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The Elusive Jillian Wilson (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 32,733
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, HFN]

Waking up naked and chained with her hands over her head was not something Jillian Wilson had expected to happen in her lifetime.

This is all the fault of that Oliver family. Now she has to save herself and the sexy head of the Oliver clan, Vincent Oliver, from the basement of a burning building. All she has to do is get out of the cuffs and off the hook holding her off the ground, save Vince, and get on with her life, right?

Vince wakes up cradled in a woman's embrace with a nipple resting on his bottom lip. What else would a red-blooded man do other than take the invitation?

A Siren Erotic Romance




Jillian Wilson was taking a chance in trying to get a foot in the door without an appointment. She really didn’t mind waiting for her potential client to show up. After all, his secretary had made certain she knew where the ladies’ room was and gotten her a tasty cinnamon roll with a hot cup of creamy coffee before she left.

Beatrice had been rushed but made Jill feel welcome before she explained about the phone call from her son’s school telling her that he was feeling ill and she had to go get him.

She sat at a small desk filling out her planner with prospective clients when she heard a strange sound coming from the big wooden door past the secretary’s desk. The door was slightly ajar, and Jill was pretty sure that the occupants of the room were not aware of it. The people must have entered through another door to get into the office.

“Please help me, Vince. I swear this is the last time. Please?”

A woman’s voice begging was not what Jill expected to hear. The deep male voice telling her to get up and get out of his office sounded disgusted.

“I warned you, Melody, I told you that if you cheated then you were gone. Stop this and leave. I will make sure you have enough money to keep you happy for two more weeks, then I am never going to think of you again. Don’t call me, don’t beg me, and don’t ever tell another person that we are or were engaged.

“We were fuck buddies. That is all we ever were, no more and no less. Anyone that believed I would marry a round-heeled woman ten years my senior has to be crippled in the head to begin with.”

“You really shouldn’t treat me like this, Vince.”

Jill jumped when she heard a gunshot. The man yelled, “What the fuck are you doing?” Jillian ran for cover.

“I gave you everything, you kinky, selfish bastard. I let you tie me up and even fuck me in the ass. You think you are too good for me? I’ll show you too good, you son-of-a-bitch. You made me beg you to whip my ass and fuck me, and you have the nerve to tell me I cheated? Yes, I had sex with your friend Milo. He told me you said I should. Now I am not good enough for your golden fucking cock?

“I want you to suffer just like me. I ache from wanting you to take me in any way that it is possible. Hell, I am even debasing myself right now because I am wearing that donkey-sized butt plug you gave me last time we were together.”

“Put the fucking gun down, Melody. We both know that you fucked Milo because you were trying to get even with me. You also fucked George Thomas and his partner, Clive. Just because they are British doesn’t mean that they are as kinky as you are. They called me asking me where they could learn to do the things you begged them to do so they could satisfy you. Fucking stereotypes, you dumb bitch. Next time you pick a lover or lovers in this case, don’t assume that just because you heard that British men liked to play with kinky sex that all of them do.

“As far as you allowing me to tie you up and fuck you in the ass? Yes, I like to have a woman that wants to be treated like that and enjoys the same kind of playtime I like. You came to me, remember?”

Jill squirmed behind the file drawers. She didn’t want to hear all of this, but she needed the job desperately. Privately she thought the things they were describing didn’t sound all that kinky, well, maybe the donkey-sized butt plug. That had never entered into her fantasies.

The Vince had to be Vincent Oliver, owner of Oliver International. They imported anything from olive oil to fancy sports cars for the rich and famous. The man was rich and definitely famous himself. If Jillian could get the cleaning contract for this high-rise in Atlanta, then she could start her business and remain independent. She would have to drop her dreams of becoming a big fish in a little pond and swim with the minnows again if this chance failed.

Jill’s musings were interrupted by the dumb ass who just taunted the woman with a gun.

