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The Lies Your Father Told Me

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 58,173
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It seemed innocent enough. A handsome man reached out to Noah on a social network site. But as the text messages grew kinky, Noah Garrett wondered who this man was.
Bryce Douglas was one very busy man.
As he worked towards a career in film and producing, Bryce tried to keep the distractions to a minimum.
But, on a dinner out with friends, Bryce meets a handsome man who seems to know him, know him very well.
The catch? Bryce had no idea who Noah was, or why he appeared intrigued.

Online men…predators or lovers?
In reality, do you know who you’re talking to? Or will you live to regret it?


“Wow.” Twenty-five year old Noah Garrett enlarged a photo on his phone. As he sat in a waiting room to be called for an audition, Noah already had his lines memorized, so…he read his newsfeed. A hot guy had added him to his Twitter account.
The name associated with the handsome man’s picture was ‘luvstocatch’. While Noah read the details, which were sparse, he could see the man had few followers and even fewer tweets. But, he had reached out to him in a private message.
It read, ‘you look really hot.’
Just as Noah was about to send a reply, his name was called. He pocketed his phone and headed to the open door.
A woman with a clipboard checked his name off the roster and invited him in.
Noah entered the small space, seeing a video camera set up to record his audition, as well as several people seated at a table.
He reached out to shake hands, “Hi. I’m Noah Garrett.”
“Nice to meet you, Noah.”
“Charlie will be reading with you.” The woman gestured to a young man holding a script.
Noah smiled amiably and took his place, standing on a piece of tape on the floor. He inhaled deeply and was as ready as he could be.
The role he was reading for was tiny, but in the battle for speaking parts in Hollywood, Noah would take anything he could get.
With his laptop on his legs, Bryce Douglas worked on locking down locations for a new film he had been just been hired to work on. At the moment he was engrossed in his last production. He was seated on a folding metal chair while grips scurried around him, setting up lighting for the next scene.
Being a film producer was like being a fireman, Bryce’s main job was getting things to actually lineup and function, to create a trouble-free environment for the cast and crew.
Seeing yet another glitch in the schedule, Bryce got on his phone and called a city department he had requested a permit from. When he got a maze of telephone options, Bryce took a deep breath and tried not to scream.
He split his attention from his phone, to his laptop, to his director, Nika Brandt. “What?”
“Dennis is late. Call him. His scene is next.”
It didn’t matter that he was already on the phone to handle another crisis, Bryce disconnected the line and called Dennis.
“Where are you?” Bryce asked.
“On line getting coffee at a drive-thru.”
“You’re late.” Bryce spoke to his director, “On his way, getting coffee.”
The director screamed, “We have PAs for that! Tell him to get his ass here!”
“Get your ass here.” Bryce rolled his eyes as Nika stormed off.
“Be there in five…or ten.”
“Bye.” Bryce disconnected the line and tried to remember what he had been doing a second ago.
“Bryce! Where’s the stylist?” was yelled.
Bryce set his laptop on his chair and jogged to the wardrobe department. He found their stylist tapping her phone and sipping a latte. “You’re needed on set.”
She nodded, not making eye contact, and left the room, her phone in front of her face.
Bryce returned to his chair and flopped down on it, picking up his laptop and battling once more to figure out what he had been doing before he was interrupted.

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