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The Ramsey Doms (MF, MFM)

The Doms of Club Mystique 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 26,536
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[Siren Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

The Ramsey brothers have been told that Thor Larkin and Marisol Rios might have been killed by Carlos Mendez. Cade Ramsey refuses to believe that his business partner and best friend is dead. He leaves his pregnant wife, Addison, with his brothers while he goes to Colombia to search for them. His father, Nate MacLeod, and his fiancé Nymph go with him as well as Dirk and Sabre McCabe and their wife, Bridget.

While they're away from the ranch the other Ramsey brothers and their fiancés keep an eye on Addison and make plans for their own futures. The holidays come and go and Addison grows closer to the birth of her child. Will Cade find Thor and make it home in time to see his child born? Will wedding bells be ringing on the Ramsey Ranch for Jackson and Jenna, Luc and Cassie and Logan, or Zane and Ravyn?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Positively another great additions to The Doms of Club Mystique series. I soooo can't wait for the next one.

- Trish

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Cade lifted Addison and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her belly pressed against his and he had to adjust his hands beneath her bottom before he kissed her. The kiss ended with both of them smiling when their unborn child kicked. Cade laughed against her lips and stilled, hoping to feel another movement. When it came he laughed again then slid his lips over the freckles on her nose. “I’ll be home the day after tomorrow. Be good, and no crazy shenanigans. Promise me.”

Addison’s lips trembled even as she smiled. “I promise. Now, you promise that you’ll be careful and come back to us.” She tightened her arms around his neck.

“I promise.” He kissed her again before setting her on her feet. Behind him the jet waited on the tarmac, its engines running. He climbed the steps but before he ducked through the door he turned and looked back at her. She stood, surrounded by his brothers and the security team he’d hired to protect her. Her long hair was loose and blowing in the cold wind. It formed a beautiful reddish-gold cloud around her exquisite face. Eyes bluer than a periwinkle watched him, looking worried even though she tried to smile.

A small frown appeared between his brows as his eyes fell to her belly. They’d just found out Addison had already been pregnant when Mendez had kidnapped her. At five months pregnant she was big, maybe too big. It worried him even though she assured him she was “doing great and never better.” He caught Jackson’s glance and nodded at him. Jackson nodded back, letting him know he’d keep Addison safe no matter what happened. The thought of never seeing her again had him taking a step toward her but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Let’s go, son.” Nate MacLeod stood behind him, waiting to close the door. “The sooner we go, the sooner we return.”

Cade brushed by Nate without acknowledging him. Just because his biological father had shown up out of the blue didn’t mean he and his brothers had to like him. As far as they were concerned their real dad had been Nate’s cousin, Jake Ramsey. He was the man who’d adopted them after Nate’s “death” twenty-one years ago. Of course, as usual, Jackson had played the voice of reason even when it came to Nate. He’d pointed out that it had been the only way to keep them safe from Rolando Mendez’s drug cartel. Cade knew he was being stubborn and perhaps a little unreasonable, but he wasn’t ready to forgive and forget yet. Neither were his brothers Luc, Logan and Zane.

He looked around the interior of the jet then chose a seat across from Dirk and Sabre McCabe. The two older men owned Club Elysium, a Dallas BDSM club, as well as one of the most secretive and exclusive security agencies in the world. Their wife Bridget sat between them. He stared at her for a moment then shook his head. He’d never understand them, or even Nate as far as that went. They brought their women along with them no matter how dangerous the mission. He met Dirk’s eyes then Sabre’s. Dirk grinned and Sabre chuckled.

“You’re wondering why we’d bring Bridget with us into danger,” Dirk said.

“It doesn’t make sense to risk her,” Cade said.

Sabre shrugged. “Would you want to live without Addison?”


“Then why would you want her to live without you?” Bridget asked.

“That only makes sense if you intend to die together.” Cade addressed his statement to Bridget. “What if you’re taken by the enemy? Then what do they do?”

“I could be taken from my home while they’re away,” Bridget said. “Then, how would they feel that they left me behind?”

Cade sent Dirk and Sabre his most sardonic look. “Is that the argument she used to get you to agree?”

“Yes,” Dirk said. “It made sense at the time.”

“Once we’d let her go with us the first time we were committed.” Sabre chuckled. “Women are tricky like that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Cade nodded at two of Nate’s team members, Orin and Miles. They worked for Dirk and Sabre as did Nate. The fourth and fifth members, Hugh and Doolin, had been left behind to help guard the ranch.




“That’s enough, Cassandra,” Luc said.