“Put the gun down, Melody. You know you asked for everything I did to you. I gave you the butt plug because you told Clive that my cock was not enough to satisfy your needs. The fact that it fits in your ass just tells me that you were right. I should have known that you were more experienced in sodomy than you pretended to be when your asshole felt loose instead of nice and tight like a good ass should feel around my cock.”

Jillian was in sympathy with the gun-toting Melody now. That idiot was taunting the woman. The next shot made Jillian jump again, but this time she was not surprised. The arrogant ass should have placated the woman instead of taunting her like that. Jill pawed through her purse trying to find her cell phone, then remembered it was on the charger in the car. Damn, there was no way to leave without alerting the people in the next room. So she crawled on her belly to get to the secretary’s desk phone.

Jill reached her hand up and felt around in the general direction of the phone, finally locating it, and grabbed the handheld to bring it down to her level. Her fingers fumbled around with the number pad to find the right keys to punch for 911.

Another shot and yet another sounded just as the emergency operator answered, “911, what’s your emergency?”

Jillian whispered into the phone with her hand clasped over the mouthpiece and told them where she was. The next two gunshots were loud enough for the operator to hear.




“Look, it is a big bed, and if you promise not to roll over on top of me and squish me like a bug you can sleep in here with me. No funny business. Just sleeping, okay?”

Vince tried to look innocent, but he didn’t wait to be invited twice. He wanted this woman. Her heart and independent streak made him want to explore the possibilities of a relationship with her. Given their history, it was a miracle that she would stay in the vicinity with him without a suit of armor.

She did say that she would love to have a little boy like Eli Darling. Vince thought about it and knew that he wanted a few of those little people. Maybe she could be convinced that giving him her trust wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Vince woke up a few hours later and found that she was plastered to his side with a leg over his thigh and her arm slung across his wide chest. Her soft hair tickled his nose when he lightly kissed the top of her head before he pulled her closer and fell back to sleep.


* * * *


Jillian woke slowly and stretched before she opened her eyes. When she got a mouthful of chest hair as she yawned, her eyes popped open. What the…She was wrapped around Vince like ivy on a tree. Her knee felt an impressive appendage of hard flesh, and she knew it would take very little to slide her body over his big, hard body and slide her sodden pussy over that thick cock, taking him deep inside. She wondered what he would say if she took control and rode him to the rhythm her body was beginning to demand.

The little imp inside told her to go for it. At least you are not picking him up in a bar somewhere, and fucking him after knowing him a few hours. You know him, you like him. He seems to like you. She let her hand run over his hairy chest and trail down his stomach, lightly touching. It had been so long since she had been held or held a man’s body like this. She let her lips trail over his collar and neck. The arm behind her shoulders slowly pulled her torso over his chest and masculine lips found her mouth, teased, and licked at her lips until she opened to his invading tongue.

One big hand pulled her thigh over his hips, and both hands cupped her ass, rubbing her over his thick cock. Her panties were snapped from one side, and one of his hands reached between them to pull his boxers down just far enough to release his cock. The wide, thick spearhead slid into her wet hole with only a small push of his hips.

Her entrance was so slick that his cock had no problem sliding between her labia until he was halfway in. His cock was stretching her tunnel, and the moans coming from her throat goaded him on. If he didn’t get inside her soon it would be all over for him. He pushed her up until her hands found his chest and belly to support her torso. Vince cupped her breasts and played with the areolas and nipples, lightly twisting them and plucking at the tips while she worked her hips until she had his cock seated deeply inside her wet depths.

Jillian cried out and started to ride him, slowly sliding down and pulling up with a snap of her hips each time. “Yes, uh-huh, oh yes.” She was talking to her body and his. It didn’t matter she was right where she wanted to be, impaling her wet pussy on his hard cock. He filled her so well, and the slight stretch enhanced the feeling deep inside. “Oh, oh god.”

Vince watched his wide cock disappear, and then she would pull back up. The sight was driving him crazy. The sexy sounds of her pleasure almost made him come without her. No way was he going to let that happen. He pinched her nipples harder and felt the answering flutters of her vaginal muscles rippling over his cock.

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