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The Nanny's Unplanned Marriage (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 22,147
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Note to self: when working as an intergalactic nanny, don't buy the cheapest language translator on the market.

When Serena Wilkins finds herself on the wrong ship, landing on the wrong planet, and accidentally almost marrying two strangers, she has no reason to believe her day might improve.

Stranded, penniless, and jobless, she finds herself in the middle of a new world, where sexuality is joyfully explored and relationships come in threes. In a culture where naked is normal and watching is encouraged, Serena finds herself fantasizing about the two men who offered her shelter.

Kaydin son of Halimina and Jerrod son of Gerdavia have long dreamed of starting a family together. The recent approval of human mail-order brides to Descon seems just the way to get started. The woman who turns up is the wrong one, yet Serena is absolutely perfect for them.

Convincing her to stay just might be a whole lot of fun.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Love this author and this series. This is just a nice, solid, simple love story that starts with mistaken identity and goes from there. I would have liked more drama, maybe a little tension and the...

- SoCalReader

Fantastic! Can we say series? PLEASE.


Professional Reviews

4 ANGELS: "When Serena returns home from work to find her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, she realizes that she is long overdue for a change. When they tell her that she is over reacting, and they will talk to her when she calms down, she puts them out. When she sees an ad on the vid-screen advertising for intergalactic nannies, she thinks that maybe she has found a solution, so she signs up. Before embarking on her adventure, she buys a cheap translator and has it installed so that she can communicate. When the translator goes awry, she ends up on the wrong planet mated to marry two alien men who believe she is their mail-order bride from Earth. Jerrod, Head of the Royal Guard, and Kaydin, a schoolteacher, are nervous but excited to meet their Earth-born mubella "wife". When it is revealed that Serena is not the Sara they were awaiting and the mix up is unfolded, they guys are let down but they still feel an attraction to her. With no money for passage back to Earth, Serena takes a job on Descon and they guys invite her to stay with them. After a night of hot passionate lovemaking, Serena agrees to marry them. On the day of the mubella claiming ceremony, Craig (Serena's ex-boyfriend from Earth) shows up and kidnaps her. The men panic when they hear the news. Can they handle losing their mubella again? Can they find her before she is taken off the planet back to Earth? The Nanny's Unplanned Marriage is an off-handed romance. It was comical how the heroine's situation all revolved around a malfunctioning language translator and her over eagerness for employment. I liked the heroine from the beginning; how she stood up for herself and got rid of her cheating boyfriend. Jerrod and Kaydin impressed me in how they handled the mix up and did not turn their back on her. The lifestyle on Descon seems like it would be a twenty-four hour orgasm, what a city. Love always seems to prevail, even when it's a mixed up mail order." -- Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

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Kaydin wasn’t at all surprised when Jerrod asked Ewin to track down Cindy Richards. Hopefully their problem communicating with their mubella was a translator malfunction. It didn’t happen often, but there were a few shoddy companies selling them cheaply. At least with Cindy Richards speaking the standard language of Earth they would be able to identify if their mubella was simply not understanding them. He tried not to think of some of the alternatives, all of which would mean that their hopes for the future were seriously in doubt.

They wouldn’t take a mubella into their lives unless it was truly what the woman wished.

As usual Jerrod seemed to sense Kaydin’s sad thoughts. His arm tightened around Kaydin’s shoulders and he leaned over to press a kiss to his forehead. “We’ll work it out,” he whispered in his usual confident voice. The woman seemed surprised by their affection for each other, confirming in his mind at least that she wasn’t fully aware of what her role would be in their relationship. In fact, just about everything the human had said and done so far didn’t seem to fit what Kaydin had been expecting.

There was a soft knock on the partially open door, and a moment later Cindy Richards entered the room with both the prince and princess by her side. Kaydin gave her a smile that he hoped wasn’t as shy as it felt. Cindy was the primary reason they’d entered the lottery to win one of the first chances to take a human woman as their mubella. She was calm, relaxed, comfortable in her surroundings, and had adapted very well to life on Descon. Both Kaydin and Jerrod had hoped for a similarly happy union to that of the three people who’d just joined them in the room. Considering the way things had started with their mubella, it seemed unlikely.

“Hi, Sara,” Cindy said with her hand stretched in front of her. Apparently humans were more comfortable “shaking” hands than they were with public displays of affection. The woman in his arms curled in on herself, seemingly embarrassed by the fact that she was naked. Kaydin quickly grabbed a square of cloth from the table beside him and draped it over the woman in his lover’s arms. She gave him a grateful smile and, tucking the edges under her arms to hide her beautiful breasts, held her hand out for Cindy to shake.

“Welcome to Descon,” Cindy said with a wide grin. “Did you have a pleasant trip?”

