s bicep.

“Fuck, now I know why you rushed me earlier.” William squeezed tighter as she stroked down his length and took him more into her mouth. “Shit.”

Scott reached out and caressed the width of her ass until his fingers were rubbing along her pussy. Damn, she was drenched. Darkness took over as he closed his eyes and Austin’s tongue began to work its magic.

“Play with her ass while I finger her pussy.” Scott didn’t let his vision come back. He kept his lids down as he explored her tight pussy with his fingers. Pressure from William’s hand brushed against his and all Scott could see before him was the two of them claiming Austin in the ultimate way. Someday, they would. But if her ass was anywhere as tight as her pussy, it was going to be awhile.

The mattress shifted, causing the room to come back into focus. William pulled open his drawer and grabbed the lube and condoms. As he rejoined them, he poured it over her back entrance and on his fingers.

“Now, let’s see what we’re working with here. If at any point it becomes too much or hurts, just let me know.”

Austin nodded.

William’s hand came back to grip Scott’s arm while Austin returned her focus to him. A deep moaning poured from her throat. William’s finger pushed halfway in and he glanced over to Scott. “Fucking tight, but I think we can work her in. Might take a few weeks, though.”

“I figured as much.” Scott picked up the speed of his thrusts. The continuous sounds that left her had William tightening his jaw. “I’ll keep working on it. You good?”

“In heaven.” William moved his hand and tossed Scott a condom.

As he positioned himself behind her, he took a long look at her pussy. What a gorgeous sight. The folds were completely shaven, giving him a fantastic view of what he was about to make his. His. The word repeated in his mind while he rolled the condom down his length.

“You ready, darlin’?”

A muffled mm-hmm was her only response. William reached back and held onto the headboard. Scott laughed under his breath as he eased the tip of his cock into her. She may have been wet, but she still wasn’t going to be comfortable with his size.

“Hand me that lube.”

William tossed it over and Scott withdrew, stroking the liquid over the condom. He pushed in again and still felt the slightest resistance. “Holy shit.” He slid in two inches and had to pull back and try again. Austin placed her hands on William’s hips as he surged in even more.

“Don’t stop.” She moaned. “More.”

Scott reached forward and pinched her nipple. “Oh, you’re going to get more, darlin’. There’s still a long ways to go. I’m not even halfway in. You might want to hold on to Scott tighter because I’m about to fill you up.”

Tightness gripped to his cock as Scott thrust almost all the way inside of her pussy. Austin sucked in air, wrapping her arms around William’s waist. The gentle way his friend smoothed back her hair clutched at his heart. As if reading his mind, William lowered and began to kiss her.

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