Cassie slid her fingers over her clit one last time then dropped her hand on her belly. She wiggled when a trickle of hot cream slid from her pussy to her ass. Logan smiled, then went back to working on the accounts. Cassie looked from him to Luc then lowered her eyes.

When they’d arrived at Club Mystique they’d stripped her and arranged her in a chair in front of their desks with her legs spread and over the chair’s arms. They’d left her like that for a long time while they’d begun working. Every now and then one of them looked up and examined her, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. Having their eyes on her was enough to make her heart pound and her breath become ragged.

Logan went first, ordering her to play with her breasts. She hadn’t been surprised by his demand because he was definitely a breast man. She’d stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples until they were red and swollen. He and Luc watched her for several minutes before Logan ordered her to stop. She’d obeyed him then waited for Luc to tell her what to do. Instead they’d both gone back to work and ignored her. After several tense minutes Luc ordered her to play with her pussy but stay away from her clit. The game had gone back and forth between them while her arousal had built to the breaking point.

Occasionally someone knocked on the door and Luc or Logan would tell them to enter. The person, usually a member of the wait staff or security, would glance at her, smile then ask them a question. They’d answer it as if she wasn’t sitting there naked and playing with herself. She suspected they’d arranged the interruptions. They knew how much it turned her on to have people watching them together.

Luc moved toward her and crouched down in front of her. He slid his hands beneath her bottom and pulled her to the edge of the chair. “Time for a snack.” He lowered his mouth to her pussy and licked down one side and up the other before he slipped his tongue down the seam of her vagina and back up. He sucked one plump lip into his mouth and nibbled on it then released it and kissed her clit before he met her eyes.

“I love you. I love having the taste of you in my mouth while I work.” He licked her again and pressed one of his fingers into her anus at the same time.

Cassie drew in a deep breath and exhaled on a moan when he slipped his tongue down the seam of her vagina and into her. He wiggled his tongue in deeper then withdrew, pressed into her again and withdrew again.

“Don’t come yet. Logan hasn’t had his snack.” With that he stood up and walked away.

Cassie got her breathing under control while Logan spoke to someone on the phone. He hung up then snapped a picture of her.

“Cassie, your poor little pussy looks so lonely. You can finger yourself as much as you want. In fact”—he opened a desk drawer and held up a dildo—“use this.” He tossed it and she caught it.

It was small, nowhere near what she needed compared to the size of their cocks. She decided to make do and stroked it between her swollen wet lips before sliding it inside. A second later it began to vibrate. She gasped and stared into Logan’s eyes.

“Surprise, sugar.” Logan held up a remote.

She hummed with pleasure and got busy fucking herself with the dildo, making sure to give it a twist every now and then, scraping it over the sensitive walls inside her pussy. She lifted her hips, giving Luc and Logan a clearer view of the dildo as she thrust it into herself. Every time she withdrew it she spread cream over her pussy and clit until even the inside of her thighs felt slick and glistened. Her arousal built and her pussy tightened around the dildo, clamping down on it as she withdrew it, and drawing a deep moan from her. She was so close, so close. The vibrator slid over her clit as she pushed it back it. She froze on a gasp of unbearable pleasure and told herself to hell with their rules. A spark of an orgasm began then abruptly ended when the dildo was jerked away from her. “Looogaan!”

Logan dropped the dildo then slapped her clit three times, rapidly. “Bad girl. You were going to come weren’t you?”

Cassie hesitated, flipped her over, and spanked her ass five times. Each swat was harder than the last until the final one was a short sharp sound that stung the soft skin of her butt cheek. He pushed two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. “You keep those legs spread and don’t you dare come.”

She fought as hard as she could to keep the orgasm at bay while he did everything he knew to push her over the edge of her control. He pulled his fingers from her and rubbed them over her clit in quick circles then pinched it between two fingers and tugged on it before thrusting his fingers back into her. She screamed with pleasure. “Please, please, oh, oh.”

He lifted her back into the chair, spread her legs and hooked them over the arms and tugged her until her ass was at the edge. One long finger slid into her ass and pumped in and out before a second finger pressed in and stretched her hole. “That’s it, baby. You love having your ass fucked, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh, Logan, yes.”

He played with her ass while he licked her clit and sucked on her labial lips, then tongued her. Luc joined them. He’d undressed while Logan had played with her. He moved to the side of the chair and his cock brushed against her cheek. She turned and opened her mouth and took it into her mouth. She loved the taste of him, the smooth skin over the hardness of his erection and the ridges that gave her so much pleasure.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, slathered it with lube, and picked her up. Logan moved back while Luc sat down with her on his lap then lifted her until the head of his cock pressed against her ass.

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