“It was okay,” the woman said with a genuine-looking smile. She glanced around the room as if seeing it for the first time. “I’m sorry to have caused such a fuss.”

“That’s okay,” Cindy said warmly. “I imagine it can be quite overwhelming even when you know what to expect from a mubella claiming ceremony.” The woman tapped her ear. It was obvious that she thought the translator was malfunctioning. Cindy smiled. “The word mubella doesn’t translate into the Earth language.” She glanced over at her own mubella. “I changed that myself when I realized how easily it could be misinterpreted. But don’t worry. It still has a very similar meaning to the word wife.”

“Wife?” their mubella asked quietly. She looked like she was going to be sick. “I thought I was signing on to be a nanny.”




Serena tried not to moan quite so loudly, but just having Jerrod’s strong arms around her was enough to send her libido soaring sky-high. Whatever was in that lotion sure worked well. Under different circumstances she might even have welcomed the effects. But not today. Not here. Not now. She was on a different planet, surrounded by strangers—kind though they may be—and unsure of where or what her next move should entail.

As soon as they entered a rather spacious-looking apartment, they turned toward a bathing area and Kaydin hurried to turn on the taps. As the water filled the huge tub he opened a side cupboard and started moving things onto the bench beside the bath. At first Serena didn’t recognize any of the items, but when a strange-looking type of seat that included a very real-looking cock landed beside her, Serena finally started identifying a few of the others.

“These are all new,” Kaydin said as he added a jar of what looked to be lube to the rather large pile of sex toys. “We bought them for our mubella, so at least they will be put to some use.”

“Thank you,” Serena said quietly. Her arousal was climbing so high that even the strange cock-seat looked appealing. Of course it had nothing compared to the men on either side of her.

“We understand that humans prefer to masturbate in private, so we’ll leave you be.” Kaydin reached over and pointed to a button on a wall within arm’s reach of the bath. “If you need anything just press this button.”

“Thanks,” she said again, more breathlessly this time as sensual ideas of what the three of them could do together wound through her brain and made her clit ache with need. But it wasn’t right. Hell, apart from the fact that she’d only just met them and barely knew a thing about them, they were promised to someone else. Once they found this Sara person they’d be happily married.

But even that thought didn’t quell her rampaging libido. Jerrod leaned over and pressed a kiss to her forehead. It took every ounce of self-control she owned to resist dragging him closer and devouring his mouth instead. She breathed a sigh of relief as the two men turned and headed out of the room.

She was almost naked before the door closed behind them.

A few moments later the cool water felt wonderful on her overheated skin, and already she was beginning to feel less frantic. She took a deep breath, held it a moment, and then tried to push the tension away. She was almost there, almost calmer than she’d felt in weeks, but a quick glance at all of the toys beside her undid the water’s good work.

Visions of Jerrod fucking her from behind while Kaydin licked and sucked her breasts filled her head, and before she could even deny the impulse she grabbed the strange-looking seat. It took a bit of maneuvering but she finally managed to get it underneath her in the bathtub. Just the promise of a thick, hard cock filling her aching pussy was enough to have her panting eagerly.

She lifted onto her knees, hooking her legs over the seat like it was a saddle on a horse. She moaned at the delicious feeling of pressure against her vaginal opening. She’d missed this so much. God, how long had it been? She couldn’t even remember the last time her ex had shown her any sort of affection.

But when she closed her eyes, it wasn’t his face she saw. It was Jerrod’s. She gasped as she lowered slowly onto the surprisingly lifelike-feeling cock. She took it all, greedy to fill the aching loneliness inside her, her mind’s eye still weaving pictures of Jerrod fucking her. She could almost feel his big hands wrapped around her hips, guiding her down his cock, forcing more of himself inside her, before lifting her away and starting the slow glide down once more.

She pushed her hands against the edge of the seat, balancing herself more securely, and groaned when her fingers pressed some sort of button that made the cock inside her start vibrating. She lowered again onto the seat, her clit brushing against a strange little nub that made her newly denuded pussy clench in shock. Moaning, she lifted up again, slamming down as her need became more urgent. Again and again she lifted off the cock, only to shimmy back down almost immediately, grinding her clit against the tiny protrusion put there exactly for that reason.

“Oh, god,” she whispered breathlessly as tremors began in the pit of her stomach and moved lower. Every muscle in her legs pulled tight, every cell in her body went on red alert, every nerve ending sizzled and snapped with excitement. She could see Kaydin and Jerrod in her mind, practically feel them. They were inside her, around her, over her, bringing her pussy to aching life. Her clit ached, the tiny bud throbbing with her heartbeat, her mind placing Kaydin’s hand there, stroking her until she shook with arousal, until she couldn’t hold back her groans of excitement, until she couldn’t quiet the voice in her head that told her to come.

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