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The Vampire's Vacation (MM)

The Vampires of Anarchy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 21,147
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal/Fantasy Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, voyeurism]

Deserted by the lover who turned him into a vampire, Ethan Collier is nursing a broken heart at the private resort called Anarchy, where privileged bloodsuckers from all over the world escape to relax among their own kind. After a mysterious tropical storm, he is stunned to discover a beautiful young man washed up naked on the beach.

Raphael has no memory or who he is or how he ended up in Ethan’s arms. He’s not one of the undead, but he’s not quite human, either, as the other guests at Anarchy quickly discover. Has Ethan found the perfect lover, or something far more dangerous? And how can he protect Raphael from a hotel full of suspicious, not to mention thirsty, vampires?

A Siren Erotic Romance


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"I feel like I’m…taking advantage of you.”

“No.” The zipper came down, and Raphael snuggled close enough to insert his hand in the gap. “You’re not. That is something I do know.”

Ethan sighed as Raphael began to stroke him, sliding his fingertips up until they encircled his crown. “You’re…you’re sure you don’t remember anything?”

Raphael shook his head. “Nothing. But I know I want you. Isn’t that enough for now?”

“I guess so. Yeah.”

Without a moment’s pause, Raphael peeled away Ethan’s T-shirt and began working his jeans down over his hips.

As his cock sprang free, needs he had denied too long erupted inside Ethan’s body with a force he could no longer resist. Thankfully, the sensations proved so intense that he didn’t connect the desire for sex with the need for fresh blood—at least not for the moment. That made things a lot easier for him—and besides, how could he keep worrying about destroying Raphael’s innocence when the guy in question was once again stripping him like a pro?

“Your skin is so cold,” Raphael observed as he got on top of Ethan. He ran his hands down his sides and then cupped his rear end in both palms.

“It’s from the wind,” Ethan said. His explanation seemed to satisfy Raphael, even though the air felt balmy and there was almost no breeze. With a brief grunt of acknowledgement, he went to work on Ethan’s cock.

He started off by slowly tracing his tongue around the root. Then he raised his head and slid his lips up and down the length of Ethan’s stalk. By the time he took the domed head into his mouth, Ethan was shuddering with excitement.

Up and down, up and down, Raphael bobbed with increasing speed and suction. On each downstroke, he drew a little more of Ethan into the depths of his throat. The sensation felt like rubbing a silk cloth up and down his shaft. Ethan bit his own tongue to keep from unleashing a cry that would have brought every vampire from Anarchy running. He also noticed his fangs growing again. The arousal was too much to manage.

“Damn,” he growled, turning his face away so Raphael wouldn’t see. Much as he wanted to continue, he knew he had to act fast. Hastily, he reached down, grabbed Raphael by the shoulders, and rolled him onto his hands and knees. Raphael didn’t protest, having no time to react. “Hold still,” he rasped, positioning himself against Raphael’s upturned ass. “I’m going to fuck you. Don’t resist.”

“I won’t,” Raphael promised, opening his legs in surrender. He braced his palms against the rock and angled his back to give Ethan a clear shot at his ass. “It’s what I want.” Still, he was shaking a little.

Ethan wanted to tell him not to worry, that if it hurt, the pain would be only momentary. But the urge that gripped him made speech impossible.

He used one hand to steady himself and squeezed the other into Raphael’s crack. He skimmed his fingers over the tiny ring, noticing its tightness. He was about to ask Raphael if he’d ever had a man inside him before when he realized that Raphael probably couldn’t remember one way or the other. The only means to find out was to perform a little one-on-one research.

He worked his index finger inside, less cautiously than he might have under less pressing circumstances. The invasion caused Raphael to twitch and moan.

“Do it,” he wheezed, rocking his rear end back and forth.

“Patience.” Ethan gritted his newly sharpened teeth, angry at his hypocrisy. Nonetheless, he tried to pace himself. He aligned the head of his cock, lubed to the point of dripping with Raphael’s own spit, alongside his finger. He pressed it inside slowly, pausing every now and then to let Raphael adjust to his size. Then he would push forward again.

Whatever discomfort Raphael might have experienced, he shook it off quickly. Ethan felt his muscles clench and pull along with his shallow thrusts as Raphael tried to help him in. The head of his cock was now embedded in a tight pouch of flesh that felt every bit as silky as Raphael’s throat. He had to go in deeper, had to experience being swallowed completely.

“It’s time,” he said, rearing back a little. Raphael’s body tensed as Ethan positioned himself for a more powerful thrust. Silently, Ethan counted to three. On the last beat, he shoved his hips forward. He slalomed along a trail of saliva, seawater, and sweat, finding his way home in a single, determined push. Soon, he was inside.

Raphael groaned, bucking his torso as Ethan began sawing in and out of him with increasing speed. The tightness he’d felt earlier became even more apparent now, suggesting that Raphael may indeed have been a virgin before this moment. Well, there was no going back now.

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