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The Three Hour Man (MM)

Manlove at the End of the World

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 15,800
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Getting away from murderers was the easy part, surviving in the storm was the hard part, and inhabiting a paradise island may just lead to true love.

In the year 2014, a virus wiped out most of the population. Those that survived learned to trust in no one but themselves. Deon first laid eyes on the beautiful Chase with a noose around his neck and an angry mob ready to kill him. He was not about to let such a good-looking white boy die. Deon saves the sexy man and it leads to a wild adventure neither of them saw coming.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming.

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Someone yelled. “Hang the bastard!”

And he went right back to hating people. Deon sighed, stood up to his full six foot two height and listened.

“I can’t fuck her, I’m gay!” A voice yelled back.

Well now, that got his attention. He shuffled inland toward the commotion. Big willow tress blocked his view of the sleepy little town. Once past them the scene unfolded and Deon was left speechless. There were nearly thirty people and each held a weapon of some kind. Most were blades on the end of long sticks but some had guns. They were all gathered around a gnarly old tree with no leaves and thick branches. Rope was thrown over one of those extended bark covered appendages. It circled the neck of a thin white guy, a cute one. His black hair was a matted mess and his blue eyes were wide with fear. From where Deon was he could see the guy had on no shirt and that damn rope bit into the sensitive skin at his neck.

“You will get an erection and knock her up.” A man in his forties with a bald head ordered. He was at the front of the mob.

Cutie took a deep breath. “Fine. Fine, I’ll do it, just get me down and I’ll...”

“You do her right now.” He pushed a girl forward, who was obviously underage and balling her eyes out.

Cutie swung his bound hand. “I’m not doing it right here!”

Deon listened to the argument, slipping closer to the fanatical group of survivors. The other man was talking again, bald and fucking crazy. He mumbled something to the girl and then ripped her shirt off. Deon glanced at the exposed chest purely out of shock. He liked men. She had small breasts with pink nipples and her hands rushed to cover them.

Deon moved closer. Apparently, Cutie was telling the truth. Deon was currently staring at all of him, as every inch of flesh was exposed. His cock was soft and flaccid against his thigh. It was bigger than Deon would have guessed for such a white boy. Deon bet his dick would be a good eight inches when hard.

“There’s your proof!” The leader began to yell to the crowd. “He cannot father children. He is useless to the human species and we shall only take what we must to save humanity.” He tugged the girl from the cutie with the noose around his neck. “Kill him for our very survival!” He drew out the last word like it was a sermon.

Deon heard enough and even if the guy didn’t have a cock he wanted to suck, he’d still save the poor bastard. Hanging was a sore subject. He’d read all about his ancestors and their slavery including hanging. There was a shout, a plea and five shirtless men tugged the other end of the rope viciously. As much as Deon wanted to dwell on all those naked chests in one spot, Cutie was in trouble.

The stranger’s pale hands grabbed at the rope digging into his throat.

Deon pulled the knife out of the black sheath on his belt. He held it eye length, aiming, breathing, concentrating and then threw it. The blade whirled through the air and slit the thick rope. Most of it broke and uncoiled. A few frantic tugs from the man being hanged and it snapped. Cutie fell to the ground with a great big gasp.

He was then promptly shot.

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